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What is Attention ?! Where is the Attention placed ?! Why NOT `Fix` our Attention in Meditation?! Monkey Business versus Masti Sahaja!

Attention - Quality, Place, Status, Definition (excerpt from a Talk on Attention, on 27/01/1977 duri

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Best Three Tips in Stories from Mark Williams: “Cracking Meditation or How to Meditate” & “The Good Thoughts of a Hundred Monkeys” & “Miracle of St Gabriel-Hanuman Mantra in Australian Desert”

We have started meditating on the Guru Principle and these three stories might give some insight on

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From Socrates to Jesus – Human Awareness Evolution & Connections: Abraham, Moses, Sharia Law, Mohammed to Goddess Athena OR Kundalini in Nabhi-Manipura Chakra

What is the Solution for Greece's Problems?! Imagine Socrates in Charge & Nabhi Chakra's Qualiti

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The Rock Within – Connections to Qualities of Chakras

The Rock of Innocence - Connection to Root Chakra (Mooladhara) & Lord Ganesha & Highest Thin

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The Divine Mechanism & Chemistry of Subtle Energy explained with Shri Ganesha’s Powers & Role – Who was The First Deity & Why?! In-Depth Lecture on Root Chakra’s Governor: Lord Ganesha!

Who was The First?! The Deity of Principle! "The first deity that was created by the Adi Shakti ('p

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What is Gnyana, the Real pure knowledge?! Answer with Nirvana from Heart & Brain

What is Gnyana? What is the Real Knowledge? "That's the Real knowledge is to know what is God. And i

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