Feeling that urge to grow ? Feeling the Smog within ? Yoga Day celebrated with Truthfulness and Reminder of Inner Beauty – A Meditative Essay about the Power of Love that Benefits the Whole World

“You go to develop your Inner Being with All Truthfulness to Your Self”

“Before Realization this was alright, every way, but after Realization you have to be very, very careful.

It’s a tremendous thing to have Awakening, it’s a tremendous thing to have Realization, it is, no doubt.

But to maintain it, you must have, first of all,  personal integrity.

If you are bent upon deceiving yourself nobody can help you.”

Long Term Policy versus Short Term Policy

“In Sahaja Yoga, as you know, there is no fees, nothing.

It’s for your gain. It’s for your good.

It’s a short term policy to be something nonsensical.

One must think of the long term policy. It’s for your good.

If we have to go higher and higher, we have to be truthful to ourselves.

I know everything about everyone, but what’s the use?

You have to know about yourSelf.

And this may be very dangerous, you must understand, because we are placed at a very precarious time now.

Because of that you are getting Realization because there’s a Great Emergency

Thousands of them have to get Realization, no doubt.

But at this time one has to also understand the dangers of the atmosphere.

Because of so many things that have happened in this ashram, I cannot account for anything.

I just can’t understand it in Sahaja Yoga: such people should not stay in the ashram at all, they should get out of it.

Everybody cannot stay in the ashram. You must be prepared to face yourself. Absolutely, there’s no doubt about it.

Anybody who is intelligent can understand that Sahaja Yoga is a tremendously fantastic thing and one should not take it for granted.

It’s very, very, sometimes, disheartening, very disheartening, the way still the interest of the people is more into some things which are absolutely worthless and useless.  Your attention has to be cleared out, then only this attention which is enlightened, is going to enjoy the Spirit.

The Smog

And, as we were discussing the smog: like the smog, the whole being becomes darkened and black.

It’s not nice for me, as a Mother, to say all these things, it really kills me. I really feel very hurt.

But I must tell you the headaches that London Sahaja Yogis and English Sahaja Yogis have given me, as nobody has given me such headaches.

I have worked hardest in this place. It’s very, very sad.

You should read the letter from a girl from Australia and a letter from a girl from Switzerland.

I just met her once – I gave her Realization – but look at them, how beautiful they are!

I mean just see it (Mother is opening a letter).

And when I get really concerned about you I just read these letters.

So truthful! There’s not only the praise and all that nonsense, it’s the Truth.

 I mean, there you can feel the vibrations are coming from these letters only.”

No compromise with Falsehood or Nonsense

“What’s the use of writing to me something which you are not?

Now, you have to take a decision.Even if you are only two persons in Sahaja Yoga I don’t mind.

don’t want people who are not truthful;

Who wants to compromise with nonsense and falsehood ?!

Please, be truthful. You cannot say that I worked any less. I have spared no effort at all. But I am very sad today.

The whole thing will fritter away.

Sometimes I feel that Sahaja Yoga is not suited to you people at all, the way the things are. 

Are you going to waste all my energies ?!!”  

“It’s so beautiful outside. You can’t imagine how people are nice.” 

( Shri Mataji’s  talk in Dollis Hill Ashram, – “Feel that urge to grow” – London,UK)

You must know: Sahaja Yoga is nothing but Power of Love that is for the Whole World  

“.. You must know how to cure people in Sahaja Yoga, everything about Sahaja Yoga and mostly about Love.

It’s nothing but power of love. Everybody will be benefited. This is not only for special people. This is not only for one country but for the whole world.

Watch how your attention is. If it’s disturbed we should correct it. Put the power of Spirit in it.

Do everything with concentration and devotion and love will make you deep.

Otherwise there is lots of rubbish. If you wish to stay like rubbish you know where it goes at the end.

If you want to feel you are specially good, capable of anything, first humility, not only towards me but everyone.

Talk humbly with love and show that people can blossom like Lotus in Sahaja Yoga to spread fragrance everywhere.

(lotus from Curacao – Photo taken after meditating by the ocean with sister yogini Roselyn)

“People will tell me you are wonderful if you will do it in that way – with the Power of Love – …

Take care of your self-esteem. Take the benefit of Self-Realization inside yourself.

You must have respect and devotion to it: ‘Now we are realized. How can we do wrong? We are Yogis!’

Soon you will have blessings immediately. As I am called Devi, you will get blessing as soon as you assert it.

Everyone is getting Blessed – with it, give it back to the World!”

(excerpt from Shri Mataji’s Talk offered during Shri Rama Navami Puja / Sahaja Yoga Seminar in India, Calcutta 25/03/1991)

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  1. Anjali Gandhi

    So soothing and mind clearing. Smog is gone…only the light of the spirit is now showing the way. Beautiful loving words from our Shri Mataji.

  2. hala sukkarieh

    Hoping to find where to read these 2 letters that Shri Mataji talked about from the 2 girls please.
    Very introspective these quotes, thank you for sharing.
    Let’s not forget that SY is a living process that we cannot understand it without expericing it. When we falter is because we don’t try to face ourselves and accepting ourselves and others as we are without any guilt nor blame. We are not perfect yet, so it is normal to do mistakes. If we don’t see it, it means that we are still ignorant about it. But when we see our mistakes, shouldn’t we be glad that now I am aware of it so I can correct it and improve towards self knowledge. Without this self knowledge we cannot understand and realize God!!!!

  3. Paula

    timeless. thoughtless. truth. bliss.

  4. Rabi Ghosh

    Blissful article with well articulated images to portray the love and joy in reading it. Indeed even browsing itself speaks of unabated joy in reading.
    Truely Shri Mataji’s words are mantra that not only soothes the inner spirit but also the smog from within clears out as we progress reading.

    Thank You Shri Mataji and thank you dear sister Ioana for presenting such a blissful article. It was truely joy giving.

  5. Kruti

    This article shares such an important message and that is to be truthful, not only for the benevolence for others, but also for yourself. Truth will always keep you connected with divine and make your life blissful.

  6. Sahar R.

    What a wonderful article to read, could feel such strong vibrations running through me as I read Shri Mataji’s beautiful words on the power of love and its inclusivity!
    Reminded me of this poem by Hafiz:

    “Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth ‘you owe me’.
    Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky”.

    1. Isabelle

      wow. that is so beautiful. ….

  7. Anjali

    This article helped me go back to the core of what sahaja yoga is about – “the power of love and it is for the whole world”. Our attentions is constantly challenged and distracts us from seeing the truth and facing it and even taking a precious gift of self realization for granted. The self-respect within us helps us to respect our self-realization and use it for our and world’s advantage-to grow. clear out all the nonsensical things our attention is on and be honest to ourselves- how we see others and how can we see them as us..like Rumi’s poem “Say I am you”

  8. Jolanta

    It is truly amazing that Sahaja Yoga can be practiced collectively during the so called unprecedented times of the corona virus world pandemic, and the provincial stay at home order…we can still meet in ether and enjoy the yoga – connection of our Kundalini energy with the all pervading energy.

  9. Rashmi Batra

    The true inner peace experienced in Sahaj meditation is the marvelous gift of our benovelent Mother Shree Mataji ;
    And in these testing times of pandemic, we all over the world have got connected due to online meditation and everyday as if a new dimension unfurls. The strength and security we sahahjis have felt in covid is the blessing of our Divine Mother. Jai Shree Mataji

  10. Jolanta

    The article is very helpful for introspection. For example, the point Shri Mataji makes about the need for personal integrity towards oneself.
    Thank you

  11. Antoinette Wells

    Beautiful post! There is no compromise with Reality and one needs to be truthful:
    This concept is so simple yet so powerful! Also I like, taking care of oneself along the journey towards total fulfilment, still progress not perfection yet!

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