Photos of Innocence and Joy @ “Meditation with Henna Tattoos” ( Kite Festival)

Today we had a blast; our team from Halton Sahaja Yoga “Cool Kids Meditation” – Ioana, Paula and Kathleen (from left to right) – were busy like bees..

taking care of Burligton’s awesome kids, parents, grandparents, aunties, neighbors, and service providers that came to our community’s beloved Kite Festival.

Every child that wanted a “henna tattoo with meditation”, tried very seriously to meditate ..

boys or girls alike .. they all enjoyed the inner peace during our meditation .. as well their tattoos with organic henna..

and yes, they felt their inner peace and inner energy of Mother Earth!

We met wonderful people, many parents wanted to meditate first and foremost, and some grandparents that were visiting from abroad were so enthusiastic about how good they felt after our energy workshops that they invited us to join them back home .. ­čÖé

.. but then they couldn’t avoid to ask for a henna tattoo too!!! After all,  each one of us remains an innocent joyful child deep down inside the core of our heart .. and exactly this is what is revealed when we meditate .. the sahaj way!

Oh, and we received hugs and sweet compliments and thanks from the angels that visited our welcoming “Cool Kids” land .. they were so serene after meditation.. and extremely cute .. they had amazing face tattoos!!! By the end of the event we went by the booth of the lady who took care of this external beauty aspect to compliment her talent..

and we made new friends and we hope more collaborations will blossom from today’s delightful encounters.

The adults that received our workshops were surprised how come we knew exactly where their problems were, and how headaches dissipated in just few min of chakra workshop

; how come we knew exactly what /where to help with ?!.. I guess because we are yogis and this extra sense of vibratory awareness is fully awakened in us ..

and yes, we received compliments on how much joy we spread around..  “Such positive energy!!!” .. was the re-occurring “thank you theme” .. and we can say that WE are Thankful to be part of this wonderful event, everyone helped us from the moment we arrived at the centre, and the volunteers and organizers around, they had the right heart and right energy that made everything possible.

Make sure you’ll Check the Photo-album to discover the beauty that we’ve seen and felt all day long .. there so many more photo-joys that have to be shared!!

(CLICK for Photo-AlbumCool Kids “Henna Tattoo Meditation @ Kite Festival 2017- All Photos

We hope we’ve also triggered in our community  for the inner peaceful beauty to blossom a bit further , with our sahaja yoga meditation and chakra workshops.

See you all very soon, at our Cool Kids monthly event and special public program!

May Earth become a better place for all the children in the world!

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  1. Mohinder Sidana

    Feeling cool vibrations from pictures
    So beautiful

  2. Kruti

    Great henna tattoos! So glad to hear that the event was well received. Thank you for sharing the stories and the pictures.

  3. Colleen

    Amazing pictures!! Wish I could have been there, missed a good event. Looking forward to the next two Wednesdays at Brant Hills for the programs!!! Always great vibrations. Love and hugs to all!!

  4. Anjali

    I can feel the joy through this article…all the pictures brought a smile to my face too. Go team go. Missing you all.

  5. Payal

    Lovely pics…I can feel the joy too.
    Keep up this great work!!

  6. Tara

    The pictures give so much joy and vibrations

  7. Rakhee

    Great keep going, Shri Mataji is the doer & enjoyer too.

  8. Herbert

    You guys are really awesome. You bring smiles to everyone! Keep doing this, please. Hope I could see you soon

  9. Daniela

    Very beautiful photos! I felt so much joy as I was there. All of you are so beautiful.
    Good luck and go on!

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