Memories about Burlington Labyrinth – community heritage

We often go and meditate or have a light sahaja yoga outdoor meditation and workshop in Burlington’s Labyrinth.

During the summer, weather permitting, some of us enjoy taking the lunch break and meet there, sit on the grass, feel the clearing vibrations of Mother Earth and look to the clear Sky and allow its meditative Blue to absorb all our weary thoughts and in return place an innocent shine in our eyes and peace in mind.


Not many know that Elsie was involved with Justine Guliani when we had the labyrinth (first) made up of stones.

 In Elsie’s own words: “It was great fun and then she (Justine) was able to get a grant to have a permanent one set up.”

 A heritage to be cherished and respectfully made best of by the members of our community.

Now, is for everyone to enjoy in Burlington Central Park.

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