Celebrate Dante’s Mystic Rose as Subtle Yoga Christian Spirituality

Dante’s Mystic Rose as Subtle Yoga Christian Spirituality

September 4, 2021 – Bouquet from an auspicious wedding celebration

O splendour of God! by means of which I saw

The lofty triumph of the realm veracious,

Give me the power to say how it I saw!

There is a light above, which visible

Makes the Creator unto every creature,

Who only in beholding Him has peace,

 And it expands itself in circular form

To such extent, that its circumference

Would be too large a girdle for the sun.

Roses from Romania – such playfuleness we’ve witnessed between the Sun’s Rays and Casa Tudor’s Roses in June 2022

 The semblance of it is all made of rays

Reflected from the top of Primal Motion,

Which takes therefrom vitality and power.

 And as a hill in water at its base

Mirrors itself, as if to see its beauty

When affluent most in verdure and in flowers,

 So, ranged aloft all round about the light,

Mirrored I saw in more ranks than a thousand

All who above there have from us returned.

And if the lowest row collect within it

So great a light, how vast the amplitude

Is of this Rose in its extremest leaves!

My vision in the vastness and the height

Lost not itself, but comprehended all

The quantity and quality of that gladness.

Roses from our garden – they never look the same, always gifting away mystery while exuding freshness and fragrance through their subtle variety.

There near and far nor add nor take away;

For there where God immediately doth govern,

The natural law in naught is relevant.

Into the yellow of the Rose Eternal

Roses received on my birthday – further offered to Shri Mataji as they were too beautiful not to be taken closer to the Divine.

That spreads, and multiplies, and breathes an odour

Of praise unto the ever-vernal Sun,

As one who silent is and fain would speak,

Me Beatrice drew on, and said: “Behold

Of the white stoles how vast the convent is!

Behold how vast the circuit of our city!

Behold our seats so filled to overflowing,

That here henceforward are few people wanting!

 – Canto XXX, “Paradiso” by Dante, translated from Italian by Henry Longfellow

Same roses holding an unreal beauty.

Dante Alighieri’s Prophecies

“O human race, born to fly upward, wherefore at a little wind dost thou so fall?”

“Consider your origin. You were not formed to live like brutes but to follow virtue and knowledge.” 

 Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy

“The Guide and I into that hidden road Now entered, to return to the bright world;

And without care of having any rest We mounted up, he first and I the second,

Till I beheld through a round aperture Some of the beauteous things that Heaven doth bear;

Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars.”

Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy
Artwork by an artist inspired by sahaja yoga meditation practice.Another representation of the Heavens available to all through the enmasse Self-Realization offered by Shri Mataji Nirmal Devi.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these pieces of spiritual lyrics by Dante Alighieri. Shri Mataji talked about him as a realized soul – therefore he had been in a state of spontaneous connection (yoga) with the divine. As a poet, he was utterly inspired to share with us truths coming from the vast space of Divine Spirituality. Let’s realize Dante’s esoteric knowledge of chakras by understanding what type of Rose and from which specific realm of spirituality was offered to us by Dante?! Who is the Guide?! There are awakening answers in Shri Mataji’s quotes below. Let’s explore them!

Shri Mataji about Dante’s Rose as ‘Sahasrara Chakra’

Shri Mataji – She was “sahaja” Herself. Simple, Spontaneous, Profound, Natural, Essential, Divine – for one and for All.- Rosa Mystica. Mystic rose. Rosa sine spina. Rose without thorns.Mater humilitatis – Mother of humility.

“It is all within you. It is fantastic. It’s all within you.”

As I told you, you are higher than any instruments that human being have created.But you have to be connected to the mains, that is important, otherwise, it doesn’t work out. Now, what is the difference between a realized soul or between a person like Christ? They had no temptations. At such a young age Christ did not know any compromises with wrong things and evildoers. And there have been many other people who have been realized souls in different parts of the country at different times who have shown that they are something: very superior people. Now your hands start speaking [through the sense of vibrations]. You don’t speak. Your hands speak. Your deeds speak. “

“In Italy, Dante has written about this. He has written about the last rose in the Sahasrara [7th top chakra] as the ‘Divine Rose’.That same thing is within you and  it has to just open out and once you get this opening of the fontellene bone area you get your Real Baptism (not artificial). It is the living process of the living energy of evolution.

Shri Mataji’s Talk in Rome, Italy on September 19, 1984
Meditation altar at Ana Bianca’s place in Toronto.One rose seems to be attracted towards the Sahasrara chakra of Shri Mataji. 🙂

Do we need to pay for or Do you think we need to suffer to become a spiritual personality?!

“And for the living thing, you do not have to pay money!

How much money do we pay to the Mother Earth for sprouting the seed?

She changes the flowers into fruits. How much money do we pay her?

Also, you can not put any effort into it.

It is so spontaneous,’ Sahaja’.

Shri Mataji’s Talk in Rome, Italy on September 19, 1984
Another bouquet that felt representing Mother Earth as the Flower Gardens’ Mistress.

‘Sahaja’ means ‘with’ and  ‘ja’  means  ‘born with you’, it is within you. Now, this ‘Spontaneity’ we do not understand.We think that we have to do something about it to become a spiritual personality.

Many people in the West, I don’t know why, they think that we have to suffer to become a spiritual personality.

Shri Mataji’s Talk in Rome, Italy on September 19, 1984

Who is awakening Christ within us?

Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga – seen at an international seminar dedicated to Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.

But do you know that Christ resides in the [energy] centre here, in the Optic Chiasma in the centre ?

 Here, on the cross of the Optic Chasma: That is the gate through which everybody has to pass.

When the Kundalini [subtle power] rises, She enlightens Him [Jesus Christ],

She awakens Him and when He is awakened, He sucks in your Ego and Superego completely!

as shown in the picture below –

Shri Mataji’s Talk in Rome, Italy on September 19, 1984

Important Question: “Why God had created the Ego and the Superego?!”

We created this composed image showing the relationship between the feminine Kundalini power [the Holly Ghost within], Jesus Christ [presiding the Narrow Gate that is represented by the Agnya chakra placed at the Optic Chiasm within our brain] and the Mystic Rose that is the Sahasrara chraka.

“And space is made here at the Fontanel [on the top of the head] where you have the soft bone like a child, so that your Karmas, or  your bad deeds or so-called sins or your aggressiveness – everything, is sucked in.

Because Christ suffered for it, Why should we suffer when he has already suffered for us?! Are we going to suffer more than Him/? So one should not have the idea that ‘you should suffer’, stand on your heads, or do anything of that kind to be One with the God.

Shri Mataji’s Talk in Rome, Italy on September 19, 1984

When, How and Why did Shri Mataji decide on the “enmass Realization” solution to help Humanity?!

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

“In the olden days, they used to try very slow methods of cleaning every Chakra and raising the  Kundalini one by one in every lifetime. But when I was born I felt that there should be enmass Realization. Many people must get Realization otherwise you cannot save Humanity.

So I studied the permutations and combinations of these three types of people and I have been able to find out a method by which you can give mass Realization.

Now this mass Realization when it works out actually what happens, is you get a little light within your self. Some people do get a tremendous experience of the Spirit but some get a little bit. But in that little light, they start seeing what is wrong with their lamp, and they themselves start cleaning it which they know how to clean it. Say there is some sort of a spot here and I can see it and I can clean it also. In the same way, you become your own guide and you become your own guru and you can cleanse yourself, I don’t have to tell you. As you start cleansing yourself by your own understanding and wisdom you start becoming more and more enlightened and there is more and more light and then you can see much, more clearly. The only thing you have  to know a little bit about the technique and how to cleanse yourself. “

Shri Mataji’s Talk in Rome, Italy on September 19, 1984

What does Yoga mean? What Yoga doesn’t mean?

Yoga does not mean standing on the head or doing exercises. It does not. Because we are a not only physical being, we are a physical being, emotional being as well as we are spiritual being. So Yoga means union with the Divine power,  all-pervading power. And the second meaning of Yoga: it means ‘yukthi’ means the trick, you can say, the expertise, how to handle this divine power.

All excerpt above are from Shri Mataji’s Talk in Rome, Italy on September 19, 1984

let’s ope our hands towards the screen and wait — see if you feel the “trick of yoga”, maybe a cool breeze or a flow of energy. Yes, it is possible! Try it!

Why the realized people, poets like Dante Alighieri are important for the Seekers of truth?!

Personal Notes:

You and me, we all are seekers of truth if we write or read such articles. 🙂 We want to know the meaning of our life, what lies beyond the obvious; what transcends the surface of our daily life experiences.

While we are searching for truths, we know that those truths will transform us; once we get them inside, we jump like the electrons, to a new orbit. A new evolutionary stage awaits within us to be activated and further explored. Such truths are seldomly appearing to us in an unwrapped form. Many a times they are found in various artforms that we’ve encountered on our path of Seeking; simply because our love for Truth is naturally accompanied by our love for Arts. Once we have our Kundalini energy awakened — when our Realization (self-realization) is achieved – we can recognize those hidden Truths so easily! Shri Mataji is disclosing a few ‘names. We may recall them — as they have touched our souls deeply!

About Dante it was mentioned by Shri Mataji that he was able to ‘give the whole idea of the hell up to heaven, what the Left side is’ [subtle energy channel in the Yoga system], similarly with another great poet and prophet – William Blake.

This article asked to be born on this precise day! I wondered why … Last night, actually in the wee hours of today, by the end of concluding “it”, I had asked myself what triggered my sudden interest in sharing again this poem of Dante Alighieri? Especially that this time the drive was to share “him”, “Dante”, the author. As we know, the oracle of today is called Google. I’ve asked Google: “Dante Alighieri”, the answer was served in Silence: he died on September 14. The Heavens might have asked to remember him here on Earth as well, through what he did best, writing about the Mystical Rose. Therefore, we ornament his Mystical Rose with our roses. May he be remembered!

Special day – wedding present spreading vibrations of love and innoence.September is the month when Mother Mary is celebrated as well Shri Ganesha the principle of eternal innocence and divine wisdom. For a few generations auspicious weddings in our family happened in the month of September.

We should find out from other sources like great poets, like William Blake has clearly written about Sahaja Yoga. So many such realized people, great people, like Dante, you can say, Homer, you can say, they have written about Sahaja Yoga in so many ways.” 

Shri Mataji mentioned Dante in her first Public Program in Vienna (Austria), September 26th, 1982

Dante Alighieri considered as a Great Saint by Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga

Dante Alighieri ( circa 1265 – September 14th, 1321) Posthumous portrait in tempera by Sandro Botticelli, 1495. Dante was instrumental in establishing the literature of Italy. He is described as the “father” of the Italian language,[12] and in Italy he is often referred to as il Sommo Poeta (“the Supreme Poet”). Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio are also called the tre corone (“three crowns”) of Italian literature.

“All the great saints, all the great prophets, all of them have promised these days that you have to have your (Self-) Realization. About 200 years back a great saint was born in England called as William Blake. You too had  Dante such a great saint in Italy! In the same way there was a great saint born as William Blake in England, who has described in details about Sahaja Yoga. He has prophesized about Sahaja Yoga in such details and has told that, ‘The men of God will become prophets. And they’ll have powers to make others prophets.’

That time has come today. And we have to work out in a way that you all get your Realization. “

Shri Mataji mentioned Dante in her Public Program in Milan, Italy, September 17th, 1984.

Now the time has come to fulfil Dante’s prophesies also and the prophecies of Christ, and prophecies of John.

May God bless you all!”

Shri Mataji mentioned Dante in her second Public Program in Rome, Italy, September 20th, 1984
Meditation set-up from Burlington Classes (Halton region , Ontario, Canada)

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Enjoy a Bouquet of Roses in videos filmed by us in Romania and Canada

You and I ended up celebrating Dante Alighieri’s Passing to Heavens’ Anniversary with this article revealing his Mystic Rose as Subtle Yoga Christian Spirituality and with Shri Mataji quotes. We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey through the Mystic Garden of Creation – we are all flower sisters and brothers within its unending landscapes.

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  1. Kavitha

    Thanks for the beautiful article and colorful cool pictures of roses. Got to know about Dante the great poet. As I evolve while seeking the path of truth, I wish to understand and enjoy the deep meanings of his poetry.

  2. Kavitha

    Thanks for the beautiful article and colorful cool pictures of roses. Got to know about Dante the great poet. As I evolve while seeking the path of truth, I wish to understand and enjoy the deep meanings of his poetry

  3. NITI

    Amazing article with the beautiful Poetry of Dante.
    Through this article I came to know about Dante,who was realized soul, I really enjoyed the beautiful roses
    Of Romania it’s mesmerizing. Painting of mother is so beautiful.,Also the pic of roses from auspicious wedding, Thanks for sharing dear Ioana

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