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Enjoy the Inner Lights Festival 2021 Video

This video (shared below) was recorded live on Dec 29, 2021 during the online transmission of this Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network event. We received requests to post it as soon as possible, therefore you have the raw version. We have tried to provide the video’s highlights, so check below. Hopefully, the following breakdown description will help point you towards some special moments. 🙂

Cookies baked by Ana-Bianca for the Cool Kids of Halton – Yes, they were tested and validated by Karan “Yes, I feel the LOVE!”.

No – we were not able to actually share those goodies during the festival. This year it was ONLINE only! Final note of advice: check also the last 10 seconds from the video for the live feedback and scroll down this article to see few slides from our presentation. Definitely it’s much cooler to hear the comments around them!! Back to the video then! 🙂

VIDEOThe Festival of Inner Lights 2021

Video’s Highlights in Breakdown Description

Advice: in between the highlights of the festival’s agenda, enjoy learning about Inner Lights with Shri Mataji, Lao Tzu and Carl Gustav Jung and see how “everything comes together”. As it was about our inner lights, you will get to know some of the yogis too, they will even sing Carols for you!!

Note: click on the timelines listed below. The video and will open exactly at that “chosen moment”. 🙂

1:37 Intro + Getting into the Inner Lights within (SAHAJ Wisdom + Cultural Connections)

21:00 Meditation for our Inner Lights with Shivangna and Ioana

45:13 Going Deeper into the Inner Lights (knowledge)

53:40 Balancing of Energy Channels with “INTEGRATION” quote and image + IRISH Story

1:02:27 Carl Gustav Jung connections

1:05:15 Inner Lights described by Shri Mataji

1:09:29 How is a SAHAJ Christmas Day?? (Shri Mataji explains and is singing Carols with Yogis)

1:18:52 Personal 2021 Christmas Miracle + William Blake’s Inner Light Connections

1:25:21 Collective Meditation for the World with Shri Mataji and Yogis

1:28:46 Romanian Traditional Carols sang by YOGI FAMILIES from Romania and Canada

** Great Thanks for the 2021 Caroling offered by Sturza and Tanasescu families. One can see how “we did it” in 2015.

A Few Slides with Wisdom from our “Festival of Inner Lights” Presentation

Definitely, our recommendation is to immerse into the video to “feel” the “living vibrations” shared by the Collective of participants to this live event. So, watch it in its entirety! Of course, feel free to share it – Spread the Light!

Note: the other Video Gift that was mentioned during the event will be ready tomorrow. It will be like being within the Holy Christmas again!

We can’t wait to share it with you!

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Please let us know what you enjoyed from this 2021 “Festival of Inner Lights” video /article with a comment on this article. It’s about time for You to share Your Inner Light with us 🙂

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  1. helen

    To make this available to all is terrific. The Highlights are so so helpful!!
    Thanks very much! So joyful!

  2. Kruti

    I was so fortunate to attend the seminar online despite the fact that I was kind of busy with few personal things and was amazed to feel the cool breeze from start to finish. The vibrations were so strong and powerful, that I felt like I was sitting in a Puja and Mother is right in front of me. With every slide shows/videos/meditation, I felt like I was like steel attracted to magnet. Such love and sincerity was flowing from the entire seminar, I have no words to describe it. Thank you dear ones for putting together such seminar to end 2021. Looking forward to the recording to experience this one more time.

  3. Anjali

    to add to Kruti’s comment because I and our “cool kids” were all together with Kruti in her house as well during this program. All 4 children sat so silently and were basking in vibrations. It was a morose day UNTIL this session. A spark of joy was ignited and our kundalinis were dancing. what a quick transition into peace and something to feel excited about – this togetherness and rock support of halton sahaj family combined with yogis from around the world that carry Shri Mataji’s love to make everything better again! Cool kids and I healed and comforted once again 🙂 – Thank you for this program. The recording will be part of my meditation once again for sure!

  4. Kathleen

    So thankful that I was able to attend this beautiful event The Festival of Lights, and able to watch it again from the recording. It is a wonderful way to start the New Year being reminded that we have to ignite that spark within us and spread the light with love. During the program I specially like the clearing of the channels and Agnya Chakra, the collective prayer to the world with Shri Mataji and enjoyed the Romanian Christmas carols! Also, to the loving sister yogi who made the creative heart cookies, not only I was able to benefit from it’s deliciousness, I felt the love from it’s vibes my spirit says thank you 🙂

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