Raine – A Writer’s Testimonial on Sahaja Yoga Meditation


Raine – A Writer’s Testimonial on Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Raine is an amazing mother, writer, yoga/wellness instructor and on a rainy day she had tried sahaja yoga meditation .. and the rest is history.

Enjoy Raine’s personal journey in the video below:

 We are sure that you’ve felt Raine’s emotion and enjoyed her generous  “self-help” tips shared during the “We unite for M.E” public program in Oakville, earlier this year.


 This year we celebrate 10 years of active volunteering in Oakville for the Halton sahaja yoga team. Yes, a great milestone!! More clips featuring live music for meditation and COOL Kids will be shared in another article. Stay tuned, we will celebrate a new format of “RAIN to Heal Me -> Mother Earth” in October!  

Suggestion: read the article below, lots to learn in a short article that speaks to the heart and to the mind! Drop a comment with your impressions /feedback.. Thank you.

(click!) How & Why Open the Heart? Divine Sensitivity with Gandhi’s Prayer

Roses by Home’s Door – taken by Ioana

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  1. Jeanette Edl

    Great testimony Raine
    You are so inspiring to us all !!
    You have a great positive attitude !!!
    Thanks for introducing me to pinchmeliving.com and for all your encouragement
    I know all will go well for you in your new job !!
    Best wishes my friend,

  2. Delia Jebeleanu

    Dear Raine,

    Wonderful! I had tears in my eyes when I watched this, because I felt the same, but 5 years ago. And it did, it changed my life in something so beautiful, that I didn’t even know that could exist.

  3. Kruti

    It feels so nice to hear such an inspirational stories more often. Sahaja Yoga has touched all of our lives in such a special way that when we look back, our lives seemed meaningless before. Good luck to Raine in her beautiful journey to self discovery. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anjali

    Dear Raine, your testimonial took me back to the start of my own journey in Sahaja Yoga. I took was introduced to Sahaja Yoga in the oakvile class and I clearly remember..I was feeling down and was going through depression. But after the first meditation I felt so blissful and felt so assured that eveything is going to be alright. I just felt so joyful. I knew something amazing had happened and my eyes were shining. I cannot imagine my life without Sahaja Yoga and the wonderful people I have met in SY…I feel that I am a stronger person because of it. Thank you for sharing your story with so many inspiring quotes. It made me feel so much grateful for what sahaja yoga has given me and I hope that it will inspire anyone new to give sahaja yoga a try as well.

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