What is Gnyana, the Real pure knowledge?! Answer with Nirvana from Heart & Brain

What is Gnyana? What is the Real Knowledge?

“That’s the Real knowledge is to know what is God. And if that is God then how can you suspect anything? How can you try to analyze anything? It’s God! It’s God Almighty. Which knows everything; which does everything; which enjoys everything. That is the one, we should say, is the ‘Gnyana’ (in Sanskrit), is the knowledge, is the true knowledge, the pure knowledge; it is not the knowledge of chakras; not the knowledge of vibrations; not the knowledge of Kundalini but the knowledge of God Almighty. And the knowledge of God Almighty is not mental. Again, I tell you, it starts from your heart and goes to your brain. Something that comes out of your experience of joy and covers your brain. So your brain cannot deny it any more. Like sometimes, when you have your mother, you know the love of your mother. You cannot explain, it comes from your heart and you say ‘No, that’s my mother, she won’t do like that. I know my mother very well.’

“The Knowledge about God – that He’s love, that He’s truth, that He knows everything – that just becomes part and parcel of your being; absolutely, and that’s the time we say is the Nirvana. So, it is important, especially for the people of the West:

Now, Open your Hearts!”

Because it starts from the Heart not from your brain!  Do not judge people; judge yourself, all the time. To know the knowledge, it’s God. And to know that you know God itself  is so great. It cannot be described in one book; it cannot be described in even hundred books. It cannot be described in words, but to know, that’s God. After all, that’s God. God Almighty.

And that gives you that Beautiful Surrender where you just feel Absolutely Secured in that Ocean of Love.” I wish you all to achieve that state. May God bless you.”

Confidence & Evolutionary Ascent

” It is within us and all of us can have that. Only thing is we have no confidence perhaps, that we go on avoiding it and go to cheaper things, like becoming devoted to something, doing some sort of a ritual, going to some sort of a holy place, all kinds of nonsense, which doesn’t give you the evolutionary ascent, by which you know the Knowledge, the pure Knowledge, the real Knowledge. So far, whatever you have known was written in the book, whatever your parents told you or whatever you have explored outside. But the knowledge which is the purest, which is the real Knowledge, which is the Gnyana, that you can only get through your ascent and establishing yourself properly in that state. If you go on denying it, you cannot get it. But everyone has the right to get it.”

The State of Great Knowledgeable Personality

“You need not be educated, you need not be a very simple person, you need not be very rich or poor, makes no difference, as long as you are a human being and a humble human being, thinking that you have to achieve that state. You all can get that state, which you know very well. And at that state you become absolutely knowledgeable, knowledgeable about yourself, knowledgeable about others, knowledgeable about everything that goes around. But this state must be maintained, and try to go above that state where you have no more doubts left in you. This is what Shri Krishna taught and this is what one has to achieve, but He, being a diplomat, He tried to tell you other stories: “Try this, try that, this, that.” But actually what He has praised is Gnyana Marg. Ours is a Gnyana Marg. That is the Knowledge, the path of Knowledge in which you have to know all the Knowledge. Unless and until you have the whole Knowledge, you are not yet a Gnyani, a person who knows. In this way, He has established that our evolutionary process has to come beyond all other human awareness. Other human awareness is of… no value for a spiritual personality. Now he knows something, say how many miles it is from here, say, to New York or what trains go there. All this knowledge is not real – how much this cloth will cost, how much this carpet will cost, in what shop you can get. All this knowledge is just useless, is not the real Knowledge. Such a person doesn’t know this kind of knowledge, but what he knows is the Knowledge about your being, Knowledge about the whole universe, which is not how many stars there are or how many universes there are. No – it is the subtle inner personality of everything, he knows. In that subtlety, he discovers so many new things which he may not even heard about and, thus, you reach a state of great knowledgeable personality. This is what we have to achieve. We are born as human beings and we know so many things already. People know so many things, but they don’t know the actual. This Knowledge doesn’t come through your reading or through your intellectual pursuit or for your emotional movement—No! It is ‘shashvat’: it is all the time there, it exists, it will exist. And it is just to be understood, just to be known to yourself what it is. It cannot change. It cannot be remoulded. It is what it is. And that is what you know now. Nobody would doubt that, because those who haven’t got this state, they may doubt, they may call you crazy, they may think anything, but with the open eyes, whatever you say is the Truth. In the same way, with the open heart and a open brain, when you know that, that is the real Truth and that is what is to be known. For that, according to Shri Krishna (the incarnation that opened the Vishuddhi chakra at the universal level), you have to go through various tests. One is: ‘You go on praying to Him.’ He says: ‘You go on praying to Me and if you give Me flowers, I’ll take. If you give Me water, I’ll take. Whatever you’ll give Me, I’ll take.’ He says clearly, but what will you gain out of that is very important. He doesn’t say: ‘If you give Me something, I’ll give you something.’ He doesn’t say that.

You get the Knowledge—Knowledge, the subtle Knowledge about everyone. You know about everyone, where are they missing the point. You know about yourself and about others. This Knowledge you get, not in the college or in the schools, but within yourself is the Ocean of Knowledge and, whichever way you want to see, whichever you want to achieve, is there, there present. That is what is the real Knowledge, what we call that you achieve through the the subtle Knowledge: Knowledge about Chakras.. Knowledge about the Universe. Everything you can get out of this. But then you get more interested in giving Knowledge to others. You don’t want to know so many things then. What is the need to know about banking, say, about who is the richest man in the whole world? All these things you don’t want to know. Your whole attitude changes and what you get is nothing but a kind of a tranquil mind, which knows everything that is to be known. That is what one has to achieve.”

Knowledge as Vibrations

“Gnyana means where you know. But that doesn’t mean you go on reading books, never. Gnyana means to know what you are. That means you have to be a Sahaja Yogi by which you know so many things through Vibrations.”

Gnyana doesn’t mean reading books. By reading books you ..(might) .. become more ignorant. So Gnyana means that you must know yourself. If you do not know yourself, you do not know anything. So it comes to that, you must get your self-realization. You must know your Self.”

Pure Knowledge: Comes from Self about Self – the Source for All (True)Religions

“If we understand that all the incarnations are coming from the same source through their inner Divinity enlightening them, then automatically we will know that there is a higher life than just blindly believing in some faith. Somehow they should know the basic principle that all religions are the same. They came in at different times and they had to work it out according to the times: Samayachar. Knowing the Self, Gnyana is higher than reasoning. Reasoning comes from ego, but absolute knowledge comes from Self. The leader should follow a spiritual life, enjoying his spiritual values and his Gnyana will grow more and more on his central nervous system.”

True Knowledge is Love – it is like Energy, Electricity and ultimately: Vibrations

“So see how connected they are. Vibrations which is love and also the other thing which you have to have is the knowledge, the pure knowledge, the true knowledge. We can say that pure knowledge and true knowledge is like the energy, like electricity. And the way you feel it, the way you understand it, it exists, that is love.
People don’t understand also what is the love, they get mad after someone and say that: “Mother, I think that I’m in love with that person.” And after five days, they’ll come and say: “Mother, no, I won’t have anything to do with that person!” Why? Because you have not got the pure knowledge, you did not feel the pure knowledge in that person through your vibrations. Now, see how connected it is, like, you can say, the sun and the sunlight. What is the difference between the two? Sun is there, when sun comes, there is sunlight. So what is the difference? Or we can say the moon and the moonlight, what is the difference? There is no difference in these two things. One is the moon and another is the light. So all these things are very, very… confusing, but we don’t understand how confuse we are about it. And we don’t understand how our vibrations can mislead us. So, even now when we are realized souls, we should know what is encompassing us, which is around us, what is that which makes us feel that it’s alright, it is good, we should have it.”

“Once we start understanding that vibrations of pure knowledge are of a very different nature, then you are not attached to that person, you are not attached to that family, you are not attached to that country, nothing!

But what you feel is the Pure Vibrations coming to you.”

This article contains the teachings of the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The above are excerpts from various lectures of our beloved yoga master on various subtle aspects and energies of the chakras and the subtle system:  for instance the amazing lecture on  MahaShivaratri (Chianchiano, Italy, on 16/02/1991) as well the one on the divine incarnation of the Lord as Shri Krsihna, the lecture on 29/07/2001 at Canajoharie in U.S.A.)

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  1. adrian

    Dear Ioana

    Thankyou so much for the lovely article on “knowledge”… I feel as though I have seen that before… very synchronistic… very simple.


    1. adrian

      knowledge is love… truth

      with confidence…

      without attachment or ritual

      now listen to the “heart”

      … such simplicity.

      1. adrian

        Sat Chit Ananda

  2. armaity

    Thanks Ioana, this compilation is simply super. Puts everything in a proper perspective to share with the seekers seeking the truth.

  3. RBL Saini

    Dear,Thank you very much. You have put up great effort to bring picture of real knowledge. Thanks to our Great Mother.
    RBL Saini

  4. Priti

    Thanks for sharing wonderful articles. I became thoughtless after reading it, very powerful.

  5. Rabi

    Very refreshing and takes one to an inner journey to be within one self. A very soothing illustration and very articulated depictions of Tale-tell images. Thank you dear for teh wonderful article.

    1. Rabi

      Read once again. This time with a differnt angle. Found everything so new. The knowledge itself is so vast and we are just so little specs in that ocean of knowledge trying to fall in love with the subtle knolwedge.

      Thank you Ioana once again for bringing up this beautiful article once again to look into self and see the defects and missing points in inner seeking.

      Silence is bliss and so is the knowledge that cares and also loves us who desires for it.It says Çome and get it…it is all there for you’. Thank you Mother for bringing such a vast subject that is so soothing to meditate upon.

  6. ornella

    I didn’t had time to read everything but the source it self emit pure love and the photos are amazing
    thanks for sharing such important documents while reding is like
    “holding the infinity in one hand and the eternity in one hour”
    (W. Blake)

  7. Rajeev Gyani

    I did not even read the content but I felt as if every thing is within me. But somehow I could also feel that something is missing within me which can be regained ……….

    I bow at the LOTUS FEET of the Almighty – Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

  8. Kasthurie

    Thank you, so wonderful to have ‘Nirmal Vidya’ at our fingertips.

  9. medi

    Slowly, slowly
    I am realizing that all effort I made in my life
    And all my suffering was to obtain
    What I owned and had in my hands.

    Slowly, slowly
    I am becoming what I have always been

    Slowly, slowly
    I am waking up from a deep sleep.
    What ever true or false I went through was just a dream.
    I am realizing even the dreamer was a part of the dream.

    Slowly, slowly
    I am realizing nothing ever happened at all.

    Slowly, slowly
    My heart is telling me to die to be reborn as light.

    How could I say it other than that.
    Thanks – Ioana

  10. Rajendra Tosawar

    i bow entirly and solemnly..By ..GRACE we are able to get pure knowledge. thanks a lot

  11. Prakash S

    Superb. It is always refreshing to read Mother’s words combined with your beautiful pictures.

    Like the flowers open out when the Sunlight falls on it, similarly our brain opens out when we read all this.

    To me, while reading this, I felt this is meditation.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful postings.

  12. Arie/Adrian

    You can only believe what I say!
    Will you know when I am free!
    How do you, Know… Thy… Self?
    Do you listen?

  13. Jolanta

    Very helpful article. It is amazing that Shri Mataji’s words emit vibrations. Medi, I like your poem. Thank you Ioana and the website team.

  14. helen

    So very invigorating to be reading what Pure Knowledge really is. Very deep and profound.
    With joy I will read Shri Mataji’s words again a few times. The essence is so awakening.
    Thank you very much for the website.

  15. NITI

    Very nice article on the True knowledge, the Gyana which is nothing but to know thyself ,which is the message and foundation put by all the primordial masters,One of the very famous quote of Shri Socrates..To know thyself is the beginning
    Of wisdom. .Thanks Ioana for this amazing site of the true knowledge of Shri Nirmal vidya.

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