Don’t miss: Free Kuchipudi Dance Performance & Meditation – in Burlington TONIGHT!

Analuiza Torres da Silva – with more than 100 Performances in Brazil, Italy and India, she is now Touring  Canada

Enjoy: 2 Beautiful Photos & Did you know (details section below)analuiza_jul09-fina-final-poster

Did you know?

  • Analuiza needs 2 hours before the program to get ready (make up, costume, ornaments…).
  • Analuiza, a dance exponent and a follower of the Arts, is actually a Student of Engineering. She is in the final semester of her Engineering Course in Agriculture. She says that as an artist, she loves to study about plants and soil and to be close to Mother Earth.
  • Humility plays an important role in the education of an artist, and traditionally for the Classical Indian Dance, the teacher is considered a guru by his/her students. There is no place for Vanity!
  • The speakers that play the Classical Indian Music for Kuchipudi Dance should have a very loud sound, otherwise the beat of feet movements and bells might be louder than the music!
  • Analuiza will be performing 5 Pieces or Dances:
    • Mahamantra – Great Mantra
      ‘Maha’ means ‘Great’. ‘Mantra’ is a prayer in Sanskrit which when pronounced with knowledge and devotion, has the power to awaken the Deities  – which are basically the divine aspects – residing in our chakras and their respective qualities.
    • Pushpanjali –
      The name “Pushpanjali” stands for saluting and offering flowers to God, Guru and the audience. In Sanskrit, pushpam means “flower” and anjali means “offering with folded hands”.
    • Vinayaka Kautam –  dedicated to Lord Ganesha (residing in Mooladhara Chakra)
    • Poorva Rangam – Brahmanjali or Poorvarangam                                                                                       This is the first traditional dance item of Kuchipudi known as the Pooja Dance. It begins with the worshiping of Lord Shiva (the Spirit within us that is reflecting God Almighty)
    • Ashtakam – Mahalakshmi Namostute
      This item is of eight stanzas prasing the Godesses of Wealth, Shri Mahalakshmi , who has lotus like eyes, is a destroyer of the poverty, an aspect of Adi Shakti, praised in mantras and Vedas, giver of Peace. She has a beautiful appearance .. come and see.
  • During the short recess time in between the performances, there will be Sahaj Meditation Chakra workshops as well inter-active and quite entertaining Q & A sessions with Analuiza (she has lots to share!)
  • Analuiza had performed a Marathon in North America with performances this week of more than 45 min each: on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (in USA already and probably 2/day there).
  • Come and say “Hello” &”Farewell” to Analuiza this Wednesday Class as it’s her last day in Canada.
  • Feedback from Analuiza’s performance in Brampton this Monday:

“Amazing. Lovely. Breathtaking. ” (says Aditya from Brampton)analuiza-torres-a-queen-of-kuchipudi-dance-humble4

Performing in Ontario for the first time in:

  • Burlington on Wednesday, July 29 (tonight)

    Brant Hills Community Centre
    2255 Brant Str (between Dundas & Upper Middle)
    Burlington, ON, L7R 3Z6
    Nelson Room – left wing of the building
    Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

    • Brampton, on Monday, July 27 (done)

    Bramalea Civic Centre
    150 Central Park Drive
    Brampton, ON, L6T 2T9
    Library Meeting Room – Lower level
    Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
    Contact: 1-800 # (1-866-850-YOGA)

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    1. Smita Joshi

      Since I am in Nepal..will be missing such a program..I just wish!!

      I hope to get to read more about the program in later days.

    2. Debbie

      Analuiza’s performance was breathtaking, outstanding and full of purity. My heart was full of joy. I can’t wait to see her again and look forward to having her share this beautiful gift with us.

    3. paula erskine

      I couldn’t go but I wanted to share it so much so I sent my mum, who got her realization the same night! She said it was a beautiful, unforgettable, artful performance and was so impressed!
      I was so glad you have no idea!It was a once in a lifetime experience for my mum! I am hoping someone was able to record the performance so I can get the feeling. But I was there in spirit! And my mum felt very welcomed, thanks everybody for that! It means very much too me!

    4. Anjali

      I could never tell Analuiza is not Indian. Each expression, each movement was so beautifully delivered. To me Analuiza displayed integration, humility, and surrender to all the conditionings. She was performing as the part and parcel of the universe in complete thougthless awareness…simply imbibing in her devotion through the dance.

      Watching this talented young brazilian girl of merely 23yrs of age was so inpiring. She is surely her own guru (i.e grounded and focused) and deeply connected to the source of all that is.

      A very big thank you Ana-luiza for thinking of us and for sharing this precious gift of sahaj love through your creativity. I really hope you come back and we get to see more of you.

      Loads of Love, Anjali.

      1. adrian kraayeveld

        I felt very happy to simply feel the dance.


    5. Analuiza

      Dear all,

      I`m feeling grateful for have been meeting wonderful people like you in this joyful life! Heart still dancing and vibrations flowing.

      Thank you all and I love you all very much!
      Also hope to meet you all again.

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