Meditation Marathon in Winnipeg with Burlington sahaja yoga instructor!

Winnnipeg Poster 2016

Our dear friend from Halton/Niagara/Barrie team of volunteer instructors is right now in Winnipeg! With the help of donations from those that know from their own experience how life changing sahaja yoga meditation is, Paula was able to rent halls and will welcome soon Manitoba’s seekers during the marathon of 4 free classes in February. See poster for details :-).  If you have friends in Winnipeg, let them know about this unique opportunity ! We (thank you Francois) will keep you up to date on  facebook. And Yes, Halton too is on facebook

(click) Feedback from “Winnipeg’s 2015 Meditation Marathon” Team 

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  1. Jos Boven

    Every time I receive your information-blog I am blessed with your joy and your vibrations. After a few years I have the impression to recognize some of you … and more and more I feel the urge to join you and, maybe, some day come to Canada to meet you and meditate together.

  2. paula

    I am sincerely moved by the multiple contributions shared to help seekers of truth in Winnipeg to attend classes and get their self-realization. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this happen! Our first class was full of great vibes from deep seekers, and they appreciated the small group so they could ask questions freely. I am looking forward to the next class in Winnepeg, Monday January 25th, and for those who want more class, everyone is welcome to come at 6:30. A few students expressed the desire for more time to let it flow. No one is late, or early, just come in at any point, and slip into a chair. Everyone is welcome and we will review at 7:30 to intro.

    Every class is different, and there are many materials to be shared, such as great music to get you thoughtless and help you feel the joy of meditation.

    Thanks again to all the amazing yogis who have helped make these classes happen. It really warms my heart.

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