Wendy – Life is a Carnival

I am originally for Chile but established in Canada. I have participated in Sahaja Yoga meetings for many years and my experience has been very positive in every single way.

Flower from Carmen’s garden — sister yogini from BC (Vancouver Island)

Wendy – Life is a Carnival

Sahaja yoga has taught me and helped me to grow spiritually, to be a more open person, spontaneous and more collective in the group.
I have learnt that is really important to accept things -patiently- as they are. I have learnt how to meditate and to appreciate the silence, along with all the benefits that come with it, like keeping silent the mind, being relaxed and to stay in present moment.

Wendy – enjoying with Yoginis from Halton area – Burlington class 2020

One of the main lessons is to recognize ourselves as a Spirit, therefore we make decisions and express ourselves sincerely from the Heart, rejecting the Ego.

Sahaj Impromptu Breakfast in July 2017 at Norma’s Top in Burlington ** Wendy is IN too 🙂

The Sahaja Yogis are a lovely, open and genuine group of people, this allows us to express our feelings, open our hearts and share our ideas with confidence.

Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, was a well educated and very intelligent woman (she was a physician). All of her talks and speeches she offered all around the world are very interesting and are full of wisdom.

I recommend everyone, no matter the stage of your life you’re in, to attend some of the Sahaja Yoga sessions.

Wendy – from Burlington (Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Family)

(video) La Vida Es un Carnaval Celia Cruz and Yogis of Halton


Yogis Dancing Salsa during the “Sahaj Latin-Indian Fiesta in the Plaza” event organized by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation team in downtown Oakville in partnership with the Oakville Organic Market Farm (2009)

(click!) Sinuhe – My experience in Mexico with meditation and the transformation it started in my life

(click!) Kavita – I was lost and now I’m found

Amanda Philip Carmela –  Three Cups filled with Optimism (Video-Testimonials)

(click!) Amanda Philip Carmela – Three Cups filled with Optimism (Video-Testimonials)

Wendy with her friend Carmela — both started Sahaja Yoga in Burlington ** here during Canada Culture Days when the City supported an all day artistic + holistic event organized by Halton- Sahaja Yoga Meditation group.

Check also the following 5 min video testimonial

We hope you’ve enjoyed Wendy’s “Life is a Carnival” personal story. If you explored the links we’ve shared in this article and the video, pretty sure you’ve made few new yogi friends already! Drop a comment if you feel – they’ll be glad to hear from you :-).

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