From Hospital – Letter about Strong Kundalini & Mantras

raising-kundalini-and-chakra-workshop-with-sahaja-yoga-meditation-at-burlington-seniors-centreDearest Ioana, I will give you a story -Today I spend the whole day in the hospital with chest pains – they started on Thursday and in the night from Thursday to Friday I was very scared – I woke at 3pm with terrible chest pain, so in the morning I decided to go to the hospital. My friend drove me. They hooked me up to a heart monitor and did many tests. At 1pm they transferred me to an observation room – hooked up to the heart monitor.

I was getting bored and decided to meditate. I raised my kundalini and did a bandhan. At once the air became like ice – it was freezing – a nurse came by and remarked on how cold the room was – it was amazing! but that’s not all. I went into meditation and the monitor machine started buzzing like crazy – my heart rate went from 62-63 to 46 – I could not believe it.

I decided to try it again. So I sat up – my heartbeat went to 62-63 I started the mantra to Shri Ganesha (mantra for Mooladhara chakra) and to Jagadamba and Shri Shiva (heart) and again off went the buzzer- my heart rate was 47.

I did it again and again into meditation and it was always the same. As soon as I started meditating the heart rate fell. I knew somehow after the mantras that my heart was OK. But the kundalini was So STRONG it’s unbelievable.

Is there a connection with kundalini and hospitals?!

For me it was the strongest kundalini ever- no tingling nothing just ice cold breeze – it was wonderful.

Saying the mantra made my fear go away and had I to die there I would not have been scared. The results came very good – no heart attack – no heart problem – they think I strained some muscles and it should go away in a few days.

All my love, Madeleine

*  Madeleine is a talented artist from Burlington and a dear friend from our Halton classes

Mother and Child - Madeleine's Painting inspired and guided by Kundalini (though sahaja yoga meditation)

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  1. cristina

    I also experienced a deep meditation in a hospital room while participating in a research about effects of Sahaj meditation on blood pressure, heart rate and breath rate. I only remember breath rate going down to 4 per minute, the others decreased as well but I cannot recall the actual values.

  2. Cythare

    Dear Madeleine,

    That is the power of our connection. Amazing isn’t it!
    I had the same experience with chest pain and ended up in hospital. After a number of tests they found nothing. The doctors thought I was a fitness fanatic as my heart beat was a low one.
    I left the hospital with the same diagnosis as you!

    Lots of love.

  3. Claudia

    I’m so glad you were alright and that meditation brought you a sense of peace.

  4. yoann

    I know a yogi who told me an amazing story about a hospital (forgive me for my strange english…)

    This sahaja yogi had meditate in the morning but did not raise his Kundalini at the end of his meditation before going to the hospital where they would take his blood…

    At this time he didn’t fully realise the importance of raising the Kundalini (what we call the ‘bandhan’) at the end of the meditation – wich is not a ritual movement but really a divine protection toward the heavy energy in us and all around us…

    So he arrived at the hospital and the personal begin to take his blood… They didn’t suceed… so they try a second vein, the blood don’t come… a third vein, again NOTHING come… a fourth time… again and again the blood don’t come!

    They was totally amazed, it was like this man has no blood for them!….

    Then the yogi has the idea to pray the Godess Kundalini within him, who control everything in our soul and body… he just ask Her to protect him, and he felt lot of love and cool vibrations raise within him.

    Then they try a fifth time (I’m not sure of the number of times they did it but it was an amazing number! 🙂 and, directly the blood came and they suceed to take it! and they was really confuse about it! they were saying sorry, sorry … 🙂

    Then the yogi realised that the blood didn’t come because he didn’t put his bandhan at the end of his meditation, before leaving his home… so it was like he was not fully protected so his precious blood (because when we have cool vibrations of Kundalini our blood became logically vibrated, blessed) was kept inside by the Godess…


    I felt so many vibrations when he told it to me…!

    God bless us!


  5. adrian kraayeveld

    Anything is possible… when you choose to create your own experience through meditation…


  6. Paula Erskine

    Madeleine I am so moved by your story! I am currently in Greece and was reading your story! I am so glad you are healthy and your results after meditation were absolutely incredible. I continue to be inspired by you, your art, and who you are at your core. You have such wonderful experiences that inspire and heal and are meant to be shared. I felt my kundalini rise up so strong in me reading your experiences. Thank you for opening up your heart to share with all of us and remind us of the miracles that happen every day through the power and knowledge of Sahaja Yoga.

  7. ann

    Derest Madeleine,

    My heart is so happy you are well and what a wonderful experience of faith and direct knowledge of how powerful Mother kundalini and our pure connection to the divine is. Thank you for such a beautiful gift of sharing it so inspires me.

    Love Ann

  8. Smita Joshi

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful experience of yours. Take care

  9. Sandra

    Dear Madeleine, what a beautiful paint! The story is also very inspiring.Love,

  10. malini venkatesh

    dear Madeleie, your exp is wonderful. could you please let me know what is that mantra for Shri Ganesha (mantra for Mooladhara chakra) and to Jagadamba and Shri Shiva (heart)

    Plesae reply.


    Malini Venkatesh

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