(interview + music + ALIREZA’s photos) ‘Enlightening’ RAIN and ‘Music that Touches’

Echoes from “R.A.I.N. with SunShine” Music & Meditation Tour

Rain with Sunshine - Canajoharie morning by Alireza

“Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way” – First Nations Proverb

( 1 min video) How was in Oakville? First-Timer’s Feedback:

( 1 min video) Check out the Collective Joy:

We received also such beautiful thank you letters during the tour with the amazing musician Yoann Freejay — indeed his music touched the souls and the meditation enlightened them 🙂 . We were not able to keep up with the intensity of our volunteering  activities therefore we share here and there .. at least some meaningful echoes.

This September we are launching the “RAIN to Heal Me -> Mother Earth” for Fall 2016: free seminars and events.

Yes we all had an amazing Summer — Mother Nature blessed us “here”, on the both sides of Niagara Falls with a beautiful summer time.

Morning captured by Alireza

We thank to Alireza — the photographer that captured the 3 “RAIN with Sunshine” photos during the most beautiful North-American meditation yoga retreat in Canajoharie earlier this year. I hope you’ve been feeling the vibrations!

(personal experience) Weekend with First Nations’ Touch– Lesson from 3 Vultures sharing Same Branch

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  1. Kruti says:

    Yvonne’s concert was truly joy giving. I was there in person, and it was my most memorable concert and it’s so nice that even people who came for the first time felt that connection. The photographs of Canajoharie are so radiant and full of vibrations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shivangi says:

    Beautiful …Thanks for sharing

  3. Doris Mendez says:


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