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Feeling that urge to grow ? Feeling the Smog within ? Yoga Day celebrated with Truthfulness and Reminder of Inner Beauty – A Meditative Essay about the Power of Love that Benefits the Whole World

"You go to develop your Inner Being with All Truthfulness to Your Self" "Before Realization thi

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New Beginnings Video and Enlightened Quotes about New Dimensions

“As I’ve told you before, that after Realization (the awakening of Kundalini energy)&n

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A School’s Thank you Letter to Sahaja Yoga Meditation Volunteers

We're sharing the Thank you Letter received last week from the School's teachers and students that

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Meditate and Distribute like an Enlightened Light

Meditate and Distribute the nectar of Self-Realization's Enlightened Light and Pure Love - Give ba

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Meditate with China’s Yangtze River and Learn about Tao from Lao Tzu, a Guru for Humanity

 Lao Tzu “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” 

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(short video + compilation) Everything About Stress: The Science behind Stress and Anti-Stress Solution

Questions and Answers -> Final Solution for Stress What is the Source of Stress? &

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