Anandita in Major Canadian Press Release – Vibrant Echoes from Montreal’s Performance in Communivision Canada (Spanish & English)

Vibrant Montreal Article -translation to English by Claudia Solis, Burlington


Copyright Communivision CPN 2009.


* Experience of the presentation in Montreal of this artist from India, world star of music, tradition Hindu dance and Sahaja Yoga, who is touring Canada.

MONTREAL, Québec, (CPN News Service).—

Sunday, 1p.m, restaurant “El Cactus” in this very city. The idea of coming to a presentation of meditation and dance from India held in a salsa club was something special, out of the ordinary. How was it possible to connect a venue of passion with the spirituality of Sahaja Yoga ?

And so this marked the scene where Anandita Basu gave harmony and connection between two so apparently contradictory concepts through her magical presence. Not even in the midst of the scene (which for some, was a place of day-to-day and where stories constantly unfolded) and I could feel the strength of her presence. In between the vapors of freshly made tea, one could see her walk pensively , in total preparation.

Following the cordial introduction, she began with her first dance , dedicated to the joy of the discipline of Kathak. There were moments when she gave the impression of ascending and taking us with her only to bring us back firmly to ground with her powerful feet on the floor.

The first dance having been completed, she asked everyone to allow themselves a moment of meditation to “feel the art within” as spoken in her own words. It should be mentioned that amongst the public were children whose little voices filled the room and were the only sounds that could be heard when she spoke. The children also meditated. A simple meditation, but powerful, and according to Anandita, a life-changing one.

After the  song, a man shared an impressionable anecdote in the life of this marvellous goddess.

Having immigrated to Colombia with her husband, Anandita fell into a deep well of sadness as she was not easily able to integrate fully in her new setting due to language ( worth mentioning it is that she was already fluent in 5 languages which left the deception even more so because she up until this moment not able to communicate in spanish.).

Through meditation, she asked God/Goddess the divine, to help her learn this language so that she could share all the love she had within. The next morning, as she woke, spanish was flowing from her mouth, spontaneously.

It is known that this magnificent dancer shared her first dances at the age of 4 having received such talent from her mother Anjana Basu , the most prestigious singer of traditional Indian music.

The finale of this event was a collective dance of cumbia rhythm ( which Anandita danced as a true Colombian-born woman) and it was this rhythm which re-created the daily personality and feeling of this venue. “El Cactus” transformed once again into the artistic scene of a dance floor where people shared joyfully the precious gift of happiness.

It is now justified how such an event can unfold in a temple of passion and desire like “El Cactus” , because passion and spirituality are one in the same: divine energy that allows us to be and feel fully alive.

Thanks to Anandita Basu and the organizers of this enriching experience.


Enjoy Beautiful Photos & Feedback from Montreal performace here.

Original Press Release in Spanish here.

Special Thanks also to Rachelle Jeanty,  auteure-compositrice-interprète who is also practising Sahaja Yoga Meditation and who passionately promoted and helped to make a beautiful dream coming true: bringing Anandita Basu to Montreal with her special Public Program “When Rhythm becomes Meditation”.

We had obtained  the rights for the  English translation of the above article as courtosy of Francisco Ortiz Velaquez from Communivision; Francisco had proved to be an amazing supporter and facilitator for our Art & Spirituality Tour in Quebec, one that I can definitely name as a Friend for Art & Spirituality in Canada!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this gem of unexpected and so beautifully expressed feedback coming from Illyana Paolo Acosta from Montreal – even more, it came as a press realease from the Canadian media in Montreal.

After sending this press release to Claudia and asking her kindly for a translation in English, she replied asap with the translation and with the following sweet message that I feel to further share:

I loved reading this ! Sending you happy thoughts. Xo ~Claudia

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  1. Shashidhar

    I’ve always wondered why religion should be portrayed as having a ‘serious’ face. I saw the movie ‘Sister Act’ and stopped wondering!

    Kudos to Anandita for enabling Canadian seekers enjoy a profound divine experience through music and dance…

  2. paula erskine

    I think you really hit an important note Shashidhar! When Anandita performed in Burlington, and all the other places, it was positively joyful and interactive! At the end we all danced with her on stage, we were laughing, in the moment, in meditation, enjoying the present, because that is the beauty of life. We were so enjoying the present moment where we can experience truth,a true source of joy and our evolution! Where we are not bogged down by the past or senselessly worried about our future!

    Art and meditation go hand in hand, whether it be dance, painting, poetry, or creating anything. I think newcomers would be surprised and delighted to know that we have many events that make connections between many types of art and and how we can feel connected to our spirit while enjoying them. You get to know yourself, and the energy inside, and then the depth at which you can enjoy everything just overflows. When you realise that you were put on this earth to enjoy nature, your life, and art, you just gravitate towards joy.

  3. rachelle

    I am so happy to have been part of this. I saw the extent of the Power of the Goddess that lives within us; this tour unfolded miraculously, all kinds of help and devotion on the way. Thanks to people like Omar Alexis Ramos and Francisco Ortiz for their time, open heartedness and dedication to help make this happen.

  4. diane

    Anandita made us feel that Art and Meditation are linked through pure love. Thank you to all who were the instrument of her visit in Montreal. I wish there are videoclips we can share pf her performances.

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