Video Guided Meditation – Shri Mataji’s Birthday Celebration 2021 with New Yogis Experiences


1. UK Yogis Singing Welcoming of Shi Mataji with “Mata Meri”
2. Short videos about Shri Mataji’s life.


1. Intro to our “Presenters”: Gratiela, Kyla, Aldo and Kathleen.
2. “Mother of OneTree” song.
3. Shri Mataji talking about the Attention on One Tree & Who is Playing the Tune?!


Special Surprises & Impressions

1. Celebrating Shri Mataji’s Birthday WITH Shri Mataji
2. Last Special Bhajan
2. Live Feedback and Impressions


Watch more

Visit our Youtube Playlist where you can watch more than 30 VIDEOS (recorded online SYMN classes). The list keeps growing! Don’t forget to drop a comment with your impressions or experiences. 🙂

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  1. Rabi

    Great presentation. Such a fountain of joy. Thank you Ioana, the experiences you shared of yogis and kaleidoscope of music performance has truely uplifted all our state.

    Thank you so much for every post that we truely enjoyed.

  2. Sinuhé

    Dear sisters and brothers, this is such a great Birthday’s present for Shri Mataji! We can feel -and fortunately share with you and everyone- all the beautiful vibrations in this video, from images, music, and testimonials, of course. A small but profound sample of the deep transformation we can experience in our lives!

  3. Jolanta

    Thank you for this gift! I felt great vibrations throughout the program. Watching the videos of Kyla’s, Aldo’s, Kathleen’s, and Gratiella’s experiences was so enjoyable, and a great reminder of how amazingly this intelligent, all pervading energy works! Happy Birthday Shri Mataji!

  4. Paula

    This deep and beautiful program highlights the individual transformations of several seekers into glowing, living, breathing, thriving beings who upon receiving the gift of self realization, grew in their evolutionary status to higher beings.

    They provided their own personal journeys and proofs that not only is Sahaja Yoga the answer for all human transformation, they each experienced profoundly that Shri Mataji’s teachings continues to empower them and to pass this empowerment to thousands of others.

    It is above and beyond any teaching I have ever experienced in my life as well. Something very special this way comes. A gift for humanity that has been prophesied.

    So grateful that i discovered the answers I had been seeking for a lifetime. I watched myself and these beautiful people grow from simply a Seeker of truth to becoming their own master…and passing on the access to these powers to many other people.

    It is a key that requires an ignition point, a triggering of the awakening of that sacred power within. But that is just the beginning of the blessings. After we touch the unlimited state of yoga, it expands our capacity, talents and mental limitations. We become connected to the unlimited all pervading power of the universe.

    It’s here to stay and evolve us, and of course it is up to us to break away from our limited selves. Even if you are just curious, one can simply experiment with truth with this scientific method. Why not find out what we all experienced and enjoy daily? This is it. Namaste everyone.

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