Mayor of Oakville GIVES Certificate of Recognition to YOUTH Peacemaker

Openhouse june 25 at Williams Cafe -Sahaja Yoga meditation with Mayor Goldring of Burlington -2015
(2015) Shulin, Ana Bianca, Ioana and Paula from Halton Sahaja Yoga meditation are meeting with the Mayor of Burlington to discuss the volunteering accomplishments in the last 10 years and to Invite Mayor Goldring to the 10 years celebration @ Art Gallery of Burlington. Mayor had honored the invite!

Shulin Zhang has volunteered for about 3 years with Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation and her encounter with meditation had helped her immensely in finding joy, peace and inner balance in her busy life of a teenager. She was inspired to pass it on to many other thousands of students, and even to take further on a global lever her passion for self realization, awareness and unity among all people.

For achieving this goal she has the support of her team of volunteers from Halton.

This year Shulin had received many awards/recognition, but the most recent one is from the Mayor of Oakville.

Certificate of Recognition to SHULIN from Mayor Rob Burton of Oakville - April 2016


This most recent certificate of recognition is very dear to Shulin as it happened during her last year at the White Oaks secondary school.  She also had tried very hard, and successfully, she succeeded to obtain the full support of a Star: Yoann FreeJay *(Freget) — the Winner of the Voice (France, 2015) who is no established in USA.

Already there was  a powerful event organized at Shulin’s previous school in Burlington — Dr Frank Hayden. The Mayor of Burlington so graciously had come to open the event provided by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation volunteers in support of Shulin’s global R.A.I.N. initiative. Yoann Freejay had offered a magnificent concert!! A panorama photo from this events is below.

Panoraminc Photo with Yoann and Shulin from RAIN with SUNSHINE

This week, on May 19th in Oakville there will be Free Public Program featuring both Shulin (leading the Meditation for Planet Earth) and Yoann (with a concert of 45 min with Jeff Eager at guitar).

Next week, on May 25th,  Shulin and her team of volunteers will bring “R.A.I.N. with Sunshine” amazing program that is featuring the bilingual  mini-concert of Yoann Freejay, in a uniquely built “Global Personality” format, to the White Oak highschool ‘s students! Congratulations Shulion for your amazing body of work that is imaginative and dynamic — you are a true leader here and now. May more youth will follow on your footsteps in regards to such high civic responsibility — that is genuine, that is powerful and innovative.

—  Oakvile, Are You Ready?! Yoann Zhang and Shulin are bringing to You the trans-formative yet entertaining R.A.I.N. with Sunshine Tour“ 2016.

(click!) The Mayor of Oakville is Congratulating Sahaja Yoga in Halton (10 years anniversary)

(click!) “Sing a Song Called Life” – Burlington’s BREATH OF THE EARTH

(click!) The Voice of France is Singing @ RoundHouse (R.A.I.N. TO HEAL M.E. -> Mother Earth)

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  1. Antoinette Wells

    Well done! It all has to start at the bottom of the Pyramide of the Society: children in schools are the base of sustenance of the whole edifice!

  2. Sahaj

    Great News! Shulin truly is a “peacemaker” and is a inspiration.

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