TODAY! – Free Special Event with 2 Great Performers of Indian Classical Music & Dance – Anandita & Ahilan in Burlington -Wednesday, Dec 2


Where: Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Burlington Class

Our Special Guests:

Ahilan (Maestro of Tabla )

ahilan-playing-tabla-in-oakville-concert and  Anandita

(Great Singer & Dancer visiting from Colombia) anandita-joy-of-the-dance

These artists are graciously offering us this Special Event as part of the “Art and Spirituality – When Rhythm becomes Meditation”  Tour in Canada.

Both Ahilan and Anandita are practising Sahaja Yoga Meditation, Anandita since she was 7 and Ahilan started practising Sahaja Yoga few years back at our regular free meditation classes in Oakville .

What is beautiful and special about our special guests is that they can be in meditation while performing, in which case the Art that is displayed represents a Real Moment of Yoga = Connection.

Even more, through Sahaja Yoga Meditation we are able to perceive and feel the vibrations that are created during  and artistic performance, so Art & Spirituality become one and can be clearly felt as a joyful and nourishing energy that acts within our being.

Come & Enjoy!  Bring a Friend!

An Inter-active Special Event with Meditation, Music, Dance,  gentle Yoga workshop and Great company!

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