Casa Romana Sweets offered “Meditation and Intro to Family Chakras”on Today’s Breakfast Menu

Today: Let’s become guilt-free and achieve the inner balance with a peaceful mind in meditation

Ontario Lakeshore in Burlington, photo from Ioana

Planting Seeds of Joy at Casa Romana Sweets with “Meditation and Intro to Family Chakras”

Today we accepted the invite from WoS (Women of Success) group to offer a “Meditation and Intro to Family Chakras” class in the most welcoming Casa Romana Sweets, a greatly appreciated Bakery in Oakville.

We invite you to explore this article until the very end to discover beautiful networks of people, and how their collaboration can create further helpful connections and growth. Check the images, as well the links: they might take you to places that you know or you’d very much want to know. This article can turn into a journey!

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Let’s continue!

We had three members of the 100 Seeds of Joy team Ioana, Kyla and Shivangna – that enjoyed an early morning in the company of this group of Romanian-Canadian women that were interested to try Sahaja Yoga Meditation and learn more about their subtle energy system, chakras and how to reach a point of detachment and inner peace.

Carmen and Cristina (the two owners of the Casa Romana Sweets bakery) took a minute from their busy day to be in this photo with Ioana (from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network) and WoS members.

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We planted Seeds of Inner Joy (sprinkled with inner peace and hope) during a Guided Meditation

Elena from WoS organizing team introduced the event and welcomed Ioana and her SYMN team that brought the 100 Seeds of Joy initiative to Oakville.

About the 100 Seeds of Joy workshop offered to the Women on Success on May 24, 2024

It was wonderful that Casa Romana Sweets opened its arms to welcome our group earlier in the morning. Therefore we also had a chance to get to know each other; we had Sofia and Georgia, 10 grade volunteers that helped with the set-up and welcoming the participants, while several of us started chatting about our common place of birth – Romania – and its beautiful cities from which we were coming from, such as Brasov, Cluj, Iasi, Suceava and of course, Bucharest – the capital.

Therefore, in this article we must share some images from those cities, personal memories that recollect the artistry that one can find in the Romanian cities, in its museums, parks or castles.

We will provide not only photos but also links to a bouquet of articles from which one can learn about Romania, as well absorb some wisdom connected to the ancient spirituality found in the yoga and meditation practices. Enjoy!

Universal Spiritual Connections found in the Romanian art, folklore and traditions

During the introduction to Sahaja Yoga Meditation we also shared briefly a few examples of how one can find connections to the subtle energy system (known as the chakra diagram in yoga) even in old Romanian sayings, as one can find similar connections in the common English expressions.

Universal truths can be found everywhere. One should only pay attention and stay connected.

Thank You: Women of Success and Casa Romanian Sweets for helping planting Seeds of Joy in your Great Toronto Area and Halton Communities

We are deeply honored to receive the invitation from the Women of Success (WoS) group to offer a “100 Seeds of Joy” holistic wellness class, featuring a guided meditation, a simple chakra workshop with upper body movement, including as well an introduction to the basics of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. The feedback provided after the session offered this Saturday morning at the Casa Romana Sweets was entirely positive, with several participants expressing their desire to join an in-person or online meditation classes offered by our team; our discussions even triggered ideas of connecting our team of volunteers with their workplaces or other groups.

Ioana talked about the Tree of Life and the Aim to achieve Connection and Self-Realization

The session was followed by Q&A and it was interesting how, once again, each one’s personal experience in terms of sensations or emotions made sense and helped out with their self-knowledge.

Elena who was the event co-organizer from WoS team, and an active participant just sent me the following photo that she took right after our meditation event. Mother Nature seems to ‘react’ and acknowledge the Positivity shared by our collective peaceful endevour. ‘

Thank you Elena! Your photo offers such a beautiful ethereal conclusion to our story.

Note to the reader: this is not the end of the article, continue your journey through this article.

May 24, 2024 – photo captured by Elena after our Meditation Class offered in Oakville at the Casa Romana Sweets.
Photo cpatured by Ioana in Breaza, Romania in 2023 after a meditation with other fellow yogi meditators. It resembles an ancient symbol of innocence.

Serendipity: the image posted above, I felt like sharing it in this article however I did not have the “right connection”. Minutes ago Elena sent me her photo, and see how these photos are “twins” like perfect for this article that’s all about ‘Romanian Canadian connections’.

We also want to thank Victoria, who was the first one thinking to invite Ioana to offer a short guided meditation months ago, more precisely on March 23, 2024, when the Women of Success celebrated at the Toronto City Hall their 13 year anniversary. Victoria is the founder of this organization that helped so many Romanian immigrant women to connect with each other and follow their dreams in Canada.

I was personally deeply moved to hear some of their stories during that event.

Glimpses from the 13 year anniversary for the Women of Success organization (WoS)

WoS – 13 year anniversary celebrated in downtown Toronto. It was also Ioana’s first time meeting in person the WoS Romanian ladies.

Connections to Women, Light, Enlightenment, Creativity and Bliss

That day was special: one of the first in March showing off a bright sun since early morning. In fact the first WoS lady I met that day was Luminita (her name means Little Light in Romanian) and she is very creative, especially in painting. While my 100 Seeds of Joy team was offering the Meditation with Music program in Burlington and talking about the Light element, I received two gifts, one was a Nowruz medallion that represented the sunrays and matched my earrings perfectly, another one was the surprise gift from “Blissful Creations”, a handmade pink soap that has flowers and butterflies that matched my pink scarf perfectly. Some photos are capturing exactly those moments.

From WoS 13 year Anniversary in Burlington to Meditation and Yoga Class for WoS in Oakville

However, the greatest gift was to meet Victoria in person, and many other very special ladies, as well being welcome to share among other exhibitors my passion for volunteering to spread the Joy in our communities through creative workshops featuring Sahaja Yoga Meditation, arts, cultural diversity and spirituality.

A gentle reminder to contact Ioana at [email protected] if interested in meditation classes offered in Romanian either in person (for small groups) or online. Of course, free of charge.

It was also a nice coincidence that on the same day, on March 23, 2024 our 100 Seeds of Joy team of volunteers was offering in Burlington a free event dedicated to Nowruz, also celebrating the Sun and other elements through a collective meditation and Sufi wisdom. I rarely miss our volunteer events but I felt to join the WoS anniversary instead and I received so many signs that “it was meant to be”.

100 Seeds of Joy event offered on the same day when WoS celebrated their 13 year anniversary.

My final Thanks to the Women of Success team for the invite, as well to Casa Romana Sweets for hosting this beautiful and meaningful event.

The Women of Success participants were the first ones to take a look at our framed Congratulations received a day earlier by Ioana from the City of Burlington on behalf of Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network of volunteers, for their “success and community impact“. Take a look!

Only a day earlier, on May 24, 2024 Ioana received this framed congratulation and appreciation document from the City of Burlington on behalf of Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network for the successful community “Festival of New Beginnings” offered on May 5th, 2024 at the Burlington Lion’s Club.

We also want to welcome your comments (also from the direct participants if they’re not too shy).

For those eager to dive deeper into enjoying beauties from Romania – spirituality, nature, traditions, wisdom, we prepared a few articles and videos below for you to explore and enjoy.

(click) Take a Virtual Walk through Romania .. and Meditate

(click) Meditation on our Mountains and Valleys with Romanian Nature

For Romanians: if interested, explore our Romanian youtube playlist (2 samples shared below).

Short clip captured live by Ioana by the end of a Romanian play at the I.L.Caragiale National Theatre in Bucharest.

This video represents the recorded online session dedicated to the Divine Feminine in the Romanian realm of culture and civilization.(RO-EN0

Thank you for visiting our blog. Drop a nice comment (in any language). Contact us if interested in a workshop or collaboration.

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  1. Kruti

    It’s always so great to hear more and more organizations inviting SYMN to their premises and this time it’s Casa Romana Sweets. To read the success story of the event and see the beaming faces of the participants after the event is simply amazing. Looking forward to meditating with more Romainian yogis. See you in the class!

  2. Ritika

    Great initiative ❤️

  3. Paula

    Well, Romania is on my journey list, and in the meantime, Casa Romania it is! I also discovered this wonderful SYMN group offering free classes and like meditation, you can pack it up and take it go…anywhere in the world, because it’s just inside…waiting to be discovered…a hidden gem. This particular type of meditation is so enlightening and you can feel sensations in your hands as the central nervous system becomes enlightened and soothes and heals like a breeze inside. I will never forget what this method of meditation has done for my life. It transformed me in a profound way. And I have seen the sparkle return to other seekers. Bravo! Keep spreading the light of joy! It is the secret of all success!

  4. Ajay Nargas

    Amazing growth of Sahaji ‍♀️

  5. Valérie

    C’est toujours un plaisir de lire et regarder toutes vos belles initiatives dans vos différentes communautés. Félicitations pour toutes votre créativité et ces opportunités saisies pour répandre ce magnifique message d’amour inconditionnel.

  6. Liliana

    Foarte frumoasa si interesanta prezentare, iar muzica o adevarata incantare a intregii fiinte. Inaltatoare vibratii si informatii deosebite transmise de Shri Mataji! Multumim!!!

  7. Helen

    Reading and seeing what is presented here is amazing! I feel the joy, the love and the togetherness.
    The vibrations of love and joy and togethereness are so very strong.
    The pictures of Romania are so wonderful—feels like I am there now. GREAT!!

    The Light of Truth is so stronng. Thank you so much!

  8. Adina

    It’s great to see that more and more organizations, such as ‘Women of Success’, and ‘Casa Romana’, express interest in the meditation sessions offered by the Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network – Halton. These sessions bring so much peace and joy! I would love to see a new branch of SYMN sprouting in London, where I live.

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