(video Irish Welcome Song) February 1st: Irish Brigid’s Day celebrated @ Health and Spiritual Wellness Fair at Oxford Auditorium in Woodstock



Today on February 1st  for anyone Irish at heart was celebrated St Brigid’s Day; with sahaja yoga meditation we become connected to the beauty and truth existing in any part of the world. Find our BRIGID”S  various associations with subtle powers known in the yogic subtle system. News: our charity group had been invited to participate today, February 1st, 2015  to the Health and Spiritual Wellness Fair at Oxford Auditorium in Woodstock. 
Set-up - sahaja yoga meditation at Oaxfort Auditorium - Health and Spiritual Wellness Fair -Woodstocck Feb 1 2015
Photos and Recollection will be shared later on, until then let’s BE Irish – as a sahaja yogi 🙂Check out the links to  learn more and Enjoy the videos’ vibes!


(VIDEO-MUSIC) Irish Welcome Song (in GAELIC) –  “Cead Mile Failte Romhat” Sahaja Yogis are Singing!

(click!) Brigid’s Day Inspiration with Celtic Fusion and Dance



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