Six Blooming Meditators @ Youth program in Oakville :-)

The first 6 in Youth Program - ThanksGiving

And actually .. we are more.

This is the first wave of testimonials after about 2 months with Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes catered for Youth/ young people from the regions of Mississauga, Halton (Burlington, Oakville, Milton), and Niagara (St Catharines and Niagara Falls). 

Nathan -17 (Oakville):

 Although I’ve only been practicing Sahaja yoga for a couple of weeks, I have already experienced its benefits. From school to extracurricular activities, the balance provided by continued meditation has helped me handle my levels of stress and concentrate on what I need to do. When I first started the program I was a tad skeptical. I had never tried any sort of meditation before and didn’t think I’d be able to feel any difference within me. This all changed when I began to meditate. For the first time in a while I was able to fully relax and feel an overwhelming sense of tranquility. The best thing about Sahaja yoga is that there is no such thing as “blind faith”, everything you learn about you can actually feel.
It’s surprisingly real. Meditation through Sahaja yoga has not only allowed me to gain a new perspective of myself but also the world around me.
It goes without saying that becoming a yogi was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Namaste, Nathan

Shirin -16 (Mississauga):

The youth program has been great. 

Sahaja yoga in general has helped me in various aspects of my life such
as dealing with anxiety, concentrating on work and being more aware. It’s helped
me cope with depression and bad mood. Whenever I come into the program, I sense
connectivity and togetherness and that makes me feel welcomed and joyous. So
far, the program has brought young and bright seekers who deal with some of the
same things I do. I hope to learn a lot more about people and Sahaja yoga.

Shulin -16 (Burlington):

Youth program
Is the most delightful time of the week.
Pure pure pure vibrations 
So much JOY and LOVE
We learn we ascent we are together as the young force and the future of sahaja yoga.
It’s just AMAZING 
I can manage my attention so much better in school now 
And I just have amazing meditations in youth program even when I’m at home 
I’m looking forward to the “collective morning meditation” and bring more youth to our family.

Sam -21 (Burlington):

My journey in meditation hasn’t been a long one (four or five months, now) but I have enjoyed it every step of the way.
Particularly, I have found the Youth Program to be an especially helpful form of growth for me in that journey. The information I have gained from the youth program has been wonderfully helpful to me; everything from the answers to various questions, to prompts to writing down my experiences in a meditation journal, to even the repetition of information I already was aware of, allowing me to pick up bits of information I may have missed before. But the best part, really, is that it’s done collectively, though we receive help from the wonderful experienced Yogis there, we also help each other and answer each others questions when possible, it’s a very collective and beautiful thing and I enjoy that aspect very much.
As someone who never enjoyed the company of teenagers growing up, the seekers in the youth program have certainly proved my previous opinions wrong, and I’m very glad that they have; it’s wonderful to see mature teens and young adults genuinely interested in their personal growth and well being. I love getting to know the others better, new and old and learning about the wonderful talents and interests they possess. We have several projects on the go right now, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out and what amazing things we’ll come up with along the way.
 All in all, I love being in the comforting and welcoming company in the youth program and each class just makes me more excited for the next week! I love the friends I have made there so far, and I can’t wait to make more in the future, as more seekers join us.

Sahaj -22 (Niagara Falls):

If we notice the origin of the river, it is always a small stream which is very vibrant and recedes a lot of potential energy. On the way to meet the sea, it grows; grows within to widen its volume passes different phases but most important is its maturity where it gives away its recklessness and finds that it had to lead its path by itself without any paternal indulgences. How beautiful is the emotion of being independent same as the bird that learns to fly for first time ever!
Independence is the bestest and awsomest privilege that one can get at the age of being young but what if the same independence dilutes the integrity of being a human?
I, you and all do ask for peace, chastity but how can it be cherished and nourished if it does not exit within each of us because I, you and we all together are the cells-molecules-the element-the essence of this creation.
Growing up is always been fun it triggered my curiosity more and more and more about things, people, places but then I felt wait a minute all the answers are within me. The discovery of my own being and the power that created everything is interesting of all may be that’s why it is called as self-enlightenment.
In the Sahaja Yoga Meditation-Youth classes I could identify lot of subtle similarities and the same wavelength of energy in the behaviors and attitudes and have a very strong feeling that this would create something magnificent, something beautiful, something diverse yet universal so that I could grow much deeper and wider to meet that ocean of love.
My journey has begun!!!!!!
Hearts Baloons  -Cabella

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  1. Ana Bianca

    So proud of you all, wish I could join you more often. It looks like I’m really missing out!

  2. Anjali

    wow..I’m so amazed by everyone’s testimonials and they seem to deep and grounded. We normally don’t hear youth talk in such sensible ways as there are so many distractions and challenges that keep them away from their ownselves. I’m very proud of you all. I hear so many good things about each of you from time to time and I really hope I can make it one day to the program and meet you.

  3. Tracy

    Reading these testimonials is a true “treat” on this day of Halloween here in the USA!!! May all of you blossom and enjoy all the truth and beauty of your inner light with Sahaja Yoga meditation. Love, Tracy

  4. paula

    I can feel the sincerity of these deep, wonderful, young souls that have prospered spiritually from De-Stressing Meditation classes geared to teens, tweens, young adults. Their letters prove to everyone that youths can be completely connected and grow beautifully from inside to out and be pro-active, positive advocates for the transformative power of meditation. Everyone out there, if you are a parent, a teacher, a mentor, and you want young people to feel like they belong in this world, that they are connected to nature, connected to each other, may I humbly suggest they visit the youth de-stress meditation program in Oakville open free to all from every community. Also, if you want the youth in your community to experience this simple, wonderful “thoughtless awareness” method of meditation, please contact us. These classes are free of charge, but the results are priceless! How much value can you put on optimum mental health and tools to cope with stress for today’s youth and adults? Couldn’t we all use a viable tool box for coping with stress that can be tapped anywhere and anytime?
    The beauty of this meditation is, you are your own scientist, experimenting with the truth of your own being. With just a few guided sessions, one can feel the “proof” of the existence of this nurturing energy as sensations in the hands or a cool breeze flowing above the head. It happened to me five years ago, and my life is richer and happier with this self-knowledge in my life. Namaste.

  5. Brenda

    There is a beam of light that seems to shine through the youth that are evolving in this group and that is truly inspirational for anyone of any age.
    Best wishes for a continued happy and wonderful journey…

  6. Shashidhar

    A real treat to read about such wonderful experiences – a festival of lights indeed!

  7. Kathleen

    Coming to the Youth program has been a tremendous joy. These beautiful young people are full of enthusiasm and genuine attentiveness that is so admirable. They are such great seekers, asking a lot of questions that usually we have to stay later than scheduled because nobody wants to leave and the room just emits pure vibrations. I am learning more about Sahaja Yoga and my subtle system since i attended this class. I am looking forward of more seekers coming to the class and join the family.

  8. Kruti

    I was amazed how sensible these youths are about finding out the truth about themselves. They sure have a good start and a great journey ahead of them. So proud of you guys. Bravo!


    Sahaja Yoga deschide perspective nebanuite despre cum ar putea arata viitorul omenirii.
    Iar tinerii cu entuziasmul, inocenta si deschiderea lor pentru spiritualitate ar putea face ca acest viitor sa fie din ce in ce mai mult aici si acum. Succes!

  10. Mohinder Sidana

    These youth are the vital forces in Sahaja yoga. May divine power give them strength to spread the Sahaja Yoga in the World and bring peace and happiness in this World

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