The Dawning of The New Age (Poem from India and Music from Brazil, Ukraine and America)

[a poem dedicated by my dear friend Armaity – from India – to all women on International Women’ Day …March 8th, 2018]

Let it remain not just a mandatory token
wishing all women a Happy Women’s day,
once in a year earmarked for them.

What purpose does it really serve
if the freedom they are bestowed with
is grudgingly granted under pressure
with set boundaries and limits
for matters which are trivial, useless and futile.

Unless the other half of humanity
sincerely believe in their hearts that
there should be equality among equals
it will precisely just remain that..
without much worth and meaningless at best.

Men and women are two wheels that equally support
the chariot of life that has to keep on moving,
the faster this recognition comes to those
who feels superior by birth to the other,
trying to justifiably subdue and suppress,
thoughts, feelings and actions of the other half
by using subtle control and otherwise…..

will be the dawning of the new age
when all women will be honored and given the due
they have rightfully earned for themselves
by their selfless and unconditional acts of love
in the past without any expectation of return,
but for the craving of some amount of  respect,
courtesy and appreciation from those they have served
out of the riches of fathomless and boundless love
they carried within their compassionate hearts !


“Firstly, through your meditation, in that state of meditation, you expand within yourself. You stay in the present. ” Shri Mataji

“The truth is that women are the potential power of every civilization and every country.

It is evident that women are the creators and the preservers of the entire humankind. This is the role which the almighty God has given, assigned to them.

Seeds cannot create anything by themselves. It is the Mother Earth which provides the flowers and the fruits and other bounties. Similarly, it is the woman who create the child, who nurtures the baby and eventually brings up the citizen of tomorrow.”

“Women must therefore rank with Mother Earth as the edifice of the entire humanity. Unfortunately, men have utilized muscle power to gain a dominating position over women. They have not recognized that women are complementary and equal, but not similar partners in human endeavors.

A society that does (not) recognize this fundamental truth and does not give to women their rightful role is not a civilized society.

Whether in the East or in the West, women have not been able to give a full manifestation of their greatness.

I am not suggesting at all that the only role of women in human society is that of the mother, the procreator and preserver of children, or that of a wife, or a sister.

Women have a full right to participate as equal partners in every aspect of life – social, cultural, educational, political, economical, administrative and the rest.

In order to prepare themselves for this all-pervading role, they must have the right to education in all branches of knowledge.”

(Excerpt from the transcript of Shri Mataji’s Speech at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, Sept 13, 1995)

The four Sahaja Yoginis from Brazil were adapting an Indian song 🙂 Enjoy the energy – the vibrations!

Anna Stefanova is an international opera singer and teacher that enjoys the practice (teaching too!) of Sahaja Yoga meditation :-). 

The vibrations of Mother Earth’s heartbeat can be felt in the drumming and singing of this group; this entire article is meant to transmit and remind everyone Shri Mataji’s message: “The truth is that women are the potential power of every civilization and every country… Whether in the East or in the West, women have not been able to give a full manifestation of their greatness.. ” yet, we all believe we will see it become Reality.. as it The Dawning of the New Age .. Thank you Armaity! Happy International Women’s Day 2018 everyone!

(click!) Bouquet of Wisdom on Women’s Real Powers

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  1. Tara

    Thank you for this bouquet of real flowers!

  2. Anjali Gandhi

    What an empowering article about the strength and responsibility of women. The videos are so strong and beautiful. Listened to them 2 times. Feel so blessed to be a woman and more so to be able to fully understand my role as a woman/Shakti. To all the amazing shaktis in my life, thank you for all your love and support. And to the Param Shakti – Primodial power and Mother earth- Ode to you in humility.

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