Falling at the Feet of Her Love – dedication to my Yoga Teacher’s Birthday, with her own Words of Wisdom

“I was folding my hands before you because I knew it would little bit upset you, so I was just keeping it there, that your Mind should not be disturbed so much. In my palms, you see, very carefully I was catching your Heart to keep it there, so that you should not feel hurt. Because it was not harsh, but it was truth which was harsh. But still, in my palms I was holding it, carefully, so that you should not feel hurt about it . Twenty-four hours are not sufficient for me to love people. Now, I will be … years of age, I don’t think I have done justification to these years because I have not been able to love people as much as I wanted to. The flow is so great that my body suffers with that flow and sometimes I curse myself that why should I carry such load of love within myself.
It’s a very delicate work I have to do. You are already wounded people, because you have wounded yourself. Nobody has done this harm to you, you people have nicely wounded yourself, very nicely. Every way possible you have tried to hurt yourself. Now because of the hurt, the guilt is built-in and you are hurting others. It is as simple as that. So don’t hurt yourself, there is no need to hurt yourself.”

So today is a great day. Otherwise, for me also, I didn’t know that I’ll survive so many years to see this beautiful day. Because, after all, it was a very hard life, according to other standards. But what is most joy-giving to me was creating Sahaja Yogis and listening to them and talking to them. The way they were so sweet and so kind and so respectful. All this has helped me so much and I must thank you for that. With your support, with your help, with your understanding, I could achieve it. If I could achieve it on My own, I would never have asked for this help of yours. But you are just like my hands, you are just like my eyes. And I need you very much, because, without you, I cannot do it. It’s like channelizing. Unless and until you have channels, what’s the use of being .. anything? How will you channelize it? If there is electrical movement, you need channels. Otherwise, it is a static thing. In the same way, I felt always that I needed more and more channels. And when it worked out, I was really, really in a very great spirit.
So I thank you very much again for this day that has come. And I bless you from my heart that now You take over responsibility. You are a Sahaja Yogi, so you have responsibility also, to give Realisation (awaken Kundalini energy) to others. Don’t keep it to yourself! This has to be given to others. And you can explain, you can talk to them. You can really very well understand.  And you must give realizations to others. Otherwise you won’t feel complete. To feel complete you have to do that. May God bless you all! ( Talk on Self-Realization, India, 1973)

“Every other thing can be looked after, except for one – that you should be a perfect channel, a perfect Flute for my Lord to play that Tune of Love”.

It is for you to clear out all your seven holes (the 7 chakras).

It is for you to clear out your hollowness and

for you to be complete within yourself.

And He knows His job. He is The Artist.

But You are the instruments.

And the harmonious music from so many souls can fill the ears of these evil people and can penetrate into their heart and put Love into them and maybe that they themselves will give up their evil ways and

Fall At the Feet of LOVE“.

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  1. Shashidhar

    So many moving photographs refresh my memories of many blissful occassions with THE SOURCE AND EMBODIMENT OF PURE LOVE!

    Thank You Mother for your advent; Thank You Mother for letting me enjoy Your Divine Mission; Than You Mother for blessing me with the enlightening company of so many wonderful Yogis…

  2. saroj

    wonderful heartfelt ,full of vibrations

  3. Malti Menon

    Thank you mother for bearing all the pains and troubles of Life for the benefit of all. Thanks for showing us the light, love and peace. We, thank you mother again and again from our heart and we bow to you..

  4. adrian

    Shri Mataji’s quote… “you are already wounded people, because you have wounded yourself. Nobody has done this to harm to you, you people have nicely wounded yourself, very nicely… and… there is no need to hurt yourself”.

    Shri Mataji is clearly saying that no one outside of yourself has wounded you… you have merely done this to yourself. So now it is time to take responsibility for healing yourself, for helping yourself, by taking responsibility for making your own changes. You can do this though your own “self realization”… by being your own guru… by going deep within to discover the love you have to give to yourself and others.

    1. adrian

      Wow… I am saying this to myself.

      1. adrian

        Thank you Ioana.

      2. Saarthak

        Replace ‘you’ with ‘me’/’I’ 🙂

  5. ene garva

    Every time joyfull time ,when i receive yours letter ! And this special foto…Thank you!

  6. rajeev mehta

    Dear Ionna , Thanks for creating and sharing this lovely site. Wathing this beautiful message again and again………
    Shri Mataji is so humble in saying she needs our help, leaves me speechless.

  7. Carmen

    As I am reading the words of Shri Mataji I cannot beleive myself that She is thanking us. I do not have words to thank Her and She is thanking us? I just feel the need to bow and fall at Her feet.It is such a great Love.

    Thank you Shri Mataji again and again.


  8. Debbie

    We have to take responsibility for ourselves but at the same time, we can come to a realization and move within a positive direction – the key is there to turn the lock. Thanks very much Shri Mataji and Ioana for delivering this message to us.

    Lot of love always.

  9. armaity

    Thanks a lot Ioana for sharing this beautiful message. When you get your realization, you are at a “taking stage”, but we often forget that after a while, you have to be a “giver”, even though you may have to endure some amount of physical discomfort, which is ofcourse no where in comparison to what our beloved Mother has gone through in the past and has to continue to go through even now, unless and until we become Her proper channels by keeping our subtle system clean and clear by proper meditation and by spreading the Sahaja message of peace, love and hope to others by making them aware about something like this and more importantly by how we conduct our own lives !

  10. freget yoann

    We are SOOO lucky to have Shri Mother as Mother and Spiritual guide…

    What is unique about Her is that thorugh Her power of Love, She was abble to awaken the same Power in millions of people, always so gently, patiently, and, of course, benevolently, … to make everyone its OWN MASTER!…

    So that our the little lights that we are are ON, and could spread all over the world…

    Through Sahaja Yoga meditation, this Great ideal is no more a belief, but a complete reality, a daily experimentation, open to all…

    Thanks to Life to have made us human beings, so that at least we become Pure Spirit.


  11. paula erskine

    I so wish I had discovered Sahaja Yoga 20 years ago. 3 years ago, meditation gave me the God-given tools to navigate life and realize that love is all around us. If we are aware of the subtle,the fourth dimension, then we can have an inkling of the power of that love. It is the only real way to help anyone with their problems, which are illusions/drama created by our egos.
    When we are not blinded by the ego, it is so clearly there, the subtle energy expressed through vibrations. That internal, spiritual, GPS for finding oneself. As Shri Mataji has said, “what is so hard about forgiving someone?” We actually do nothing! We just free ourselves from the grudges that, over time, harm us, and we let love pour in, every pore, and thrive as a result. Thank you to Shri Mataji, for answering my questions, and infusing our lifetime with a great knowledge of the power we all have within. It has been a privilege to have you come to teach in our lifetime.

  12. Elizabeth

    Such wonderful pictures and words. Inspiring me to do more and help as many so God would have me. JSM

  13. Antoinette Wells

    Shri Mataji in Her white saree: the Guru! How many times did we see Her on stages at programs in various places around the world, introducing Her, translating Her: always a privilege… in awe and reveration for Her teachings and moved by Her words of Wisdom and Love.

    1. Ioana

      So true!

  14. Anjali

    Such wonderful soothing comforting talk from Shri Mataji. When I read it out loud toY mom and brother they both felt clearing in their left and centre heart. I felt goosebumps in my crown. Thank you for sharing this jewel.

  15. Sahaj

    Subtle nature of light is to enlighten the vicinity so should be the nature of an awakened soul.

  16. Colleen


  17. NITI

    Shri Mataji who is our spiritual teacher, who is artist of artist who with all her love turned all the sahaja yogis into a beautiful instrument of flute, so all the human beings enjoy the music of the supreme, as she mentioned that as humans we hurt ourselves badly With all the guilt, anger lust ,but with all her love she keeps repairing us and trying to make us a wonderful instrument of divine. Thanks Mother for your love and trust on us. Thanks Ioana..

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