Online World Meditation Prayer for New Year 2023

Join on Dec 26th for the Online World Meditation Prayer for a Happy New Year in 2023

Check out poster, you can see some timelines and a high level agenda. 🙂

This is an annual event offered by the volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network from Halton region of Canada. Starting with 2022 we realized that we must have “sister programs”: one in person at our weekly regional classes, and a separate one online.

Thus, more can participate and enjoy, as well we can offer a wider diversity with each program’s distinct agenda. Each year “the Festival of Inner Lights” has a unique format, depending on our team’s inspiration. Definitely we will have a Guided Meditation that helps with one’s personal healing and connection, as well that serves a higher and wider (global) purpose. 

You will enjoy our surprises too! You will learn new things for sure and listen live to stories of personal enlightenment, as well connect through a Guided Meditation to Yogis from various countries, so our attention will move around the globe! We will also use Prayers from yogi‘s Nirvichara Samaddhi Connection to ask the Divine for a New Year of 2023 that unites and leads Humanity’s pathways towards a Global Awakening, what we call in Sahaja Yoga as an “en-masse Self-Realization“.

See the poster and the Zoom link prepared below as well some highlights from the previous ‘in-person’ events.

When and How to Join?

On Monday, December 26th:

@ 9 am (EST Toronto / New York time)

@ 2 pm UK

@ 7:30 pm India


Yes, from each of us to all Humanity, we can connect and be as one during the Meditation experienced with Sahaja Yoga Meditation method.

Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation explains the Inner Light:

“The light [in general] has innocence, but this [light] is innocent without knowledge.
But your light is innocent with knowledge.
We always think that the people who have got knowledge can never be innocent, can never be simple.
And the idea we have got about innocence is that an innocent person is always deceived, can be be-fooled – and can be always taken for granted.
But innocence is a power; it is a power which protects you, which gives you light of knowledge.

The program is in English but you might get an international feeling as we will have some special guests from Africa, Iran, Egypt, India, Ukraine and Canada. let’s say Good Bye to Year 2022 and Welcome Year 2023 together and in an enlightened way!

Also Have a Merry Christmas Everyone as we are sending you this invite precisely on Christmas Day!!

Christmas Seminar organized by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation in 2011 ; we offered this special Christmas Card to all participants. It was a beautiful event!

Seconds of sweet live flute music that brings the attention inside and takes us to a state of innocent Thoughtlessness. Try it!

How was the “Christmas Meditation Marathon” !? Check Melanie’s Feedback in the following Article:

(click!) Melanie’s REPORT & Shulin’s VIDEO: Dancing, Caroling, Miracle Sharing

Remember to Join on Dec 26 @ 9am EST Toronto time at our Special ONLINE “Festival of Inner Lights” program! Yes, you can share the Invite with Anyone ** this article + ZOOM LINK

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  1. Paula

    All the efforts made towards community and spreading inner peace from individuals to all beings on this shared earth bring like hearts together. We will never give up shining a light on sustainable action towards world peace. Hope you feel the love and inclusive family feeling for all. It’s always free and pure.

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