Day 6 & 7 – Montreal enjoys Anandita “When Rhythm Becomes Meditation”!


‘”When Rhythm Becomes Meditation”?!  It is real!!! ‘ says Diane, Montreal

DianeWe could experience it at the specialAnandita - Joy event with Anandita in Montreal. Love and joy is carried through every expression of her, while singing, dancing, talking, smiling, etc. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the program near you.  Diane

Meditation with Anandita

Andra rachelle-montreal2



Enjoy Photo-Album


Montreal’s Poster


More Photos, Stories and Videos

will come soon!

Ozlem Everyone wants to save this moment of Joy!_dsc0384

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  1. Carmen

    Your pictures speak for themselves, so much joy.


  2. Claudia

    The colours and smiles ~ Anandita really looks magical in her dance.

  3. rachelle

    Anandita’spassage in Montreal was sublime, a blessing and a bundle of joy! Thank you for the peace and the serenity you left us with, dear sister!

  4. Özlem Gibeau

    Another beautifull yogini left a seed in Montreal that will always bloom in our hearts.

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