Outdoors Yoga Meditation in July (feedback & sessions)

Join our Outdoors Yoga Meditation Sessions offered this July

Ana-Bianca was our special guest instructor for the popular Heart Flow series of outdoors events. This photos is from the session offered on July 5th, 2023.

We have restarted our outdoors sessions that involve guided meditations and subtle connections to Mother Earth and other elements. Sometimes we combine these sessions with gentle physical yoga exercises conducted by certified guest instructors. All sessions are offered free of charge and have various formats as we adapt to the actual audience present to each session.

Here there are a few photos from the most recent session with some feedback collected on the spot from 1st time and 3rd time participants to our Orchard FREE Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes.

From Maggie: It was a great experience with the free yoga and meditation while the weather is nice outside. It’s very relaxing and it’s really fun to get to know each other.

From Ewa: They ground me, calm me and slow me down. Very rewarding and extraordinary experience.

Tomorrow will be offering an outdoors private session for a group of friends. In fact it will be their 1st time ever trying Sahaja Yoga Meditation and are coming some from Mississsauga and others from as far as North York.

Kudos to their openeness and eagerness to explore their Self-Realization journey!

Stay tuned, we are in the process of booking our next guest instructors and outdoors locations.

Find out more about July’s Heart Opening Flow for Self and Canadian Togethernes

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Let’s experience together the natural state of being “in the moment”, with a peaceful mind and an open heart in a relaxed body. Photo provided by Ioana (BC, Canada)

May the energy be powerful and strong like this beautiful waterfall from Vancouver Island. We meditated there with our fellow Canadian friends during Canada Day long weekend. It has beautiful vibrations! Enjoy!

Contact us at [email protected] for any question and visit the 100 Seeds of Joy website for events.

Short video-clip with Ana-Bianca’s outfoors session Check the “strategy” for attainig the state of thoughless awareness.

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  1. Paula

    Getting physical and then going deeper into meditation is ideal. You feel a bit more settled down having gotten some good quality posing out of your system. Then comes the best part. Delving into thoughtless awareness and having it expand beyond your being beyond expectations. Well done Ana Bianca, I felt like I was there through the photo gallery. I was enjoying the Brant st class at the same time slot, but just admiring all of you in the outdoors. So natural!

  2. NITI

    Looks like an amazing outdoor session with gentle exercises of yoga and meditation.i read the experience of two person above,how they felt relaxed and calm.Thanks to Abi and all the Halton collectivity for their efforts.

  3. Kavita

    Sahajayoga Outdoor sessions are a treat. Tuning into the beautiful nature and serenity within is a gift. Thanks to all the efforts of team Sahaj we have such opportunities. I urge all seekers to join and enjoy.

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