Is Meditation for YOUTH?! ThreeDotDash’s ANSWER IS… WATCH VIDEO + DIPLOMAS (“Just Peace” Summit, NEW YORK)

meditate with Cora - my mentor

Shulin Zhang — 18, from Canada — with her mentor from We are Family, Cora Neumann — USA, founder of  Global First Ladies Alliance

A  YOGINI’s “Just Peace” STORY …

Simple Panda SYM


meditation Shulin Shang

NOMINATED by DR. BRAD BASS (2007 Recipient of Nobel Peace Prize)

— Shulin Zhang and DR. Brad Bass met on March 21, 2015 in London, ON

— in Shulin’s words the story is here..


Shulin and

PART of the WE ARE FAMILY Organization

30Global Youth Leaders 2016

Family Photo with the 30 Global Youth Leaders 2016 at Just Peace Summit – New York


We are family


Three Dot Dash Diploma 2016

SHULIN ZHANG’s AWARD RECEIVED from the Government of Canada — Burlington, March 12, 2016

Shulin Recognition

Recognition Canadian Parliament

Time for Answers — is Meditation for Youth?!

(LISTEN+ FOLLOW) Shulin Zhang Leading Halton’s “March of the Penguins

(video) Shulin’s Mentoring other Youth -> Listen to their Message!

(video) Shulin is Awarded by the Government of CanadaWHAT A SPEECH *****

In Conclusion ..

Sahaja Yoga Inner Peace -1

The Answer.. is .. Meditation is not just for the youth, but for everyone

Meditate with Cora - Shulin's Mentor

Child - Globe 1

One can simply meditate .. and connect .. everywhere

Meditation Day 1 with Shulin

Find that Global Personality … that is within .. become a sahaja ->a natural Yogi

Inner Peace Day Every Day

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11 Responses to “Is Meditation for YOUTH?! ThreeDotDash’s ANSWER IS… WATCH VIDEO + DIPLOMAS (“Just Peace” Summit, NEW YORK)”

  1. Letitia says:

    Impresionant,e atat de simpla, dar puternica,am povestit aici de ea. Felicitari ptr aceasta munca extraordinara,plina de idei, si care da rezultate minunate.Jai Shri Matatji!!!

  2. Mohinder Sidana says:

    Shulin is doing a great work in sahaja yoga by conducting programs in schools, running youth classes and going to different centres to spread sahaja yoga
    she is for love, peace and humanity in this world
    May all divine power bless her

  3. Chandra Sekhar says:

    We are blessed, we have several blessed children of our Ma among us, like Shulin, Abi and many more.

  4. cheryl says:

    Shulin guides us into an awakened state of mental silence. We can feel that she is coming from an enlightened depth within her own being and we begin our own journey to higher awareness. Thanks Shulin for this gift of universal connection. nice to know we are connected so directly with Mother Earth, each other, and the penguins!

  5. Jos Boven says:

    Congratulations Shulin, would like to meet you some day somewhere.

  6. Sandra says:

    Shulin, thank you. Your enlightenment and fragrance are transcending all boundaries. Much love to you and the Halton family.

  7. phyllis says:

    Shulin your are an amazing person, Daniel and I are so honoured to know you! Congratulations on all you achievements!

  8. Tracy says:

    That’s so awesome Shulin congratulations on such a good job. You inspire use all to strive for our goal in our own lives. Thank you

  9. […] — Shulin Zhang (18 years old, gr 12 student in Oakville) ·         Awarded with Peace Maker Certificate at Just Peace Summit 2016 in New York by “We are Family” foundation -> Three Dot Dash international youth movement […]

  10. […] Shulin Zhang has volunteered for about 3 years with Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation and her encounter with meditation had helped her immensely in finding joy, peace and inner balance in her busy life of a teenager. She was inspired to pass it on to many other thousands of students, and even to take further on a global lever her passion for self realization, awareness and unity among all people. […]

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