Woodstock welcomes Sahaja Yoga Meditation @ Oxford Auditorium (Health & Spiritual Wellness Fair)

Sahaja Yoga Booth at Woodstock - Minigroup Meditation workshop


Sahaja Yoga provided chakra workshops during the entire event; a good omen was when a lovely lady (vendor at the fair), came by during the set-up of our booth, offering us four heart-shaped cushions to sit on during our meditation sessions. We had met wonderful people, many vendors were keen into spirituality and came to relax and for enlightenment to our booth; we had few persons that tried meditation with us in 2 consecutive workshops! others that stayed for 1 hour eager to learn more; many thought .. they cannot let go of  their thoughts and were surprised that this meditation method actually works! Welcome to a clear mind and a (en)lighted heart! Children, teens, youth, parents, couples, such a diversity of seekers we’ve encountered and we’ve had been given the chance to offer them a truly unique experience.

Cool Kids session with Kathleen

 Tears were shed, pains / tensions released, lightness, joy, calmness, thoughtless awareness, kundalini energy’s awakening were all genuinely experienced. On top of everything, within our yogis team we had a real blast in keeping each other company for a full day! Sadly our yogi brothers Michael and Mohinder from Brampton are not in the “Yogi Family photo” captured below

Our Shakti Team at Woodstock Fair
Our “Shakti Team” at Woodstock Fair (left to right): Isabelle from Milton, Sam from Burlington, Claudia (Oakville), Gratiela, Shulin, , Kathleen (all from Burlington), Ana Bianca (London), Ioana (Burlington), Hanna (London), Holly, Colleen and Paula (all from Burlington) – came to Woodstock to meet The Seekers!

Sahaja Yoga Meditation had been invited to participate on February 1st to the Health & Spiritual Wellness Fair in Woodstock at Oxford Auditorium. It was the 1st time when we’ve been to Woodstock and we were impressed by the great support received from the organizing team led by Suzy. Enjoy few more recollections & photos from this event.

Meditation on the Heart Chakra

Shulin’s Recollection:

The set up was amazing! We also had  a bunch of very comfortable hand made cousins offered by a lady from another booth. People kept on coming to our station to experience the meditation and everyone left with a big smile 🙂 even though it was a very snowy day we had people almost none stop. There was a lady who has also gone to one of the Sahaja Yoga Inner Peace workshop in  Italy! The organizer wants us to go back in September!
It was a wonderful day 🙂

Paula’s Recollection:

I arrived with Gratiela on the afternoon shift of the Woodstock health fair. Mohinder kindly invited a lovely lady who shares healthy recipes online. I gave her a chakra workshop and took her through a mini meditation where she asked to get her own self-realization. She had felt some pressure in her palms indicating that kundalini had started to work out blockages in her subtle system. As I told her afterward, I had noticed that she was a bit right sided, a “go go go” type of personality, and she nodded in agreement. I also shared a few tips how she can bring herself back in to balance.

The second girl, Wendy, mentioned she was just getting in to “this stuff.” I asked her how she felt afterward. She said  long drawn out “wooooooow…” she was in awe. She said that she felt a cool breeze on her palms for a very long time. She felt at times some sensations on her left fingers, as I had mentioned I had also tried to clear the left side out too. She was very interested and excited to receive the pure knowledge, that does not come from books, as kundalini rose along her central nervous system and began purifying her chakras. Like myself, when I got my self-realization, I had no prior knowledge, yet the experience was verifiable and strong. Wendy lives in Woodstock, but works in Kitchener, and looks forward to attending our Kitchener classes.
There were tons of Sahaj volunteers, giving workshops and sharing pure knowledge about ones’ ascent through the present moments. They were all like lit candles, spreading the light of the spirit, from one realized soul to each seeker of truth. Sahaja Yoga Volunteers travelled happily from Scarborough, Milton, Burlington and Mississauga to participate in the Health and Wellness fair in Woodstock. We hope to attract more seekers and impart this wonderful, transformative meditation that is so simple, yet extraordinary.”

Sam’s Recollection:

It’s always interesting and enjoyable to be in a new place and feel the vibrations of the people and location. Actually the vibrations in Woodstock were beautiful and despite the lack of a turn out for the event as a whole, the people that came around seemed interested and happy to be there and with us. I enjoyed the time we spent with each other as a family and I was more than happy to be there. I hope we were able to touch a few lives that day and really show them what Sahaja Yoga was about.

Holly’s Recollection:

It is always such an amazing growing collective experience with these programs. Just as Shri Mataji talks about giving self realization to others and how it benefits yourself in a way that changes you from the inside. In such a way that you see how important it is to be an instrument and you see how this is the way we are going to transform our world and family all over the world. You naturally release the “self” and go beyond you. Realizing that this is the real truth! This is why we are here! What we are chosen for! To bring peace and make the real difference for our Mother Earth!!!
Love Holly

Enjoy our Photo-ALBUM

Note: Businesses and entrepreneurs of Oxford County and other Ontario regions gathered in Woodstock at the Oxford Auditorium  to offer the community information and guidance related to holistic health and wellness for everyday life. The proceeds from Oxford Holistic Health & Wellness Fair went towards Naturopaths Without Borders, who assist around the globe and provide alternative medicine to those in need. Sahaja Yoga meditation will participate to the next fair scheduled in September 2015.

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  1. Colleen

    It was a very relaxing, peaceful day, I’m grateful I was a part of it.

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