(VIDEO) “Inner Peace with Sahaja Yoga Meditation” Workshop@ Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School’s “Multicultural Week” (May 2, 2014)

Thank you to Sahaja Yoga meditation - Hayden Multicultural Week video

Shulin: “The student leaders from my school organized an amazing event called “multicultural week” where they invited sahaja yoga youth program to be there as presenters to help the students find their inner peace, to connect to the cosmic energy and to send out the message that  no matter where we come from and what cultural Logo Hayden Highschooldifferences we have, “we are all one”. It was amazing to see many students interested in their inner growth and signing up for the workshop we provided (it was full!). And what’s even more exiting is that ALL of the students felt the energy, some felt tingling and others felt COOL BREEZE ! A couple of girls came in front to Shri Mataji’s picture (Shri Mataji is the founder of sahaja yoga meditation), they ALL felt “a wave of cool breeze coming from the picture clearly“.It was truly incredible how sensitive the younger people are.”

Ana Bianca - explaining balancing techniques sahaja yoga meditation
Ana Bianca – explaining the energy protection technique (bandhan) used in sahaja yoga meditation


Hayden celebrated Multicultural week from April 28th to May 2nd 2014. Check out the video to see the awesome things the students accomplished and took part in! It was a great honor for our “Life De-Stress Youth program with Sahaja Yoga meditation” to be invited as a partner in providing “inner peace” classes to interested students; even more we were so excited to see that we are listed (and thanked to :-)) in the video. Our “Inner peace team”  that conducted the 2 classes at Dr Frank J Hayden secondary school  was comprised of: Sam, Shulin, Ana Bianca, Peter and Ioana from Halton – Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation for Students/ Young People

(VIDEO) WATCH The World Inner Peace Day @ Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School on March 21, 2014

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  1. anjali

    Indeed the youth is very sensitive to this beautiful subtle energy within us and you can clearly see their shining faces from those pictures. The joy that is felt from deep within is being reflected. The youth absolutely need this meditation to be in control of their lives. They deal with so many things emotionally, mentally, physically and admist of all these distractions loose themselves. Its truly commendable that Dr Frank Hayden secondary school recognized this need of the youth and provided its students with this opportunity destress in the most effective way through sahaja yoga Meditation.

  2. Doris

    Que maravillosa presentación de los jóvenes la forma de trasmitir el amor y el gozo a todos,JSM!!!!!!

  3. paula

    Sahaja Yoga opens them up to the reality that these students, and everyone for that matter, has the potential to feel “unlimited” by conditionings or materialistic pursuits. I love the song in the video, where can I get it, who is it? The video is full of vibrations you can feel…the students are an inspiration! All schools should follow suit and invite Sahaja Yoga to their schools to teach students how to meditate, to become ONE, with everyone and everything! We don’t have to feel separated! We can enjoy each other’s wonderfulness and be stronger together! It is a very good time to help children, students, teachers and parents to blossom into globally connected human beings and make a difference through these inspiring programs! Sahaja Yoga is multi-cultural, connected to mother earth, connected to the Ojibway story tellers message, connects our differences to show us and let us feel that we are all branches on the same tree of life! So inspired!

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