(VIDEO – 2015) We are “IN” & FOR: Inner Peace Day .. Every Day!

(VIDEO)  Feedback : Inner Peace Day 2015 around the World – Watch for CANADA

The world day for inner peace -Shulin

(click!) Inspiring List with Inner Peace workshops in Canada (2014)

March 21st in the World & Canada: Connections 

–  (click)  first day of the astrological year
– (click – Earth Day the Sahaj Way) International Day of Forests (International)
– (click for Special on Martin Luther King and PEACE) International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination (International)
– (click for a sample poem) World Poetry Day (International)
– (click to see how we help everywhere!) World Down Syndrome Day (International)

Axinia candle world(click!) More than “News about Pope” from Rome

(click! Washington DC Mayor’s Proclamation:“March 21st is ..”

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