“What Am I?!” – K’s Poem & Brazil’s Meditative Quartet (VIDEO)

” I AM” – Poem from Burlington Sahaja Yoga class

Seek me not; for I AM
the light of stars,
the gentle of rain,
every snowflake is my dance
Seek me not; for I AM
the tender hush of sunsets,
the grace and knowing of butterflies,
the Divinity of remembrance

Seek me not; for I AM
the birdsong of mornings bless,
the ebb and flow of tides,
the ALLness of One

Canadian Sahaja Yogis at National Seminar 2012 in Alberta -photo by Omar

Seek me not; for I AM
the breadth of silence,
the essence of the cosmos,
the majesty of BEing
Seek me not; as it is so
With joy,
K. 2012

Sahaja Yoga Quartet from Brasil (VIDEO!)

Dear Friends, all the photos above are from the amazing National Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seminar 2012, that happened in Alberta this year. Thank you Omar for your ‘visual poems’, not sure what else to say about your photos. Each one is a poem .. full of vibrations. The above quartet I had ‘discovered’ it recently .. and Loved it .. so Sahaj and so .. musical. This article is just a reminder of ALLnes in One as our dear K. from Burlington sahaja yoga meditation class had beautifully put it. Farewell dear Friends, See You All .. Around.

16 Responses to ““What Am I?!” – K’s Poem & Brazil’s Meditative Quartet (VIDEO)”

  1. adrian kraayeveld says:


  2. Chandra Sekhar says:

    Every single soul in this Universe, Divine SHE blessed them all,
    Every single heart in this Universe, Divine SHE hugged them all.

    Thank you, Ioana

  3. Howard Swinson says:

    The words warm my heart, Omar’s photo’s warm my heart, the Brasilian Video warms my heart. My cup runneth over with with warmth & joy!

  4. Anjali says:

    beautiful poem dear K – thank you for sharing with us and I hope that you will continue to share with us more of such pleasant words of truth and innate knowing, feeling and experiencing of this joy.

    what sweet quartet from our sisters from Brazil. Funny thing is over the weekend my mother and i were meditating to this song “ayi diwali” and some how it stayed with my heart so much that I found my self singing it quiet often – it was a real gift to have heard this version – just so beautiful.

  5. Debbie says:

    Thanks for sharing the poem and photos – so much beauty around us! The song just amazing…so soothing…I felt sparks within…

  6. Colleen Burgess says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

    Thank You

  7. Elisete da Costa Nunes says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful work. Sublime. The art brings us closer to the Divine!

  8. Avdhut says:

    The ‘Om Mane…’ mantra was made up by the shamanistic Tibetan bhuddists who revere the dalai llama.

    Some love and soothing voices here. Enjoyed hearing them.

  9. Rajendra Tosawar says:

    nice verse…
    thanks for sharing it.

  10. Es maravilloso ! de disfrutar del arte en todas sus expresiones ! VERSOS, CANTOS, PINTURAS, felicitaciones por toda su creatividad! JSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Elsie Kuly says:

    This wonderful group of women have beautiful voices and their sensitive music exemplifies that words are not necessary to be moved to another dimension. Music crosses all cultures. Music has no boundaries, especially music that comes from the heart and is listened to with an open mind and heart. The group does this so well. Thanks for allowing us to experience this.

  12. Elsie Kuly says:

    The poem is awesome. It’s a gentle reminder that God is all around us if we can open our hearts and minds.

    I’ve just reread the comment I made previously on this group. I don’t remember hearing it before. This time I felt such strong vibrations starting in my head and going through my body into my feet. I closed my eyes and hummed along. Beautiful voices, beautiful music. Thanks for sharing it again

  13. Sandra says:

    Let’s go to South America for meditation seminars and Sahaja Yoga activities. It always help us to understand ourselves (the Self) better, when we can witness it from another angle. And, you will enjoy nice weather, food treats and lots of Nirmal love from your local brothers and sisters.

  14. cheryl says:

    The music video of the Brazilian Quartet is outstanding. Thanks for sharing such admirable artistic beauty.

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  16. Paula says:

    this is one of my favourite pieces of music to meditate to…what a talented collaboration! and the harmony of sahaja yogi musicians from all different backgrounds coming together sings volumes! i can feel the music right to through my to my soul.

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