Amazing Australian YOGIS SINGING & TOURING with MUSIC of JOY (VIDEO) @ Sharing Vietnam TV NEWS

Amazing MUSIC of JOY VIDEO: Feel the Vibrations!! ALL are SAHAJA YOGIS SINGING!! Some I know personally, they are architects, teachers, parents and grandparents with busy lives; the following movie was done during one of their practices; one can see they are tired, because they travel extensively from a city to another, from a country to another; they take their vacation time to participate to these tours and they simply enjoy bringing the joy of the spirit in others and in teaching everyone the spontaneous meditation-connection: sahaja yoga meditation. Aren’t they something?!

They are now in their Asian Tour 2012..

Sahaja Yoga Meditation at TV News in VietnamJuly 2012: Music of Joy too!

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Did you know?! The Hibiscus flower - (photo made in from Greece by a Yogi Friend) - is the flower of Shri Ganesha- the Divine Protective Power of Australia's Sacred Land - connected to the Root Chakra (mooladhara)

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  1. Aniruddha Bhattacharya

    A real piece of beauty is captured and shared.
    The program by MOJ is emitting the fragrance of Mother’s love. Whenever we go near a fragrant flower, we get the fragrance. The same way whenever we get any fragrance somewhere, we know the source of fragrance is present there.
    The fragrance coming out of these lovely videos tell that Mother Herself was present there.
    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Elsie Kuly

    The music by this touring group is inspirational music as it transmits joy. Through smiling faces they show that joy.

    They spend their time and energy to carry a message of Sahaja Yoga. How wonderful!. Most of the group is young and the older seniors are very healthy and energetic. What a gift it would be to see them live here in Canada. Thank you for the video. I felt vibrations immediately

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