WATCH those that Are Forever Young in Inner Blossom @ Niagara Gorge

Marlene -1

 Let Your Soul Absorb Niagara‘s Breathtaking Beauty

Press on the full screen mode to Experience “it

.. and be Surprised by Spiritual Children …

More… Gorgeous Photos

Blossom One Day Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seminar” in Niagara for Youth Meditators & Beginners from Burlington, Oakville, Milton/Mississauga and St Catharines/Niagara FREE Classes

Yes the photos are silent but may convey a thousand words and feelings as they capture life as ‘it is’ and our hope is that the above 2 photo-albums were capable to transmit the gorgeous beauty of the Sahaj Spirit: complete freedom of expression, bubbling joy, love for each other in pure  yet detached togetherness and of course, a profound and intimate communion with Mother Earth.

Thank you Pooja, Marlene, Kathleen, Liana, Sahaj and Ana Bianca  for the amazing photos. We were almost 50 people and had spent all day in sahaj togetherness: indoors and outdoors. We thank to the great hospitality of the yogis from St Catharines that were still very young on this spiritual path of inner and outer wellness and well-being. The feedback, experiences and videos will be shared in another article. Let us know if you felt that day .. and if you know us by now 🙂

Sahaj 7

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  1. letitia

    Ma simnt plina de bucurie,de vbratii cand vad fotografiile cu voi si natura.Multumesc

  2. Dan Costian

    Wonderful pictures, reminding me of the awesome time spent with the Toronto collective. It filled my heart with joy!

  3. Doris


  4. Helen

    Amazing pictures–yes the presentation is silent–but the silence is speaking volumes. Fills my heart with silence and joy!

  5. Shivangi & Nehit

    Beautiful pics of smiling Sahaja yogi brothers and sisters.

  6. anjali

    seeing those pictures seems like the child within each person came out and everyone is simply enjoying being one with nature.
    very nice snaps capturing the moments of togetherness and innocence.

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