The Gift of Peace that Surpasses All Understanding

Spontaneous Meditation in Burlington – A Serene Gift of Peace for Seniors

burlington-lakeshore-sense-of-direction-and-serenity “Sahaja Yoga has enabled me to deal with crises in my life through Meditation and brought me Peace, the peace that surpasses all understanding.

I was guided to Sahaja Yoga after a serious accident when our van was broadsided by another car causing $16,000 damage to our vehicle. I sustained soft tissue injury from my seat belt and whiplash caused nerve damage in my neck.

This accident changed my life as I knew it. Before the accident, I was a healthy, energetic senior, I cleaned my own house, helped sick friends, baked my own bread. I walked long distances and could run for the GO train.

I loved life. I played bridge and had an active social life.

Two days after the accident I was unable to walk a block due to dizziness and weakness. I suffered blinding headaches and blurry vision from the spasms in my neck. I stopped playing bridge as the headaches would prevent me from thinking logically. I lived with severe chronic pain. I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder as I was afraid to drive.

My road to recovery began with treatments prescribed by medical therapists. After most of these treatments I would suffer pain. My body couldn’t take even slight body rotations. I couldn’t do water exercises. I learned from other accident victims that soft tissue damage although sounding innocent can wreak havoc on the human body.


My quest for attaining health led me to the Sahaja Yoga group at the Brant Hills Library in Burlington.

Ioana welcomed all newcomers with her lovely smile and made us feel so comfortable.

I was unable to feel a cool breeze that night but I felt so peaceful that I returned.

Because sitting caused me a great deal of pain I didn’t come as often as I wanted. Also that first year I was unable to drive at night. However, I began to meditate as I was shown. I would do foot soaks at home. People in the group were warm, kind individuals like none I’d met in other groups. I would return home feeling joy and hope. It helped me deal with the pain. As I still hadn’t felt the cool breeze, I did stop coming for a while. I felt I would be the one who couldn’t get self realization. I would stop meditating during these periods. However, Ioana kept sending me literature which I read and I learned about Shri Mataji, her teachings and her selfless efforts towards helping people and world peace. This wonderful lady had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Price.

The period September to December 2008 will always remain in my memory. I was given a Precious Gift. My 44 year old daughter was expecting her 3rd child. Two years earlier in Kyoto, Japan she had delivered her 2nd – a full term baby who didn’t survive. I prayed to Shri Mataji to guide me through this difficult period. I prayed for courage. I prayed to stay strong.

An e-mail from Ioana saying the group would send a bandhan that Lisa and the baby would be well. When I read it I felt vibrations. The message brought me peace and the anxiety I experienced was greatly diminished. I was able to support my daughter and accompany her to Chicago in November where she had promised to give a seminar on “Childbirth in Japan compared with childbirth in North America” before she knew she was pregnant. The baby was born on December 14th and both mother and baby were well. I was able to take good care of 4 year sister while she waited for mom to give birth. Throughout this period I was able to be the mother that I wanted to be. My daughter completed her thesis and graduated in May.

During this time I was meditating daily and I finally felt a Cool Breeze.


I did my meditations at night because it was a quiet time as there was no noise to distract me. When I would miss my nightly meditation and awaken in the night I would do it then. I was also doing bandhans (prayers with vibrations) for people in my group. I was in a workshop and working on a group member I could feel the area where she had problems. She told me she felt peaceful after I finished.

I am a novice and have much to learn. I believe I’ll be learning as long as I’m alive. When I do my bandhan at stressful times, I can always feel a peace come over me and the anxious thoughts leave. I have learned how to clear my Vishhudhi (5th chakra at the base of the neck) . I know when I had some setbacks recently that my left subtle system was out of balance and I learned how to solve this. I am studying my chakras and the subtle system.

What is awesome for is the period September to May 2008 when my daughter graduated with her Ph.D, I had energy and was free of severe pain that would limit any activity.


I know I was given a Gift.

I would never have been able to do this on my own.

Our group is filled with loving people who have helped me not only in my quest for health but also to know myself and go within and find peace.

I don’t search for it elsewhere.

I am told that wonderful things will happen to me and they already have begun.

I might add now that I’m 73 years old and my life in the past few years has been truly filled with Beauty.”    – testimonial from Elsie – Burlington Class



This Photo is very dear to me, it’s from a Spring Seminar & Workshop in 2007 and Elsie was at the beginning of her journey.

This snapshot captured the moment when Elsie’s checking her watch and ..

there is Beauty & Determination on her face, saying:

“It’s Time for

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

in My Life!”


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  1. Hitesh

    Wonderful and beautiful. Such peace and serenity. Thank you.

  2. Anjali

    Dear Elsie, this is a wonderful story. After meeting you the other day at the park, I felt so inspired by your openess and enthusiasm about life. There is a lot to learn from you and I hope that you will continue drench in this ocean of silence and beauty that you reflect onto us.

    Hugs, Anjali

  3. Debbie

    Hi Elsie – I have had the pleasure of meeting you at one of our classes in Burlington and I do remember chatting to you about the accident. It was amazing because I too was in a very bad car accident in the early 90’s and suffered whip lash. I am so happy to hear about your journey with Sahaja Yoga and all the positive things it has brought into your life. I wish you all the best.

  4. Rickhi

    So wonderful and so sincere.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Monica

    I am in the office reading this beautiful and impresive story. I am hiding my tears because I don’t want anybody to see that I am crying when I am working.
    Elsie you are a true inspiration. God bless you

  6. paula erskine

    Oh Elsie! Your story was so honest and pure, it made me tear up too but from happiness! You are an inspiration. I met you for the first time last Christmas party we had, and I discovered that you were not new and that you had gone through some trying times. Really it fills me up to read your story. I was riveted, and delighted to know you found joy and peace in your life. I always thought of myself as positive, but until sahaja yoga I was so busy reacting to everything and trying to protect myself from harm. Until Sahaja Yoga, I did not realize that only now, am I actively seeking peace and joy in the present and developing that awareness. I admire your determination and I can relate to your joy.

  7. Colleen

    Such a beautiful story, it brought tears to my eyes.

  8. Perviz

    Hi Elsie,

    Such a beautiful story. It really touched my heart and made me teary. You have instilled hope in many people. Don’t have expectations; but continue in your quest sincerely and everything will turn out beautifully with Divine’s grace.

  9. letitia

    Foarte frumos,imi aduc aminte de accidentul care l-am avut,si cum Sahaja YogaM-a ajutat sa-m revin.E o persoana curajoasa,deschisa,care a stut sa nu se lase descurajata. Iar voi toti meritati felicitari pentru modul cum trasmiteti mesajul MAMEI.

  10. paula

    Elsie! Sending you protective bandhans and know that you are in our attention,loved and admired. You are wonderful and if you need rides anytime to spend with your Sahaja family, we will be there for you. We are all so fond of you.

  11. Shivangi

    Reminding us of goodness in human beings , beautiful feeling.

  12. Anjali

    Peace. Isnt this the most desired feeling we all yearn for these days. Sahaja Yoga energizing rather than depleting you of’s the most nourishing thing you can do for yourself in the easiest way possible…Elsie’s story helped me remember that if we believe in this simple easy technique of meditation and gI’ve it a try it can help you in miraculous ways and get you through your difficult phase.thank you for sharing Elsie.

  13. Magda

    Such a wonderful story. Thank you Elsie for sharing your experience in Sahaja Yoga with us. Sending you lots of cool vibrations.

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