(#2) R.A.I.N. with SunShine Tour: The Voice of France @ Dr. Frank Hayden High-School’s multicultural week


This was an amazing event with many layers of excitement. The Mayor of Burlington Rick Goldring surprised us all by arriving just before the event, so he and Yoann FreeJay chatted a bit.20160517_121359-2

Halton Insider reporter Shane Lansing interviewed Yoann Freejay about his “R.A.I.N. with SunShine”tour in support of Halton Sahaja Yoga meditation’s inner peace workshops that bring awareness on mental health issue and on the importance for one’s self realization, here in the Halton region. Yoann FreeJay answered the call of supporting Shulin Zhang’s launching of RAIN GLOBAL initiative.


The Mayor had addressed the assembly, at the invite of Shlin Zhang (grade 12, former student of Hayden secondary school) acknowledging the importance of meditation and introduced Yoann FreeJay as the great talent that he is :-).

Shulin at Hayden


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Peter, Ahilan — volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation;  Jeff and Yoann — artists from RAIN with SunShine Tour;  Shulin Zhang the co-founder of RAIN Global foundation (ThreeDotDash PeaceMaker 2016) ;  Mohinder, Ioana and Shivangna — volunteers from Sahaja Yoga meditation

Global Youth Peacemaker Shulin Zhang from R.A.I.N. GLOBAL had engaged the audience by introducing everyone to the concept of Global Personality; she led a collective meditation for Mother Earth and skilfully connected the themes of the school program to the the melodies prepared by the star of this event: Yoann FreeJay! There was a lot of media frenzy as the event was streamed on line!

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The students and the teachers from Dr. Frank Hayden secondary school were simply amazing!! There was also a special request from the main organizer within the school, Ms Constantin, to have Yoann Freejay and Shulin Zhang come to her French class and have a thorough meditation and inter-active experience. The students actually had prepared a song for Yoann!!!! It was fantastic!

Photo at French class with Ms Constantin and Yoann

Our Thanks go to dr Frank Hayden’s Principal, Ms Constantin and their amazing team of teachers and students, and to ALL school for that matter; as well to the heartfelt support coming from The Mayor of Burlington who had found time in his overly busy schedule to participate to our “R.A.I.N. with SunShine” Initiative in the month of May – that is Mental Health Awareness  Month. We also want to mention that ALL efforts were possible due to the incredible team of volunteers from Halton – Sahaja Yoga Meditation, and their new friend artists: Yoann FreeJay and Jeff Eager! Bravo and Thank You! Now we are ready for our Public Program in HALTON!

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(click) The Winner of “The Voice” Yoann FreeJay — Singing in the “R.A.I.N. with SunShine ” – May 19th,  OAKVILLE

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  1. cheryl

    so great that the school also utilized Yoann’s language skills to bring the experience and knowledge of self-realization into the french class. A wholesome, personal and multi-faceted learning experience for all!

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