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The Divine Mechanism & Chemistry of Subtle Energy explained with Shri Ganesha’s Powers & Role – Who was The First Deity & Why?! In-Depth Lecture on Root Chakra’s Governor: Lord Ganesha!

Who was The First?! The Deity of Principle! "The first deity that was created by the Adi Shakti ('p

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What is Gnyana, the Real pure knowledge?! Answer with Nirvana from Heart & Brain

What is Gnyana? What is the Real Knowledge? "That's the Real knowledge is to know what is God. And i

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Ganesha’s Symbolism & Meditation on Einstein’s Magnanimity of Mind & Heart in Mars – Opening the Fountain of Bliss with Two Promises to Shri Ganesha

"In the cosmos, the star which is called as Mars, is Shri Ganesha."- Shri Mataji “A human being is

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How we measure Spirituality? Higher Personality & Essential Definitions on What is & What is not Kundalini & Self-Realisation

What is Kundalini  & What is Not Kundalini? Response with Essential Definitions & Clarifi

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The Protectors of Kundalini -What is Gudi Padwa New Year for Shalivahan Dynasty – The Seven Chakras with Subtle Connections between Psyche, Moon, Art, Advent of Mother and Thoughtless Awareness from Yoga Teacher with Music, Images & Ballet (Clair de Lune & Swan Lake with Great Chinese State Circus)

Shri Mataji: "Poetry is like Moonlight and when it falls upon any matter, it enhances the beauty and

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What is our Brain’s Geometry and its Divine Forces? Thought Process Explained by Einstein and Revealed by Yoga’s Principles

Explaining the Thoughts: Forming, Evolution, Substance, Chakras & Divine Principles & Subt

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