Our Diwali Joy became Local News!

Let’s See, Feel and Enjoy How Our Diwali Joy became Local News

Poster from 2019 with the events offered by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team in the community.

Since we brought Sahaja Yoga Meditation to Halton area – almost 20 years ago, the pure desire to share its beauty with everyone is still beaming out like a Diwali candle. There is this bubbling joy that is meant to be unlocked within every person, that can also be experienced in collective gatherings when our subtle energies unite as One. Therefore, the inspiration guides our dynamic team of volunteers to create workshops where meditation and self-realization ‘happens’ in countless expressions.

As in the previous years, in 2023 ‘it happened’ to celebrate the traditional Diwali festival with people that know about it since childhood, as well with seekers of truth (and meditation) that discovered Diwali’s spiritual meaning (and Joy!) at our classes.

Therefore it essential for the good word to spread and be shared about such Joyful and transformative events, that Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network are offering in our community, always free of charge.

Somehow in 2023, the Sahaj Diwali Joy was well represented in the news! Check it out!

Enjoy some snippets from the articles published in the local newspapers that shared news about our Diwali events in Burlington. You might re-live the Joy that Diwali can bring in our community, especially through ‘sahaj events’.

It was nice to see that our events were well attended but also that their genuine warmth found a place in the local news.

You can find out more here about our Diwali programs here. The snippets are from this article (local online newspaper).

There was more, as we offered also a Cool Kids and Parents artsy program that week:

Snippet from the local newspaper that shared the free Diwali events that were offered by 100 Seeds of Joy initiative.

That “Diwali week-long” was actually shared with another important topic for the Canadian community (Remembrance Day), therefore, our team of volunteers have tried to make sure that both were presented and had our attention during our free weekly meditation classes.

Let’s remember that you can actually find us every week in the Halton community, and You can join our free classes and events, meet beautiful people and benefit from our spontaneous yoga and meditation workshops.

An excerpt from one of the articles published in the local news about Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team offering free Diwali workshops this year.

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Video-clip from our 10 Year Celebration of Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Burlington at the Art Gallery in Burlington in 2005 with The Mayor of Burlington.

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  1. Paula

    What joyful dynamism in our community. It gives one hope for oneness, permeating waves of peace, our love for our neighbours and the whole world. each event inspires, sprinkling the atmosphere with stardust and joy. It only takes a spark…and such a movement can ignite one’s inner light and pass that illuminating joy from person to person. It’s worth experiencing. See you there!

  2. Carmen

    I am in a perpetual admiration for the tremendous work that Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network is providing for your community! I hope that the light of your dedication and joy will encompass the whole Canada.

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