Ukrainian Songs and Yogis’ Prayers for Peace in Ukraine

(A) Yoginis’ Prayer on Women’s Day Meditation for Peace in Ukraine and in the World

Let’s start with a prayer! There was an online meditation session on March 8th, 2022. Naturally, the session was dedicated to Women’s Day and titled “Strength in Compassion” by the volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network. The prayer takes only few minutes so let your heart join in! You can check the full-length program here.

(video #1) Spontaneous Prayer for the Women of Ukraine and their families

(B) Video-clips from the Canadian Meditation Program dedicated to Peace in Ukraine

As one can see from the quotes above, as Sahaja Yogis we feel compelled to volunteer in our communities and offer meditation sessions that help people attain inner peace, inner satisfaction and feel genuine love, understanding and compassion for each other. In fact, with sahaja yoga meditation practice, one feels transformed from within. The stupidity of our selfishness and ego-driven life becomes obvious to us and we easily let go of its toxic influence.

We’ve selected several video-clips from the online Sahaja Yoga Meditation program offered on March 19th, 2022 by the Canadian Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network. We had a special guest, Ekaterina from Montreal, who shared with us her story of becoming first a daughter of both Russia and Ukraine, then finding her home right here in Canada.

(video #2) Ekaterina is sharing her Story and sings in Ukrainian and Russian

(video #3) Lord’s Prayer in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian and Hindi

(video #4) Ekaterina’s Hallelujah and other 3 English Songs on guitar

One can enjoy the live recording (raw full video) of that online program here on our Youtube channel Sharevidya.

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We would love to know if you’ve enjoyed and if you’d like to participate in our next programs! 🙂 SYMN team.

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