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Your Heart Matters – Do you have King Leo’s Heart Chakra or Romeo’s?

"So one has to understand that you are part and parcel of the Heart of the Universe.  One th

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Sharing our Inner Lights Festival 2018 (Photos, Videos, Impressions)

Festival of Inner Lights 2018 in Video Clips, Photos and Impressions  Feedback f

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The Dawning of The New Age (Poem from India and Music from Brazil, Ukraine and America)

[a poem dedicated by my dear friend Armaity - from India - to all women on International Women'

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Meditate and Distribute like an Enlightened Light

Meditate and Distribute the nectar of Self-Realization's Enlightened Light and Pure Love - Give ba

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(video) Replace Anger with Compassion: The Practice of Compassion – A Practical Understanding of Collectivity

Absorb the wisdom from the video - The Beauty and Power of Being Collective (reflected by this pho

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Incredible Feedback about “The Festival of Inner Lights” 2017

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation: "When I was small I told to my father that: The n

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