Why Do we Suffer on Planet Earth?

Find out Why Do we Suffer on Planet Earth and Take a Peek at How we Meditate and “Do Yoga” Outdoors

Enjoy the answers to the question on ‘Why do we suffer on Planet Earth’ that share Subtle sahaja yoga Knowledge about Mother Earth, Her Powers and the type of Relationship we must offer Her


The gravity that it (Mother Earth) has is the manifestation of the Kundalini (subtle energy) of the Mother Earth.

Now, why we are suffering on this beautiful planet?

Because we do not respect what we have to respect the most: Mother Earth is to be respected!

Meaning what?

Meaning that whatever is created on this Earth, by the movement of the Earth, by the Sea, by all the  Elements, has to be respected.

Today’s problem is pollution, all kinds of things people talk of.

The reason behind it, people never understood the importance of all these five elements which are supportive of our life.”

(Quote from Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

In May and June our team is offering Outdoors Classes on Sundays, answering our City’s invitation!

All photos are from here in Halton this year 🙂 

We go outdoors and become collective with Seekers of Halton; various instructors and various classes involving “physical yoga” postures that are connected to the flow of Kundalini energy through our chakras as well guided meditation leading to the Self-Realization experience

Namaste, Mother Earth!

 We have Fun too – Mother’s Day was celebrated with a 
Mothers, Daughters and Girlfriends” Class

There were also classes followed by Surprise Birthdays @ Carmela’s Sunday Brunch 

Let the inner light shine – Also for each other!

Halton’s flowers we meet outside remind us Shri Mataji’s pure desire/advice for all of us:

“.. we should be pure, absolutely pure, like the white snow  (**)

“Even one black drop – that’s why I wore today the white sari – falls on the white, it shows.

You should be so white that anything, any minute black spot also should be seen by you, and in others also to be felt by you.

If that height is achieved by pure life, by pure thinking, by pure heart ..” (**)

“..it is not necessary to manipulate anything; no, no need at all.

It’s all natural like the Mother Earth is.

Does She manipulate anything?

Nothing.” (**)

(Quote from Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

 Yes – we feel so pure when we meditate between Earth and Sky

In the Company of dear yogi friends or Seekers joining us for this session;

we all are, each one and together engulfed in Mother Earth’s green loving embrace

We take few moments to get ready to stretch and reach towards the Sky

 Shri Mataji – our motherly teacher’s words (**) pour eternal truths into our hearts:

Just see how spontaneous She – Mother Earth – is.

You put a seed in the Mother Earth and see how it sprouts.

She is so spontaneous, Her activity is so spontaneous, we never wonder about it.

See different types of flowers, different types of fragrance, different types of shrubs and trees,

.. how She grows with such balance in every place.

In every minute atom and molecule of that Mother Earth there is sense. 

So before us is the best reflection of the Adi Shakti

( Sanskrit for the Primordial living force power in the universe)

and that is this Mother Earth.

So first we must respect the Mother Earth.”

“I like you people because you are sitting on the ground, it’s very good.

For meditation if you can sit on the Mother Earth it will be extremely good because the special quality of the Mother Earth,

which also I have unfortunately, that I suck your problems. 🙂

She (Mother Earth) too sucks your problems and when She sucks your problems you get rid of them without any difficulties.

So, if you cannot sit on the ground, then you take a stone, better is, or you can have a marble, or something which is natural on which you should try to sit.

But if you sit on the plastic and do your meditation, I don’t know what is going to help you, the plastic?!

That’s why I request you always, that use natural things, because natural things can absorb your problems very well.”  

“Unnaturally also we live otherwise :-(“

“Just like as the Mother Earth cares for you, I also care for you.

And just like as the Mother Earth loves you, I also love you, whether you are bad or good is not the point.

 But to be kind to me if you could try to be really good Sahaja Yogis,

not a showoffs, not business-like, not only thinking type, not argumentative, not criticizing others;” 

if you just try to meditate every day ten to fifteen minutes, I tell you..”

(Quotes from Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

Outdoors we enjoy immensely Being in meditation and feeling  loved and taken care of by our inner energy;

we also take few minutes to bask in the morning Sun, in complete Thoughtless Awareness

surrendering our problems to Mother Earth.

It really works!

We received great feedback from first time participants to our outdoors classes, see an example right here:

On our way home we salute the Divine Cool Breeze blowing inside out

– feeling grateful, peaceful yet energetic –

– we hope you enjoyed the meditate stroll with us through Halton’s natural beauty –

Join us for our next Summer Outdoors Sunday Classes in Halton

– we have fun, we are spontaneous, collective and  “do & share yoga + meditation” with pure hearts  – 

We are playful as other children of Mother Earth are,

such as those that we may bump into when we go outdoors

One may wonder Why are you sharing your love for Spontaneous Yoga Meditation

with everyone – everywhere?!

The Answer comes with a rhetorical question – explanation (**)  from our motherly teacher, Shri Mataji:

(photo from Canada Culture Days in downtown Burlington when Sahaja Yoga Meditation offered outdoors by the Ontario Lake, with support from the City of Burlington, an amazing Music & Spirituality Public program that featured Canadian, European and American musicians)

“Now how far you understand Your importance is a different point.

You do for your emancipation, all right, you meditate.

But if you are not channelizing the love, the Divine love, what is the use?!” 

“As in life. you have seen a tree has to grow.

First it may have just one or two flowers

but when time comes

when the same tree which has only one or two flowers ..

.suddenly gets into a blossom time and has lots of flowers.

Like that, Today is the time of blossom time of all the Seekers.” (*)

                                        (Quote from Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

Shri Mataji among Sahaja Yogis during an international seminar 

Most photos are from 2019 outdoors Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes in Halton, the excerpts are from Shri Mataji’s public speech offered in UK, 1982 at Leisure Centre as well at Cabella Ligure in Italy in 1997. 

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Please don’t be shy – share your impressions with a comment 🙂

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  1. paula

    This entire article, all the ways we spread our wings, to encompass all of our communities, all our towns, joined up by other towns, joined by cities, and provinces and countries, it starts with a pure desire, an intention to share the pure knowledge about achieving the state of yoga, with everyone, everywhere. All the images and words, and impressions are pure bliss! I had the fortune to meet many of these new meditators and yogis and yoginis, and I felt my heart so open for them. We all hugged each other, there was so much gratitude amongst us at class, everyone felt the profound experiences they each shared, and we just wanted to express our love for humankind. The students, and the yogis, were beaming!

  2. Kruti

    Dear Ioana, I had so much fun attending one of these yoga/meditation sessions. To my surprise, it was so easy to be in thoughtless awareness state while doing some basic yoga poses and working with Mother Kundalini bringing attention inside. The rest of my day was just a total bliss. I recommend everyone to join these classes while they last :-).

  3. Mohinder Sidana

    So good vibrations
    I enjoy sunday outdoors in Burlington

  4. Rebecca Amyotte

    Wonderful article and pictures of the importance of Mother Earth in our daily lives to help us reach the state of Yoga. I attended one of the classes and enjoyed every minute of this special time to relax and move and get in touch with my inner spirit. Weather permitting, I will be able to participate again before it ends. Thanks so much to Ioana and all of the other Yogis who are making this sacred time possible for so many seekers. It really helps?

  5. Doris Mendez


  6. Mike A. Kamdey

    Great! Very interesting! Human beings gained to respect Mother Earth from which they extract everything for their life, for their surviving! Thanks Shri Mataji to teach us nirmal & sahaj life throughout Sahaja Yoga! JSM

  7. Kyla

    I felt this text was very simple. A little seed would sprout within me as I read each new line.
    I felt a lot of love within me while reading this article, and I enjoyed the pictures, the outdoor meditation scenes appear so vast and large.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor meditation class that I attended; I headed back to the rest of my day with bliss, love, openness and pure contentment.

    Thank you for all the different leaders who took turns organizing these events and allowing them to happen. I really hope I can be more involved next year.

  8. Gratiela

    I participated at few outdoor sessions, it was amazing to feel the flow of energy,to feel how much
    Mother Earth love us.Looking forward to have again these sessions.

  9. Jolanta

    Great article and photographs!

  10. Anjali

    Such powerful message from Shri Mataji about respecting Mother earth, understanding the powers of elements, for everything nature does that is sense, using natural things…this message comes so beautifully enveloped with photos that rise curiosity, intrigue and interest to join in…to become part of those moments.. Thank you dear Ioana for bringing this to the attention. I will pay my respect to Morher earth as much as possible. All my love.

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