Humility is the Myelin Sheath of Vibrations – Story for Kings and Queens

Humility: A Royal Decoration


Analuiza Torres Da Silva  –  a princess of Kuchipudi Dance –

will honor soon our Halton region with a Free Public Program.  For all details of that event read this News.

Probably you’ll still wonder what’s all about “myelin” in here and what connection can be with meditation or Kuchipudi dance.

So, it’s time to absorb & check out the truth from the few excerpts & story below:

“..  supposing you start developing an art in your hand from your very childhood, then you develop the deftness of that particular art, because a kind of a myelin sheath grows on the nerves. In the same way, when you are realized (when Kundalini energy awakens), I would say when you are a newly born person, if you start respecting your attention then gradually you develop a deftness for Sahaja Yoga.” Shri Mataji


“So try Nirmala Vidya [Pure Knowledge – what is truly related to Spirituality and subtle], and that is Humility, which is the myelin sheath of vibrations.


Like every nerve has a myelin sheath covering it, in the same way is the humility, is the myelin sheath.


If you are humble you will win the battle, if you are not, you will be lost.


Then the whole thing will become a joke for you , absolute joke.


If you are humble you can see the stupid, the bhoots [negativity] and all the arrogant  as Clowns of this Drama.


“There is a saying in Sanskrit, which is very common: Vidya vinaye na shobhate – that is: ” Even the Knowledge [Vidya], is decorated .. is beautified only through Humility“.


If there is an educated man he has to be a humble person. If he is not a humble person, then he is not educated, at all, in any way. “

Story: The Blind Saint and The King

Shri Mataji:

“I don’t know if I have told you a story about one saint who was meditating and was blind. And a king came there and asked him in a very polite manner and he touched his feet.

[The King] said: “Did you see some people around ?”

[The Saint] said: “Yes. Yes King, my King. Sit down. I saw your servant come in, and then your minister came in, and then the prime minister came in, and then now you have come”.

[The King] said: “You are blind, how did you know ? Through your meditation ?”

[The Saint] said: “No. Common sense”.

[The King] said: “What is the common-sense ?”

[The Saint] said:

” First the servant came in. He said: What, you are bogus fellow sitting down here, wasting your time? He gave me two-three abuses, used bad language, and said: Have you seen any person here?

So I said, no. Then the minister came in. He didn’t abuse me, but he just asked me. Then the prime minister came. He said “Sir” to me… Must have been from England! And might have said also Thank you perhaps ! And then came [you], the king. You were extremely humble. You first touched my feet, you sat down on the mother earth, waited for me to ask you what do you want, and in a very humble way said : If you have heard of people around you because I am blind, so you didn’t say something that would hurt me, in such a humble way asked if I could tell you. But at least hundred and eight names of the Guru you took, before you asked me this. So I know you are the learned, you are the humblest, so you must be the king.”

Shri Mataji continues, seriously- joking:

“Otherwise in those days we  never had kings or prime ministers who were box-office actors. Even the public was so innocent that they would not accept such a nonsense, you see. So this was the difference.”

Humility: A Royal Decoration

We have started the article with the beautiful image where Analuiza is so joyfully bowing and picking an (imaginary) flower.


One can easily perceive the transparent message of this so colourful photograph and hopefully experience the sensorial truth of the original title: “Humility is the Myelin Sheath of Vibrations – Story for Kings” and maybe even correct it with this addition: ” Story for Queens too”.


Also I wonder how else one can reach to a Lotus, the royal flower associated with Meditation &  Yoga & Spirituality without bowing down, as humble as possible .. and feeling so royally rich in the same time.


Obviously, the Classical Indian Dance represents itself an artful incarnation of spiritual knowledge elements (in Sanskrit: Nirmala Vidya) so let’s make now the direct connection between Humility and Pure Knowledge.


Again with excerpts from the same talk on “Innocence and Humility” by the founder of  Sahaja Yoga Meditation:

“From this story we have to derive that the more we are learned into Vidya, into the technique of Sahaja Yoga, we have to be humble.


That is our decoration, that is our certificate, that is the path into the entrance of every human being, that is the way we are going to be very close to the other seekers: to be humble, to find out ways and methods of being humble.


This is the key of Nirmala Vidya: how to be humble.”

Shri Mataji enjoying the company of village's cows

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  1. adrian kraayeveld

    The protection… the myelin sheath… the humility is already there when we choose to incarnate into this reality…

    And when we truly awaken, we realize there was no battle to be fought at all…

    Just to be…

    Simple isn’t it…

  2. Malti Menon

    My day has started on such a beautiful note with this wonderful message.

  3. paula erskine

    This was so powerful. It is just the message I needed. To be educated and humble is truly beautiful, I am in awe of those qualities combined.

    I didn’t finish university, so I never felt smart enough to solve my problems or give myself some credit in that department. It was a deep conditioning inside of me that I am slowly forgiving out of my consciousness.

    Sahaja Yoga has given me such pure knowledge, that is deep and beautiful and connects me to everything and everyone around me. The more I come to know it and experience it, the deeper it becomes a part of me. And there is no going back to the way I was, I am forever grateful, and I am evolving in a way I could not have imagined.

    There is a new language to everything I am experiencing. There is pure joy, and seeking of pure beauty in simple things. There is letting go of guilt. The impossibilities are becoming possible. And humility is the key.

  4. Analuiza

    ”… see for yourself how many powers you have already got and the more you’ll know, the more you’ll become humble. It’s very surprising, you’ll become humble, no fear of any kind…” (quote of Shri Mataji from Navaratri Puja, 9 October 1994, Cabella. Italy)

  5. geri

    ..Love the photo of Mother..

  6. Peter Corden

    In the body the Myelin Sheath can be protected by introducing Anti-oxidants. One can only imagine that for a Sahaja Yogi love would be the best anti-oxidant. . The Lubricant of Sahaja Yoga is Love !
    Shri Mataji

  7. Shashidhar

    I have noticed that some of the great Indian artists have/had this quality of humility. Pandit Bismillah Khan Saheb, the late Shehnai maestro, is one such example. I am sure that their humility helps them connect with the Divine. This Divine connection is reflected in their art and immortalizes it.

    This must be true of many great artists (like William Blake, Mozart, Michelangelo) in other parts of the world.

  8. Raj

    Indeed it is a great quality that we sometimes have to learn from experience.

    There is a new lady who joined the workforce recently and was out to discredit those around her to ensure she was acknowledged and I fell victim to her action and was very disturbed as I had not done anything to hurt her ( hardly know her!) and it troubled me for awhile.

    In my meditation it dawned on me to completely forgive her and not react to her ways in any way. I surrendered completely to Shree Mataji and put a bandhan on the whole matter and left it.

    When I returned to work after the Chrismas and New Year break, I went out of my way to talk to her and calm her down by talking to her with my attention on the Sahasrara. Within 2 weeks she had calmed down from a very critical and angry person to one who is more considerate. I still work on her by swallowing what she dishes out by just working with my heart to soften her. Yesterday she told me that she comes from a background where, since childhood she has had to claw her way just to survive.

    That revelation from her actually showed that our power of Divine Love works on anybody and makes them face themselves.

    “If there is an educated man he has to be a humble person. If he is not a humble person, then he is not educated, at all, in any way. “.

    This beautiful saying of Shree Mataji will forever be etched in my heart.

  9. Debbie

    Soemthing I have always said – no one is better than anyone regardless of who we are, what jobs we do, what race we are, where we came from…it’s what’s inside that counts and if we treat everyone the way we wish to be treated, then so many of the problems in the world today would not exist.

    Lots of love always.

  10. Dylan

    I wonder how humility and surrender have subtle connections? Incredible compilation by the curator!

  11. Jane

    The first time I read this I really liked the story of the king. The second time I read it I was very impressed by the scientific explanation and wonder how did I not see it before. It makes so much sense.(no – I know why I did not see it before). The more we settle down and go deeper the more we see and understand. Really well done. The article has everything we need.

  12. Jolanta

    Good to read another article here…this time focusing on the significance of humbling down in order to “gain” spiritual growth, and, as a result, move higher / ascend.

  13. Niti

    Humbleness is the essence of everything.I really enjoyed each and everything from this article all the
    Stories, examples really went deep into my heart and touched me and I realized what essential qualites we
    have to generate inside us.Thankyou Shri Mataji for your kind attention on us.

  14. Kyla

    To me it seem humbleness is so much of a quiet attribute, it’s hard for people to recognize, especially when they are distracted by someone else’s antics, someone who does not demonstrate humility. I think modesty was praised in my family growing up, but I truly don’t think that is the same as humility. I appreciate this article. Humble people don’t need, and are not looking for recognition, the beauty is so subtle, therefore so Sahaj. I really like the analogy of it as a myelin sheath.
    The humility acts as myelin sheath to our spirituality, a protection and a container. The more our attention are on spirit, and on humility, also the more our actions are in line with spirit and we go about these actions in a humble way, the deeper our spiritual connection and growth.
    The more I go over the article, the bigger connections I realize.
    Thank you.
    Jai Shri Mataji.

  15. NITI

    Everything described in this article about humbleness, humility beauty of humbling down which is the source
    Of every kind of peace internal and universal,is greatly described in the vani of Shri Mataji with lots of quotes and heart touching stories is really wonderful. Thanks Ioana for this kind article.

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