(Canadian Story time!) Paula about sahaja yoga Meditation Marathon at Winnipeg’s Public Library

Library 1The Culmination point for a week of calling out to sunny Winnipeg’s seekers through social media, Winnipeg Community News *(click!) “How sahaja yoga meditation changed my life – it can do the same for you!” ), postering downtown, St. Boniface and word of mouth drew the most amount of seekers on Sunday at the Millenium library than all week. This is partially because those that started with us earlier in the week felt so good afterwards, they wanted to rejoin and enjoy the great family feeling and vibrations of the classes. Brent gave a brief introduction and we watched a short clip of the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation taking us on a brief but beautiful journey to awaken the Kundalini energy inside all of us. Our repeat participants had already noticed inner transformation in just two brief sessions during our meditation marathon and returned with enthusiasm and open hearts.

We listened to music composed specifically to harmonize with this new reality and turned our attention inward. We conducted chakra workshops to this enlightened music which filled the room with waves of calm. As Brent said goodbye and headed for Vancouver, we continued to explore the knowledge of our higher selves for a delightful afternoon of self-discovery.

I introduced Shri Mataji as a double nominee of the Noble Peace Prize. Along with Albert Einstein, she was one of twelve honored by the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and Science. I explained that Shri Mataji advised Gandhi on spiritual matters from a very young age, marched for the liberation of India for peace, attended medical school, healed many people and taught people how to connect themselves and heal themselves, always for free. Her teachings have revealed a new reality of how we can connect to our higher selves. Any true knowledge of the self cannot be bought and cannot be sold, therefore, this “all access decoding of self” must be “passed on” always for free, like one candle, lighting another.

Through Sahaja Yoga we achieve inner peace, which permeates on a collective level. We talked about the “reality” that Dr. Carl Gustav Jung had discovered; that there is indeed a collective consciousness that we can connect to. This collective connection continues to evolve mankind towards a higher awareness. Why do we wake up moments before we set our alarm clock in the morning? Why do we sometimes think of a song for no reason, turn on the radio, and it is playing? How do seemingly impossible Olympic records get broken when the limitations have finally been crossed by one? Why do we have “gut feelings” about certain things? How can we tune in this fascinating reality? When the phone rings, how do we know who is calling before answering? How can we navigate through the challenges of every day with “smooth sailing joy?” How can we improve and empower our selves as human beings as a result of being connected to the collective consciousness? If we are all connected to everything and everyone, how can we change our reality for the benevolence of all? We were about to find out…

Slowly everyone began to experience the subtle breeze in their hands and above their heads by the end of the day. Some reported that they felt specific tingling or heaviness in either the left or right hand indicating that not only had the kundalini energy risen along the central nervous system, it was already reporting the state of the subtle system like an eternal and pure “GPS.” We learned that sensations felt on the finger tips could be decoded. We learned to feel the specific chakra and cleared it together while learning about the qualities that activate and enrich our personalities beyond personal conditionings or the mind’s limits.

For example, through this “thoughtless awareness” guided meditation, we were able to clear and imbibe vibrations to our Vishuddhi chakra (at the throat level, find here more details). We all felt much cooler and calmer afterward.

New-Feb 20-s

We showed a few clips of the “everyday” yet amazing reality of how the “Inner Peace Mobile Team” has infiltrated communities through the simplest mode “on location” at schools, conferences, hospitals and corporations. In Ontario, we provided enlightened musical programs, enlightened concerts in schools, the beaming students and teachers participating in our well received “mainstream in 2015” approach to Sahaja Yoga meditation. Our binder was passed around full of appreciation letters from schools, hospitals, daycare centers, Burlington’s mayor, Canada Revenue Agency, and many corporations (30+programs in just this past year, and growing). This formula for success is presented in a subtle, “out of the box style,” appealing to the mainstream. We can all relate to need to experience more inner peace to cope with our active, challenging lives.

The key to maximum appeal of our programs continues to be our well produced documentary clips of actual student testimonials and inner transformations (we will share this clip in this article), Inner Peace Program documentaries, Dr. Ramesh Manocha’s interviews on Australian news revealing the benefits of meditation, interviews with ADHD children who showed marked improvements, and a few more presentations. These “testimonials” of real life inner transformation and letters of appreciation sparked an inquiry of a Winnipeg teacher wishing to present an inner peace program to his secondary school students in the near future. Yes, we can tailor a simple, fun dynamic, mainstream program for groups of all ages and backgrounds. Our formula for success has sparked positive feedback with more and more invitations through our websites and through the many classes held free around the world.

On Sunday, time flew by as I shared a simple public talk lecture of Shri Mataji talking to seekers in British Columbia in 1983. The magnitude and warmth of her personality was felt by all. Her compassion for human beings as seekers of truth and her ability to empower populations world-wide to achieve inner peace and transformation with this unique discovery was well received. “If we are one, who is the other?”

We talked about the significance of the seven notes of music and the seven chakras in the body. How some music appeals to the spirit in the way that it is composed and why. Many felt the immediate impact of the beautiful music from our videos that carried us into thoughtless bliss. The presentations fueled further discovery of the true path and meaning of our lives.

We talked about this ancient knowledge of truth and self that has been spoken about in many cultures world-wide. We revealed how certain realized souls that are really global personalities have moved nations through the power of peace and love such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” We recognized that the poems and art of William Blake, Michelangelo and several more have mass appeal because, in fact, they appeal to the human spirit that resides in the hearts of everyone.

Last Class

We learned how to do a bandhan which means protection, to protect our own energy and chakras and help us to raise our attention above the thoughts throughout our day to maintain that peaceful feeling. We learned that we share a mutual respect for nature and mother earth, and that putting our attention on nature can purify our awareness and help us to feel more connected.The Winnipeg sun and clear skies were a welcome sight. We talked about the innocence of a child, and how we can nurture the innocence in ourselves as adults.

We are fully connected to this energy as children, we can feel the cool breeze of connection coming out of the fontanelle bone (meaning fountain in Italian) of a baby before the soft bone of the scalp calcifies and forms our own ego and super-ego throughout our life experiences. But we can feel that connection, very simply again, by relaxing the thoughts and forgiving ourselves and everyone and pressing upon our fontanelle bone…to once again, to feel the cool, subtle breeze of connection. We let go of the past and surrender our worries about the future and feel the joy of the present moment expand. Through the present, we have access to unlimited happiness. If that isn’t enough, we learn how the language of vibrations can help us expand our joy. It makes us feel that our lives have purpose and meaning, and that we exist to enjoy this paradise on earth by connecting to it.

Sincere questions were asked at the Winnipeg afternoon of self-discovery as we meditated all afternoon fully conscious, thoughtlessly aware and connected. What does the number of times of a certain affirmation mean? Now I am feeling the cool breeze on my palms, I want to do this again, so what is next? I collected emails to help answer their specific questions and to connect them to our official websites that provide online courses (always free) and many interesting clips, talks, and information to uncover the higher self in each of them and empower them to become “superhuman” in their ability to cope with stress, challenges, negativity and above all, to feel permeating inner peace and joy from that connection within.

I will return soon as my flight attendant schedule permits me to open up the hearts and minds of Winnipeg seekers further through classes coming there soon! In the meantime, enjoy our online support through the specific Winnipeg e-mail dedicated to the meditation marathon participants and curious seekers with whom I had the pleasure to interact with this past week. We will be in touch and online, providing you with information to answer your questions about your own sahaja (meaning spontaneous, and born within) yoga (meaning union or connection) meditation journey at your own pace. Regina Manitoba classes have already begun, and we hope to lineup free “live classes” in Winnipeg soon. The quality of the seekers I have met this week both in class, in Portage Place, students at Stella’s Restaurant and airline personnel has been first rate. Until we meet again, we salute the light of the spirit in all of you.

— Paula (and the team of yogis ready to come to Winnipeg!)

Sahaja Yoginis from our team


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