CHECK: Dance & Music TOUR – “When Rhythm becomes Meditation’ with Anandita, Maestro from Colombia

The Tour is Back to Burlington with a Special Guest!!


It is Anandita’s 1st visit to Canada – intended to be a much needed relaxing vacation. However, her Canadian friends couldn’t resist not to share Anandita’s amazing treasure of talents with their  communities.

Advice: do not miss such special events that offer spiritually up-beat and visually stunning performances.

Below there is a List with Public Performances in Canada.

Anandita will offer free programs as well in Universities and various other community centres  with access restricted to the residents or association members.

Anandita had already 2 Interviews with popular Radio Shows from Montreal and more will come – so you might hear her songs also on radio!

Updated List of  ‘Anandita -Programs’ across Canada:

Burlington – Tuesday, Nov 24 @ Brant Hills Community Centre

** Report from Burlington program:  music & dance

Mississauga – Wednesday, Nov 25 @ Westdale Mall

Mississauga Thursday, Nov 26 @ Westdale Mall

** Report from Mall performances here: music & dance

Hamilton – Friday, Nov  27 @ Staircase Cafe Theater, 7 PM -9 PM * BIG PROGRAM

** Report from the Hamilton program here.

Ottawa Saturday, Nov.28- @ Main Library’s Auditorium, 3PM-5PM (Free Entrance – Open to Public)

** Report from Ottawa Program  will be posted soon!

Montreal – Sunday, Nov. 29, – @ Café Cactus, 1PM- 3PM
(Free Entrance – Open to Public)

Longueuil, Quebec – Monday, Nov. 30 @ 7PM; Address: 150 Grant street, Longueuil, Quebec; Contact: 514-996-1670, Map

** Report from Quebec Programs  will be posted soon!

WhitbyTuesday, Dec. 1 @ Public Library, 7:30 PM (Free Entrance -Open to Public)

** Report from Whitby Program  will be posted soon!

Oakville – Wednesday, Dec 2 – Performance (not open to Public)

Burlington – Wednesday, Dec 2 @ Brant Hills Community Centre, 7:30PM Special  Evening with Ahilan as Anandita’s Guest (Free Entrance – Open to Public).

Your Invitation is here.

** Report from Burlington Program  will be posted

Calgary -Saturday, December 5 @Falconridge Community Association, 7 PM (Free Entrance – Open to Public)

Calgary -Sunday, December 6 @ Crescent Heights Community Association, 2PM (Free Entrance – Open to Public)

** Report from Alberta Programs  will be posted

** check out this page for updates (remaining available time-slots)

Still Available:   Dec 9 (only the Evening remains open!)

Any representative of a group, community, organization, mass-media that is sincerely interested in  inviting Anandita – contact us.

Classical Indian Dance: Katak. Odissi. Bharatnatyam.

Music (vocal) : Bhajan, Qawalli.

For Video & More Info, visit Anandita’s official website.


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  1. Elsie

    What a great poster. – Rhythm Becomes Meditation Art and Spirituality. I’ve never heard this expressed but it’s perfect. She’s beautiful and exudes such energy. It would be a privilege to meet this lady.

  2. I would like to know where is ”cafe cactus” in Montreal, where Anandita present your perfomance and meditation. Thanks…

  3. I would like to know where is ”cafe cactus” in Montreal, where Anandita presnt his perfomance and meditation. Thanks

  4. paula erskine

    I attended the program in Burlington where Anandita was performing and it was unbelieveably powerful and beautiful! My mother’s husband was just dropping her off, he didn’t want to stay, but he did. During the 2 minute meditation, he began to feel blowing breeze coming out of his hands, he kept looking at his hands! After I asked him what he felt, and he said his hands were still blowing cool! The one person that was not into it, was totally amazed by his experience! Then when you feel that you are not your body or mind, you are more than that inside, you just feel joy! It’s like the proof you thought you could not get in this lifetime! And Anandita’s dancing was spectacular, I felt my kundalini rising up (energy we are born with) an filling my being with joy. And her voice was so incredible, I did not want her to stop singing, I was closing my eyes and just melting into bliss! Please if you can come or help bring friends to these wonderful free programs of dance, singing, joy and participation in dance, it is wonderful! Spread the joy and love, it is truly privilege to have Anandita perform in our country all the way from Columbia!

  5. adrian

    a very down to earth… and connected person… wonderful to meet.

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