Happy Marriages and Sahaja Yoga with Examples of 63 years of being together

There is an expression that finding your partner in marriage is like fishing: one never knows when and if ever the golden fish that fulfills heart’s desires will be found :-). The above image I had always loved and even it was a ‘snapshot’ at that time, for me is so perfectly symbolic because in a marriage each one has the individual journey rolling on, sort of independently, while the couple share their lives with each other and mirror their personal experiences in each other.

Today one friend, Navin, had reminded me that our most respected Yoga Teacher, Shri Mataji,  is celebrating her Wedding Anniversary with her husband for 63 years, Sir CP. I find that a beautiful way to pay respect to this special ocassion is reminding ourselves about the powerful yet subtle influence of Meditation & Connection (through the awakening of Kundalini energy through sahaja yoga practise) in our day to day life, including in our family lives. There is a sweet example of how Sahaja Yoga Meditation can help or at least be best friend to our marriage, provided by the short and delightful testimonials coming from Paula that is practising meditation in Burlington. Just search for Paula on the Halton website and you’ll discover sincere and refreshing stories!

Below is a beautiful Wedding Anniversary Felicitation Card coming from Navin with a beautiful example of  a Thank you letter from the husband to his beloved wife. Click on the Card so you can see clearly the words as this talk of Sir CP is quite a beautiful read. Let’s Enjoy and reflect on such a majestic example of Happy Marriage.

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  1. Smita Joshi

    Thank you Maa

  2. Jasmin,Jasmine,Siddhi,Ramesh,Gita,Punit



  3. Elsie

    A beautiful tribute by a husband to his wife. He shows her respect, admiration and gives thanks for the effort she put into making his life comfortable.

    Two lives with different perspectives, yet coming together to share and make a happy life. Although it seems so simple, the contribution that Shri Mataji has made to the world took a great deal of time. Yet she found the time to contribute to her family. The smiles on both their faces radiates joy.

  4. heidi

    this is very nice i feel good vibrationbs i love the photo of when the were first maried love heidi

  5. Debbie

    This earth has been blessed with Shri Mataji’s presence. We are so thankful for the beautiful gift she has given us. Best wishes for many more to come Dear Mother.

    Lots of love always.

  6. Caio Sakamoto Camargo

    Thanks for everything and happy aniversary Shri Mataji and Sir CP Srivastava…

    Jai !!!

  7. C L Patel

    Our dearest Mother and Papaji! Happy Marriage being 63 years together. You are our ideals now and the times to come for ever. Your dearest sons and daughters.

  8. Kusum Chandok

    Happy anniversary! Thank you for all that you have taught us. We are truly blessesd. We should all continue to follow your path.

  9. Trideep Chowdhury

    Wish you both a very happy married life, dear Ma and Pa. Ma you are our hope, ideal and light for now and ever.

    Luv you now and always

    Trideep, Rumaa & Tanush

  10. Rabi

    A living chapter of 66 years of togetherness of our most holy Mother Shri Mataji and Sir CP has paved its glorious example with an inspirational message to the newer evolution transiting into the chapters of legends that shall get impressed into the pages of world history.

    World will remember them for times to comes….

    From oblivion their example will smile and extend their blessings to regulate newer Sunrise in generations to spring by helping navigate the humanity to a world of enlightenments.

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