(Brent & Paula) Feedback from “Winnipeg’s February Meditation Marathon” Team

Free meditation marathon offers a chance to slow down, decompress and reflect.” (Noah-CNC/Winnipeg)

From CNC “Community News” Article on Sahaja Yoga “Meditation Marathon in Winnipeg” (click!)How sahaja yoga meditation changed my life – it can do the same for you!to Paula’s 2nd feedback that is presented below.

Free meditation marathon offers a chance to slow down, decompress and reflect.

Paula’s Recollection of 2 classes in Winnipeg

 Hello everybody,

After yesterday’s program with Brent at St. Boniface, Brent greeted our two time attendee George once again. Already, George was in a “collective” spirit providing us with a mini speaker of his own to enhance our presentation. Little does he know, that Sahaj culture brings out that sense of helpfulness and generosity in a very pure way. I did share about my journey to find the key to happiness and the tools to cope with life’s roller coaster. This has been the answer to getting to know and maintain my higher self.

Doug the reporter from the Winnipeg Community news (who came after reading Ioana’s article-testimonial on CNC website) joined us today at St. Boniface Library after the program had started. I waved him in during the Shri Mataji video clip giving realization, and he simply took off his shoes unprompted and fell in to place picking up where we continued. Doug is a deep seeker, and enjoyed some one on one time with Brent shortly after the video. The room was very cool and calm.

I helped our group of 4 more participants, with Gauntam and Geraldine both attending for the second time as well and feeling wonderful. Geraldine let me know that the heat from her left hand had dissipated from her first class, indicating that the slight problem with her left channel had cleared. Today she felt the coolness in her palms and she said she will definitely be joining the Scarborough classes when her flight schedule brings her back to Ontario. A new lady enjoyed the music portions very much. It helped her to feel more thoughtless.

We cleared our left and right channels, we learned how to raise Kundalini energy ourselves through our central channel. We also cleared Vishuddhi chakra at the throat level and learned about the great qualities we have at this level. We watched two more video clips, research with Dr. Manocha and the powerful Inner Peace video created by yogis that have amazing vibrations. At least 3 of the 5 participants can continue to join us the rest of the week for the meditation marathon, without conflict of schedules. Gauntam has shared links for the program with friends. His smile says it all.

Before and after the program, I had very interesting encounters at Portage Place as I hoped to “bump” in to seekers somehow. Looking for the food court, I asked a girl who said she would take me there. We laughed, because I said I could smell food, but I didn’t know where it was coming from. She asked me where I was from and what was I doing there. “Well, actually….” and when she saw the poster for the program, she lit up like a Christmas tree. She was so excited. I encouraged her to invite people, and she said, “Oh, I know lots of people interested in this!” She took several posters, and I asked her what she was doing there? It turns out she works for an airline too! We laughed at this. We will be in touch, no doubt, in the near future.

After the wonderful vibrations of today’s program, I went to the Millenium library to put up posters for Sunday’s program there. The outside of the library has a makeshift digital flame, which we all know is so significant, lighting the flame of the spirit within is what we are starting to achieve in Winnipeg.

I went back to Portage Place to get some dinner. I heard a man playing the funky colored piano in Portage Place and I could feel his vibrations from the music. He was playing “send in the clowns” which I found left-sided, but I approached him as he played very well. I watched him for awhile and praised his talent. He said, “do you know who composed this song?” The name did not come to us, but he said, it was a man who had composed it from jail. We both felt that was very significant, he explained, probably, because he got removed from everything else, he was able to focus and create such a song.

I invited him to our free event and he said he wanted to come to the Millenium on Sunday because it was close. He said, “I am here, because, I am struggling, you know?” And I felt to tell him again, I feel his beautiful music, and I told him about Sahaja Yoga, how it unites all of us. We are one. He asked me if Shri Mataji had ever been in New York and did she do a program there? Was I part of this movement? Is it religious? To which I said, it is a movement, it is integrated, we are all one…and I let him know that it is free, and always free, because you cannot pay for it. It is inside of you. He said, “ok, I will come.” It was so lovely to encounter great seekers in the Winnipeg area. Looking forward to meeting and greeting more of you and the next two programs.

2nd Winnipeg Class from " February - Sahaja Yoga Meditation Marathon" - Paula and Brent- 2015
2nd Winnipeg Class from ” February – Sahaja Yoga Meditation Marathon” – Paula and Brent- 2015

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity.
with pure love, Paula

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    Amazing instruments ! Thank you for sharing and spreading this Divine love!!!

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    Thanks Paula for sharing your beautiful words filled with lots of love….could feel the vibrations!!!!

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    Thank you very much for sharing the experience and spearing the Devine love …..

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