Letter from Shri Mataji to Sahaja Yogis – with poem by Armaity

Letter from Shri Mataji to Sahaja Yogis

Shri Mataji -Nature 2

My dear Sahaja Yogis,
I left you with a heavy heart and the silent sorrow in your expression made me feel helpless. How rich 
you are in your feelings! As if the sea of Love was rising and its every crest wept in your hearts. I could 
feel the tempest of my Kundalini. How can words express the sorrow which was witnessed by us in Silence.
The three months passed away so fast. The only records of all the eventful moments is the deep 
feeling of gratitude for all of you who did so much to acquire a place for Sahaja Yoga.
How much you worked day and night and in such a short time achieved your target.
This is the miracle of Sahaja Yoga working through you my beautiful dearest children.
You are not like other people who have gone away from the field of Kurukshetra [battlefield of 
mythological Bhagavad-Gita]. Some are not even yet born to take the load of the future building of Sahaja Yoga.
Your task is tremendous and worthy of great glory. May God bless you all.
All such adventures are to be treated like sports (Leela).
Your mettle will be judged and your power of love will be tested.
Do not get entangled in the webs of Maya (illusion) that reduces your shraddha (faith).
Please calm down and humble down yourself before the Lord.
Sharpness of language does not behove a Sahaja Yogi.
First, develop a sweet tongue and then try to clean your hearts,
Some people have a very clean heart but an excitable nature. Now with Sahaja Yoga, try to calm down your excitability.Bhajan (devotional/spiritual songs) singing will help you a lot.Bhakti (genuine devotion) will calm your hearts.After realization you all had lots of knowledge (Gyaan) about Kundalini and Sahaja Yoga but without bhakti you cannot achieve the Balance.
You have to get lost in bhakti. Bhakti enriches your feelings.
Try to feel the other Sahaja Yogis without criticizing them.
I am enjoying your beings..the beauty and glory that you are. I wish you all could do that and feel like a drop in the ocean of love thus becoming the ocean itself.
Bhakti will dissolve your angularities and impediments in the collective oneness.
I do not know how to thank you individually.
I will be writing to you later.
With all my blessings to self.
1-Shri Mataji 1978
Your Mother-Nirmala
Tribute to our beloved Mother
on the 3rd Mahasamadhi Day 
23rd February 2014. Poem by Armaity Bhabha.
Armaity also translated Shri Mataji’s letter from Hindi.

In Her Human Motherly Form

Asian Family

In Her Human Motherly Form
She took us all within
sheltered us like babies
cocooned in Her Love.
Cleansed us, washed us
of all our grime and dirt
accumulated and gathered
through life after life after life.
Polished us like diamonds

Diamands in Hands
chiseling out our facets
making us sparkle and shimmer
bearing all the time our pain.In Her Cosmic Form now
She resides within us all
our Hearts Her Home
our “Sahasraras” Her Abode.
The circle is now complete
the intermingling fully replete,
it is our sacred duty now
to spread the word to one and all.
The entire World now needs
to get apprised and cognized
that such a Complete Being
walked the earth between us
in not too long a distant past !

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  1. Nitin Jindal

    Thank you for the beautiful letter. Can you please provide the original (in Hindi, I believe) and the date of the same.

    1. Ioana

      Dear Nitin, we are currently trying to obtain the scanned copy of the letter. Let’s hope it is possible. See here at this link Shri Mataji’s historical letter for Canadian yogis and her handwriting: http://www.free-meditation.ca/archives/14027

      1. Nitin Jindal

        Jai Shri Mataji!

        I await eagerly the original. Also would be interesting to know how it has been ascertained that this is the last letter.

        Thanks again!

  2. srinivasarao

    A great Incarnation of Mother which we all are witnessed. we all are blessed by H.H.Mataji. we have to share her divine love in our society.

  3. Hernan and Ileana Murgueitio from Colombia, South America

    Thank you so much Ioana for sharing Mother’s letter with us. It’s so comforting to read it although no words can express our feelings, it’s just too much, but at the same time so good to have it.

    Thank you so much for all the subtle help you give us in your web site.

    Many Blessings!

  4. melissa

    Thankyou Armaity and Ioana.
    Just beautiful to read Mother’s words as if She were writing to us all just yesterday…
    love to all

  5. Viji Malaysia

    Thanks Ioana for sharing Mother’s letter with us. I sincerely hope that it will revive the energy of our Sahaj Sangha again. Thanks a lot.

  6. Mohinder Sidana

    Thanks Ioana for sharing
    may we spread mothers message in world
    and fulfill her wishes

  7. Hirma

    Thank you, Ioana!

    So lovely!

    Hirma (from Brazil)

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