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Meditation with Affirmations for Balancing Left/Right Energy Channels & Chakras – Connected to Para/Sympathetic Nervous System

Left & Right Energy Channels - Sanskrit: Ida & Pingala Nadis Medicine/Biology/Psyche Corr

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Brookville Public School’s HDBSC VIDEO on “Health & Wellness” 2nd Year Event (PHOTOS)

(check it out!) Halton District Board School  Video - Sahaja Yoga Meditation is "IN"Brookville - He

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How to Meditate at Home? Simple Meditation Step by Step (What to Do / What to Say / Positive Affirmations)

Intro to Sahaja Yoga Meditation: Who is Kundalini? Guided Meditation - Dialogue with Kundalini: -

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(video-clip) Must-watch NEW Ghostbusters!! Coolest Ad Clip Ever Seen .. or FELT! (prepare to be Surprised!)

Really enjoyed the "best free yoga meditation ad": (anti) Halloween style! Let's satisfy the appetit

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Sunday, September 21: “Be Happy with YourSelf” – Join & Experience the International Day of Peace with Paul & Colleen from AUSTRALIA (video)

 (18 min video) Colleen and Paul - Interviewed @ JOY's WORLD SHOW    (TVS Sydney, Australia -  l

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Teen’s IDEA about How to ‘Make a Change’ in Schools?! “Prepare to Be Amazed”- New Year’s Rezolution from Youth program

Prepare to be Amazed by Shulin from "Life De-Stress Program with Free Meditation Yoga for Yout

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