Fragrance from Paris, France in Afrique Magazine Interview with Meditation Master and African Yoga Visions & Stories: Gandhi, Sahaja Yoga, Kenya and Morocco

« The flowers of Morocco have so much fragrance


Moroccans have so much love in their hearts »

Shri Mataji (founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

Afrique Magazine — Paris — France

Interview by Catherine Brousse with Shri Mataji (10/07/89)

“The Indians call her “the Great Mother” and see her as a saint; At a very young age she used to write Mahatma Gandhi’s prayers. She’s been living in London since 1975 where her husband is general secretary of IMCO. She has founded yoga centers in India and in several countries in Europe : England, Switzerland, France, Italy.
Shri Mataji Devi is what we usually call a “guru” which is a rather rare status for a woman. People she says mainly would be more balanced and would have a better life if they could get connected with the supreme principle within each of us. How can we reach this spontaneous connection with the divine, this self-realisation ? Thanks to her method of course ! A sort of meditation, regular but easy and accessible to everyone and which is suppose to purify the energies of the body and soothe mental activities : peace “coming from the heart” would settle down this way because the divine has always been with us.
Is it a daring claim and a simplistic method ? Or the strength of a faith which can only bear its fruits ? In any case, the disciples of sahaja Yoga seem more and more; there would be tens of thousands of them in Europe alone… In July 1989, Shri Mataji has held two lectures in Paris in front of several hundred people. But she has confided to us in private.
Do you think you were born with a spiritual gift ?
I was born in a rich Protestant family. I received a religious and cosmopolitan education. My mother was a mathematician and my father was able to speak 14 languages. He translated Koran in Hindi. They both found out about my vocation very soon. Mahatma Gandhi also realised it when I was 7
AM : Did you know Mahatma Gandhi very well ?
SMD : Yes, he was a very nice man. He was a friend of the family. When I met him for the first time he felt my spiritual capacities and became attached to me. We had religious discussions regularly. When I was at school I got involved into the non violent struggle against British presence in India. My parents and myself were imprisoned and tortured. Gandhi said : “When we are free, you’ll be able to start”.
AM : To start ?…
SMD : My spiritual teaching. I gave my first lecture in Bombay in 1969.
AM : But independence happened in 1947 ?
SMD : I got married that year. Then, I looked after my family. I waited for my children to be older to start public life.
AM : What is your teaching about ?
SMD : I teach Sahaja Yoga, the 21st century yoga. The practise which is very simple connects you with the divine. You sit comfortably in a peaceful place with palms of the hands upwards. You can concentrate on any object (on a candle or on my photograph which transmits my energy as if I were next to you). Keep your attention on top of your head. The feeling of a cool breeze on the palms of your hands and top of your head is the sign of your self-realisation. This connection with the divine must be firmly established. One can feel it once and then it may disappear. For that, a regular practise is needed.
AM : Do you consider yourself as a guru ?
SMD : If you like. I do not have any concept about myself. Mankind is going through a decisive stage in its evolution. We are at the beginning of a new era and there are many false gurus and negative forces. The guru must be interested in only one thing : to make you meet the divine. All the sects are dangerous tricks for the psyche.
AM : Your lectures are free.
SMD : Self-realisation is an inherent right for everyone just like breathing; we cannot pay for it. (Editor’s note : A voluntary monthly contribution of 200 francs from the members to Sahaja centers covers the cost of hiring halls for programs).
AM : What do you think of established religions ?
SMD : They are like flowers that men have cut and which have withered now. The mollahs and the priests want to talk only about the last judgement and apocalypse. But Buddha and Jesus Christ stand there in the narrow door (she shows her forehead). They are compassion and forgiveness. If you forgive, you will be surprised to see how much you live in the present. In my lectures I use “Our Father” as well as the concepts of Hinduism or Koran.
AM : You have created centers in many parts of the world. Italy has just elected you as “personality of the year”. You have just come back from South America… What about Africa ?
SMD : We have contacts there. But there are a lot of false gurus brought mostly by Indians. They practise black magic.

I hope to go there (in Africa) next year.” Interview by Catherine BROUSSE

Two Powerful Visions as Experiences of Shri Mataji’s Visits in Africa

For about 2 years my family lived in Africa and that realm became our home. We had also significant dreams and experiences that showed us how powerful the connection can be with our yoga teacher  – even if the yoga master is on a different continent than her student(s) 🙂 – , especially during the deep meditations.  Such saintly personalities (as Shri Mataji is) reach to the heights of a true Avatar in the subtle protection they offer to their disciples (considered as spiritual children) in times of need and distress.  Below I am sharing with you two true stories – collected  a while ago from my yogi friends from Africa – that I find so beautiful and colorful and that have that specific African flavour that I so much love. Enjoy!

“On the first morning of the collective meditation, we invoked the blessings and guidance of Shri Mataji and Shri Ganesha. Our prayers did not go unheard. Later, whilst in meditation, a sahaja yogini had a vision of Mother as ‘Shri Africeshwari’ (meaning the mother of Africa). She described mother as a mixture between an African and a Red Indian woman wearing a royal gown cascading in long multi-colored beads. She said ‘Mother looked wise and powerful, holding a staff in her hand’. There was no doubt Shri Mataji was there with us right from the start of the journey. (shared by Rajen, South Africa about a series of Sahaja Yoga classes and workshops offered in the neighbouring African countries – excerpt from one of Rajen’s beautiful African Newsletters)


“Some time ago, in Kenya, Mutua, a good brother yogi who at that time used to work for me invited me to his village to spread Sahaja Yoga. Since I had a few days holiday, we took this opportunity to go and meet his family and friends there.
We were 4 yogis to go to Kibwezi : men including Mutua, and one lady, all living in the same close, 2 hours south from Nairobi. We stayed 3 days, in the beautiful countryside round the village, going from one point to another and giving a few small programmes, where about 30 or more people got their Realisation (awakening of Kundalini energy) plus many kids escorting us everywhere. The last day, Mutua told me “there is a last important person you have to visit : my father. He knows there is a foreigner in the village, so he is waiting for us” . It was like a kind of “protocol visit”.  So we went towards the place where his father used to live. I just took one picture of Shri Mataji with me. As we were coming closer to the little hut where the old man lived alone, I was wondering what to say him and then just left it to Mother. When we reached his place I saw a very old man getting out of his hut (he was 94 years or so);we greeted the Mzee (very respectful term meaning “old man” in kiswahili) with due respect, Mutua and I, always accompanied by the gaggle of kids gently buzzing around us.
Since I did not know what to say after greeting him I just told him “we have come here… to bring you this Lady “showing him the picture of Shri Mataji; we sat down on little chairs just placed for us outside the hut and he immediately stared at the photograph and we all fell in meditation. I don’t remember how long; it was but it was deep. The old man was facing his son holding the photograph; I just put my hand above the Mzee’s head .. As we all felt the joy of the strong kundalini rising, the Mzee told Mutua in his Mother
tongue : “ I know this Mama…She came yesterday… It was night. I was sleeping and She came in my room; it was exactly this Lady; but she was black…” We were drinking his words…So what happened?
“She came close to my bed, smiling, and gave me a little slap on my shoulder, saying “wake up,now!” and then she walked out the hut laughing and laughing…” And still gazing at Mother’s picture he added: “It was Her! The same lady! but She was black!”
Experience shared by Didier from Africa

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  1. Hitesh

    Beautiful, How Shri Mataji belongs to each and every one of us, regardless of anything! She is for all of us, all of us, Not a millimeter of doubt! Heartwarming to see everyone having the same experience of joy, love and compassion. Truth is the truth, whether its Africa, or Asia, or Europe. Sahaja is such a beautifully true Global and Universal happening. Thanks Shri Mataji fro becoming the Mother of all the Masses. Infinite Salutations to the Great Teacher!

  2. Ornella

    So touching experience.
    I remember ones Shri Mataji said in some of her talks, that She is black but also white and also that at the time of Turya (the fourth dimension of awareness) She can appear to anyone in their room. The very innocent and simple people can easily have this beautiful experience, specially children and old people, regarding to be the most wise and innocent. This is the right age for this kind of auspicious happening. We all have to transform our self into a very innocent people, and the time has come, by the Holy presence of Shri Mataj, that in this very world, our purification will take place and we all can have this amazing experience to share to humanity, in all over the world, especially countries, like Africa , India, Russia and Italy where they always worshipped the ” GREAT MOTHER” in the past, it will emerge so many of this kind of happening. Salutation to the Great Mother of all, the Holy Principal that unite, nourish and teach humanity to awake, to meditate…

  3. Kasthurie Govender

    Thank you for sharing this very beautiful experience with us.
    We felt the joy!
    South Africa

    1. SAO Yvon Joslin

      Jay Shri Adishakti Mataji Dearest Kasturi Didi.

  4. Debbie

    Shri Mataji’s love and presence will always be with us through meditation. In April and before I restarted classes, I dreamt Shri Mataji and she was giving me a bunch of bananas. I believe that she was telling me that it was time I got back to Sahaja Yoga.

    Jai Shri Mataji.

    Lots of love always.

  5. ann

    So beautiful and amasing, I can feel the joy and laughter, I love that the children were so happly following and enjoying and bringing their sweet innocense.

    Thank you dear Ioana for such wonderful stories.

    Love Ann

  6. `MHIN

    Thank you for such a wonderful stories,

    now my friends are interested to learn such raising kundalini, removing negativities, as i shared in my facebook today my co-joggers wants to know more about it…thank you mother for helping me feel them your presence..

  7. Dusan

    It’s amazing, that through Sahaja yoga we can find out the sensational people from all the continents of the world, also from Africa. Africa needs Sahaja yoga a lot.

    With Love


  8. Peter Corden

    This is so inspiring! It reminds me of October 14th 1985 at Moribatown in West Africa. Patrick Sheriff had taken his Self Realisation the evening before and as the Photograph of Shri Mataji was placed behind the candle on an old bench in a small shed the question was asked “Patrick who is the lady in the photograph?” to which he replied to me. “Mr Peter it’s very simple God is our Father, Jesus Christ is the Son of God and this lady is The Wife of God”… Ki Aum Goma

  9. Anjali

    Such wonderful cool breeze all over while reading this article. My entire crown opened up. Very grateful for this share. Thank you for this joy

  10. Didier

    Thank you Mother and all your loving instruments for reminding me a truly amazing moment ?! May we find Mutua again in Kenya !?

  11. Paula Erskine

    Greetings from Cameroon! Stay tuned for our addition to the Canada-Africa connection, and all our adventures, interviews and self realization programs here in Africa. The depth, the warmth and the love we share with African Sahaja yogis has been so moving. They are true brothers and sisters, especially here.

    1. SAO Yvon Joslin

      You will be always warm welcomed, my Dearest Paulajiiiiii.

  12. SAO Yvon Joslin

    Sahaja yoga is the real solution for all the black magic problems, the poverty, and all the diseases in Africa. We are easily enjoying Shri Adishakti Mataji’s permanent presence everyday, in every field of our Life. May Shri Mahakali destroy all the bhoots disturbing the expansion of this Pure Knowlege in Africa.
    You all must join us for the great job of spreading the Light in Africa.

  13. Jolanta

    Thank you for sharing this amazing true story and the transcript of the interview with Shri Mataji.

  14. Niti

    Reading this article left me with tremendous joy,Shri Mataji is the universal mother and she resides in all
    Human beings. Thankyou .

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