Children LOVE to MEDITATE at the Halton Eco Festival

Children LOVE to MEDITATE at the Halton Eco Festival

“How Was It?” (Photos by Shulin and Story by Stephen)

Girl in Meditation @ Sahaja Yoga booth
Girl in Meditation @ Sahaja Yoga booth
High-school boys enjoyed a very peaceful sahaja yoga meditation in the morning @ Halton Eco festival 2014

Families tried also the awakening of the Kundalini energy felt above the crown chakra

Families tried also the awakening of the Kundalini energy felt above the crown chakra

Eco1 by Shulin

Eco 3-by Shulin
People had expressed a keen interest to find out more about sahaja yoga meditation at our booth

Many Children felt Peaceful, Joyful and Relaxed after Meditation

Eco5 by Shulin

Eco-6 by Shulin

Stephen from Oakville Class about his 1st participation to the Eco Festival

With continual dedication to our mother earth, it was with great love and appreciation the Halton-Niagara collective would be continuing its tradition of hosting a booth at the 2014 Eco Festival at the Glen Abbey Recreation Centre in Oakville on April 5th.  Sahaja yogis from across Halton helped complete the set up of our booth the evening before the free, one-day festival, and we had lots of chairs placed about to give Sahaja Yoga workshops to visitors for providing protection of their chakras and to also raise their Kundalini energy.

Fellow exhibitioners also came by to find out more about Sahaja Yoga and to receive a workshop.  In the tradition of becoming our own guru, Sahaja yogis connected with other exhibitioners and discovered more about Eco-spirituality and the sacred balance between us and mother earth; an important part of the oneness we all share.

We had many visitors to the booth, including family members who received a workshop at the same time, side-by-side.  It was very positive to see the sons & daughters encouraging their parents to join in.  Such is the spiritual awakening that is happening in our young people these days.  We provided lots of information to visitors about what Sahaja Yoga was all about, and invited them to attend one of our weekly meditation classes.  It was simply a great day for everyone involved at the Eco-Festival, and the Halton-Niagara collective reached out to so many people with the possibility of each and every one of them achieving their self-realization.

Sincerely, Stephen

Eco-4 By Shulin

Our conclusion after participating to the 2014 Halton Eco festival: “Sahaja Yoga meditation is for everyone of any age!” and Yes, Children LOVE to MEDITATE when they learn it from sahaja yogis

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  1. letitia

    Ce bucurie ca continuati cu ziua pacii.Jai Shri Mataji!

  2. Elsie Kuly

    How sweet to see the young children meditating. I would dearly like to bring my 9 year old granddaughter to learn to meditate. She is a special child and my friends and I became aware of that early on.
    In Sr. kindergarten she would bring children who were alone into the group of friends she had. In Grade 1 there were handicapped kids and she also would go to them and befriend them. This continued into Grade 3 where there was an autistic child. Parents of these kids were grateful. Grade 3 teacher commented on her compassion.
    I know she would benefit from meditation and being with like minded gentle children. I do hope later on that I can bring her (and her 5 year old sister). Thanks to Ioana for organizing this children’s group.

  3. Claudia

    This is so wonderful such events are including the children as well. They definelty can benefit from regular meditation at home and school. Thanks for making these available for children in the community.

  4. Shulin

    It’s always amazing to see children been peaceful, still and enjoying meditation! It was a great day with lots of visitors who are concerned about the Mother Earth and interested to be “connected” with the mother earth through meditation :))

  5. Colleen

    Wonderful article Steven.

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