Wife as Goddess and Spleen’s Importance for Chakra System and Family, Society and Nutrition

Wife as Goddess and Spleen’s Importance for Chakra SystemWife as Goddess - I love this photo and find it representative for this artcile .. Axinia is a friend, a wife .. and a sahaja yoginiShri Mataji  – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – says:

“…Wife is Gruha Lakshmi, she is the one, she is a Goddess of the household.”

Let’s explore in this article the beautiful knowledge that connects our social roles with specific chakra qualities and much more! The following are excerpts from Shri Mataji’s speeches offered around the World. Absorb, enjoy, learn and apply!

Note: Let’s Explore this Compilation that reveals essential knowledge such as: Wife as Goddess and Spleen’s Importance for Chakra System and Family, Society and Nutrition

“Now she has to be the goddess also.. I mean she just doesn’t become goddess just by becoming..” (*)

She (Lakshmi, the principle of evolution) is born as Gruha Lakshmi, to begin with, that means the awareness of human beings also started really getting into evolutionary process when they started their family life. When they were vagabonds moving about, then the awareness was just like animals though they had become human beings, they were like animals. Then when they established their families, then the Gruha Lakshmi started working and that’s how the first Advent of Gruha Lakshmi was felt.
..So to reach the Lakshmi one must understand that Motherhood is very important. The Motherhood as a Gruha Lakshmi is important.” (**)

Why Spleen is Important for the Family, Chakras and Whole Body and Well-Being

” .. dangerous is the Speed. Nowadays life is so funny that it cannot be congenial to the working of the Spirit. What happens in the morning is that one reads the newspapers, horrible news, Bombay blast, etc., the spleen starts wobbling. Then you don’t eat your breakfast properly. You rush to work, cursing the people on the way because of the traffic jam. This craziness makes it vulnerable to blood cancer. The Spleen does not know how to react to this craziness. Then a shock will happen on the left side (Left Energy channel) because you are working on the right side and then it fails. The Connection with the Whole is Lost. The brain cannot control anymore. Then this trouble of leukemia comes in. Then it goes to kidney. You cannot pass urine. Then he is put on dialysis and poor man dies bankrupt. Dialysis has not cured anyone so far. It just makes them live longer and longer. Sometimes you don’t feel hungry because of the liver plus you feel constipated. Constipation can be of the worst kind where all their lives they have to take enemas. These are the common diseases faced by the over active people.” (***)

Gruha Lakshmi’s Subtle Role versus Raja Lakshmi’s Subtle Role

seminar, October 1978, Easthampton UK”Raja Lakshmi is the one where Collectively you enjoy your Well-Being…..and Gruha Lakshmi is the one which is for the individual, individual well being.” (******)

“…Peace is only achieved through the Gruha Lakshmi (the divine principle governing the Left Nabhi Chakra), through your proper adjustment of your spleen I should say. Because Spleen is the Giver of the blood cells, alright it creates Nutrition for the whole body. If there is no peace in that area within us the whole system can go out, because that’s the nourishing centre within us.

And that centre which nourishes also gives Peace. You must have heard the ‘Ya Devi, sarva bhuteshu shanti rupena samstitha’ [ancient Mantra in Sanskrit meaning] the Goddess that is the Shanti’ (= Peace in Sanskrit language) which is present in every human being as Peace“. So this Peace is only possible if the housewives Realize their Importance, bear it upon themselves, are Forgiving and are Redeeming family life. They have to redeem the family life, and where this gets spoilt, the whole system goes out.” (**)

“…Right side (of the Nabhi Chakra ) is the Raja Lakshmi.….I would see once this Raja Lakshmi business comes up then you will understand the Respect, because once you respect yourself you start respecting others also. And [you will understand] that you are all saints, you have to respect each other in the same way and that today now the Light is there. Light is a very important thing. From the very beginning, you see, when man discovered the Fire, the fire was used in the Gruha Lakshmi state where the fire cooked the food, and you see the warmth of the Mother was shown through the heart she used in the house to warm up her children, to give them food and all that.

Then it became, say, a Very Collective thing, it is expressed as light, you see. If you have to celebrate say your Republic Day or your Independence Day we put the lights on, or we have fireworks. You see to express ourselves that way is in the Raja Lakshmi.” (**)

The Power-Influence for Good or Bad in Family & Society

“But the most important fact is that the Gruha Lakshmi is the Shakti (Power in Sanskrit) of the Family. When this Gruha Lakshmi does the quarrels in the family, when she becomes explosive, then this gives the bad effects on the children of the family. And the whole society starts to break. If the society breaks, the children as well start to break. They will start to learn wrong things and they will be out of road. The discipline of the family starts to break. The families where there is no discipline, their children are of bad manners.
Now, what is happening .. ?!  The ladies, they don’t take the responsibility of the society. All the time they want to be young. 🙂 With fighting, you can’t bring the peace in the family. What to do to bring the peace in the family?! You should discuss with your husband and see the things which are going wrong. Decide to be Sweet and Loving to each other. This will correct your children. There .. society is completely on the way of self-destruction. There are women who do 8 marriages and become rich.. expect only money. She (the wife in “that society” ) is not responsible for the social position. She doesn’t think that: ‘I am responsible for my society.’  If your society is alright, then you don’t have to worry about the social riots, like explosions, murders here and there. This happens because their mothers are not alright. If their mothers had kept these children alright, then they wouldn’t be uncontrollable today.”

The Purity in Love and Meditation is Important for Children and All of us

“Children should get the life very pure, they should respect their own purity.”
“Because only with the pure life,your powers, Shaktis, start to work; otherwise Shaktis would be destroyed. So you should know that the base of the Shakti is Purity. If there is no purity, then your power won’t work and you will remain at the same place. The countries like America, I see that the children there are without Shakti. They say that 65 % of the people in America will become either sick or mad. The reason is, the love of mother, which they should get at home, they couldn’t get properly. The love of mother doesn’t mean that the children should get spoiled. In that love they should think that their child should become a good citizen, a good human being and a good Sahaja Yogi. If you give the training to your child, keeping in mind these points, then our society will be completely alright. You don’t have to really work hard for that. If your child meditates for few minutes, it’s O.K., work is done! But if you give the “liberty” to your child in this modern time, they may get lost. So the women have to keep in mind that they are the base of the society.
In Sahaja Yoga, women are weaker than men. Why? I don’t know! .. Myself, I am one woman. 🙂
Women should know all about meditation and Sahaja Yoga, this is very important. Because only with the women we can correct the society...  look after your children and correct them. And for this, you should meditate every day, should go deep in Sahaja Yoga. How many women there are, who have got their depth in Sahaja Yoga?!” (*)

What is the Gruha Lakshmi? Sahaj Definitions with Chakra Qualities and Health Impact

Sahaja Yogi: What is the Gruha Lakshmi, quality of the left Nabhi chakra?”

Shri Mataji: You see, it is called as Gruha Lakshmi because she is the one who fixes the speed in the household, she’s the one who knows how to fix if she’s a Gruha Lakshmi, if she’s the one who is really a housewife.”

“But housewife has interest outside then she cannot feel it. She has to have interest in the house. She has to have interest in her own children. She has to be a good housewife and she should know, as a housewife she’s very important. When once she realizes her importance, then only this speedometer is alright. Alright, first of all they must know they should be very balanced, very balanced and solid women. So you have to be solid, not only that, but you should be able to bear up many things of the men. You see, it is no criteria that if somebody dominated you, then that person becomes more sort of something higher than you. She is a person who does not get disturbed by so many things the husband has to say to wife. He is sometimes harsh on her because he has, after all to face the outside like, and he has to face everything and then he comes home and he says everything to his wife. So many qualities one has to learn of the Gruha Lakshmi. But if the Gruha Lakshmi is alright, the speedometer can be kept alright. And some women have the idea of sulking and misbehaving and going into some sort of a nonsensical impression. You have to be there, you have to be joy giving. But men themselves must look after their speedometer very much, very important it is, if they do not get with all this they can defy their wives and they can spoil their health and become absolutely sort of ego-oriented, and they can absolutely can be caught up so much so that they can get blood cancer. Now, about blood cancer I’ll tell you tomorrow.” (*****)

Gruha Lakshmi’s Essential Role in Society – Women are as Remarkable as Goddesses

Keep yourself calm, try to calm down yourself. Try to tell yourselves that speediness is not good, it causes cancer, it causes horrible diseases. So, this left Nabhi [chakra] worried me too much, throughout the whole time I was inside I was working on your left Nabhi. For left Nabhi you have to know the mantra that is to be said. It is Gruha Lakshmi, but that shows that you also should understand that you must respect the Gruha Lakshmi, and the Gruha Lakshmi also has to be respected. There is a Sanskrit saying ‘Yatya naria pujyante, tatra bhramante Devata’ [meaning that] ‘Where the women are respected and respectable, there resides the abode of the Gods. Devata, all the Gods are Devata – deities [in Sanskrit language]. They reside where the women are respected and are respectable.”

Gruha Lakshmi means the Family. The wife becomes a very wonderful person. She doesn’t object to things, she doesn’t react, but she is very sensible and she builds up all her children in a beautiful manner. On the contrary, where she is not a Gruha Lakshmi, she takes pride in working out something like men. Means to her, her job is important, her ‘bank balance’ is important. But the real bank balance of a Gruha Lakshmi is her family and her children. If she doesn’t have that, she will be just thinking that she is very great, she can compete with this man or that man. Women don’t understand that their greatest capacity is to love. How is it that Lakshmi is a woman and all the Goddesses are women? And what is the quality of these Goddesses? ..  is to bestow blessings on people of their own nature, of their own qualities.
So, to think we are better off than men, because we have more money is the greatest idiocy. You may have money, but your children will be ruined, your family will be ruined.”

Gruha Lakshmi is the woman who should know that she has the great responsibility of creating a very great society of Sahaja Yoga. She’s not an ordinary woman!”

“How many women got their realization before? Alertness is gone because alertness that comes through your right side is wasted on nonsensical things. Attention is wasted on nonsensical things, that’s why the housewives have lost their discretion to know that they have to be extremely alert and sensible and wise. They should know each and every thing. It’s not so. So that alertness has to be there in a housewife – is an extremely important thing. But if you do not have the alertness, then you cannot be a Gruha Lakshmi, you cannot be a good mother, you cannot be a good wife. There’s no slavery in it. They don’t know even what pleases their husbands, how to create peace in the family, what to say, when to say beautiful things and when to be strict. All this discretion is not there. Either they are shrews or they are slaves.”

“So, Sahaja Yoga is meant for women who are alert, who are wise, who know everything about life.  But the Kundalini itself is the feminine power. She knows each and everything about you, about Her child. Many mothers don’t know if the child is taking drugs or is behaving which way. Except for spoiling or beating, there’s nothing in between. With Discretion, the mothers can make these special children into something. That is my Vision about them… we should be able to create a beautiful home, a peaceful home – not only for our family, but for all the other … who come to our house.  If you want to please someone, is not slavishness.”

“The Whole Nature is there to please us.”

“Is it a slavish thing to do?! 🙂

Family Maker OR Creator of Universes -> Realize One Global Family

“Only those who can bear up can bear up. For this Mother Earth can bear up our weight. That’s why we can stand on her. Does that mean that she’s anywhere less than us? The woman has got a special capacity to bear up because she is made like that. She’s a solid personality. Oh, She can take in so much inside herself and digest it and just finish it off.” “When you make a good family, then you create a beautiful, a very beautiful, universe around. And universes after universes like this can create a beautiful universe in the whole world. There is nothing to sacrifice, but to enjoy everything. As I said, you enjoy your hospitality, you enjoy your generosity –which you do not feel is a misery or a trouble to you—but you just enjoy. At least I enjoy. If I can give something to someone, that’s the greatest blessing. So, to create a proper home for your children is a very great work today, and it has to be done. Again there selfishness comes. So the selfishness comes in and they will only love their own children, they will only love their own husbands, or they will love only their own wives. This doesn’t create a good family.”

“I am talking about the ‘global’ family.”

“For us, everybody [in Sahaja Yoga] is a Realized Soul and their family and our family is One.”

Be Aware: Gossip is a Common Disease

“But then they [the ladies 🙂)] will create problems, talk ill, gossip.
I am surprised, even in Sahaja Yoga, we have many women who just go on gossiping, their style was gossiping. Because I am talking about Lakshmi and Mahalakshmi, I have to go on the women, because they are the ones who will create the great principles, the great symbols of Lakshmi (the subtle energy for the Nabhi chakra) and Mahalakshmi (the power for the subtle center channel – the Sushumna Nadi). So the gossiping is a very common disease...

Sahaja Yoga is meant for women who are alert, who are wise, who know everything about life. “

Shri Mataji says (to all and specially to women):

“Try to develop Emotional Intelligence.”

This article presents itself as a compilation of excerpts from various lectures of Shri Mataji  -the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation system – and few of such lectures are listed: Diwali Festival – Nov 1981, (**) 09/11/80 — The Mahalaksmi Power — Hampstead — England (***) Shri Mataji – Doctor’s Conference, Meridian Hotel, Delhi India , 25 March 1993 (*****)  1981-03-25-E-Darshan at Ashram ;29/10/2000 — Diwali Puja — Los Angeles — U.S.A) Enjoy below a couple of Related Articles!!

Because very soon the Diwali Festival will start and its core energy  – from a sahaj subtle perspective – gravitates around the Lakshmi energy, this article is an attempt to welcome in our hearts and attention this festival of lights, starting with the light that illuminates our homes and our famillies: Shri Gruha Lakshmi and then with the one for the Collective: Shri Raja Lakshmi. Have a Happy Diwali yourselves and your famillies and let’s hope that we all will reach to that purity of enlightenment when we Realize that  Unity =Yoga  that we were made for .. that we are One .. within the One Family of the entire humanity. Sahaja yoga meditation is a path to reach “there”.

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    World peace starts with inner peace. These articles and the classes help us to “ know ourselves” as Socrates has said. Excellent article and just this week I had questions about the role of the spleen. Excellent reminder. After over a decade of growing my inner awareness, I’m still learning the endless wisdom offered here by Shri Mataji’s teachings. It is an ocean of knowledge about humanities depths. It answers my questions and gives me peace and helps me to feel good vibrations….good vibes only

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